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Stonehenge Analogs

When I started working on the books in the Fae Out of Water series, I knew that my version of Faerie would have a Stonehenge analog in it. It’s prehistoric! It’s iconic! It’s mysterious! It also has a weight to it, both physical and historical that made it a perfect “anchor” for Faerie.

I’ve set scenes in the Stone Circle (the name for my Stonehenge analog) in each of the three stories. But unlike Stonehenge, my Stone Circle is intact. So in keeping with my habit of finding pictures that fit my ideas of my characters or settings, I went searching for images of what Stonehenge might have looked like in its heyday.

You can find some pretty cool artist’s renderings of the site on the internet—here, for instance:


But the most amazing thing I discovered was that about three hours from where I live, there’s actually a full-sized replica of Stonehenge at the Maryhill Museum of Art in Washington.


The site was constructed by museum founder Sam Hill as a memorial to servicemen from Klickitat County who had fallen in World War I. He mistakenly believed that the original Stonehenge was built as a site for human sacrifice, and he chose to replicate it as a commentary: his statement about the sacrifice of so many on the altar of war.


The memorial was dedicated in 1918, but not completed until 1929, two years before Hill’s death. In 1995, the museum and the Klickitat County veteran’s association partnered to erect a second memorial to all county servicemen and women who have given their lives since World War I. Both memorials can be visited daily, from 7:00am until dusk.


Welcome to the Fae Out of Water blog tour, phase one–Cutie and the Beast! I’m so looking forward to introducing you all to the Kendrick brothers and their guys, starting this month with Alun and David. As you follow along on the tours—phase two, The Druid Next Door, in August, and phase three, Bad Boy’s Bard, in September—please leave a comment and your contact information for a chance at a $50 Riptide gift card. The drawing will take place after the last Bad Boy’s Bard blog stop. Thank you so much for stopping by!


About Cutie and the Beast


Temp worker David Evans has been dreaming of Dr. Alun Kendrick ever since that one transcription job for him, because holy cats, that voice. Swoon. So when his agency offers him a position as Dr. Kendrick’s temporary office manager, David neglects to mention that he’s been permanently banished from offices. Because, forgiveness? Way easier than permission.


Alun Kendrick, former Queen’s Champion of Faerie’s Seelie Court, takes his job as a psychologist for Portland’s supernatural population extremely seriously. Secrecy is paramount: no non-supe can know of their existence. So when a gods-bedamned human shows up to replace his office manager, he intends to send the man packing. It shouldn’t be difficult—in the two hundred years since he was cursed, no human has ever failed to run screaming from his hideous face.


But cheeky David isn’t intimidated, and despite himself, Alun is drawn to David in a way that can only spell disaster: when fae consort with humans, it never ends well. And if the human has secrets of his own? The disaster might be greater than either of them could ever imagine.


Available now from Riptide Publishing.


About the Fae Out of Water Series


Once upon a time, there were three brothers, nobles of the Seelie Court of Faerie, who set out to seek their fortunes. The eldest—


Scratch that. Rrrrrewind.


Nowadays, when tales are told in 140 character bursts on tiny LED screens, rather than spun out by the glow of a midnight campfire, even Faerie’s elite have to get with the program.


The Kendrick brothers have traded longbow for briefcase, battle steed for Harley, and enchanted harp for electric guitar.  But while they’re finding their feet in the modern world, instead of finding their fortunes, they stumble straight into love.




Check out the Fae Out of Water series!


About EJ Russell


E.J. Russell holds a BA and an MFA in theater, so naturally she’s spent the last three decades as a financial manager, database designer, and business-intelligence consultant. After her twin sons left for college and she no longer spent half her waking hours ferrying them to dance class, she returned to her childhood love of writing fiction. Now she wonders why she ever thought an empty nest meant leisure.


E.J. lives in rural Oregon with her curmudgeonly husband, the only man on the planet who cares less about sports than she does. She enjoys visits from her wonderful adult children, and indulges in good books, red wine, and the occasional hyperbole.


Connect with E.J.:






To celebrate the release of all three books in the Fae Out of Water series, one lucky winner across all three tours will receive a GRAND PRIZE of a $50 Riptide credit! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on September 23, 2017. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the Cutie and the Beast tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!



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Hi EJ such an interesting post I live in the UK and have yet to visit Stonehedge it seem like a mystical place and I must really visit it one day.

shirleyann2400 (at) gmail (dot) com

WOW!! This series looks amazing. I love how these blog tours and reviews give me all new (to me at least) authors to troll (um, I mean to research their books) LOL
Can’t wait to read them. Congratulations on your new release!!

Aren’t bloggers amazing? I’m always floored by how much work they do and how they contribute to the online community. (Besides, you know, give you something to troll, Blaine. :-)) Thanks for stopping by!

The series sounds very interesting. I like that you mention Stonehenge as it is and always has been a very intriguing place.
heath0043 at gmail dot com

Thank you for the post. Stonehenges have quite an interesting history and learning about them is fun.
humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

Thanks for the post. Stonehenge is someplace I’d like to visit one day. It’s fascinating yet sort of creepy at the same time.

What an interesting post! I’m following the tour as I still don’t have enough of this story (nudging Mal & Gareth’s story to be released faster, lol). Each stops on this book gives new perspective to the book I read. Thanks for the post, EJ!

Very interesting and informative post. Do you have plans to continue on this series besides these 3 books?

Congrats, E.J., and thanks for the Stonehenge links. Both were interesting, but I was particularly impressed with the idea of using it for the memorial. And using it in you series makes it sound even more “fantastic.” –
TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

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