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Dreamspinner Year 9, Greatest Hits by: Anna Martin, Kim Fielding, Grace R. Duncan, Sean Michael, Michael Murphy

Dreamspinner Presents


Enjoy a selection of the greatest hits of gay romance published by Dreamspinner Press combined into one exclusive volume: by Anna Martin: Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me, a story of a boy who he wanted to marry his best friend at age six, and the journey that finally gets them there; by Sean Michael: The New Boy, a romance between a shy photographer new to the scene and an experienced model and Dom; by Grace R. Duncan: Beautiful boy, about a Dom with a hurtful past and the sub who shows him love again; by Kim Fielding: Rattlesnake, where a drifter on a quest finds hope and a home; and by Michael Murphy: The President’s Husband, in which the first openly gay president and first husband of the United States must deal with the pressures of their demanding new jobs.

This is a great collection of Dreamspinner titles, which I would warmly recommend. It contains something for everyone and I very much enjoyed reading it. It contains 5 full length novels by different authors.

Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me, Anna Martin – 3.5 stars
Sweet friends to lovers story about Scott and Evan, who grew up together. We see the boys in different stages of their lives from around 8 years old and up to they are approaching 30. The story is told through 5 time jumps, each containing the story of a kiss. Super sweet story, but a bit too slow for my liking. Still recommendable though.

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The New Boy, Sean Michael – 2 stars
This one wasn’t for me. The plot is basically a porn movie. A photographer has to take some pictures of fetish models, the models arrive and everyone starts having sex. The photographer is hesitant, but end up being coerced to join.
Sean Michael and I, rarely mesh, so it wasn’t a surprise that this one didn’t really work for me. The sex to plot ratio is too high, and although the sex is hot, and I have no issue with porn, neither in written or movie variety, I appreciate a bit more plot in my romance novels. Also, there’s a big difference between being a Dominant and being an arrogant asshat who believes he knows better than everyone, including his submissive, and Tide is the last type, not the first.

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Beautiful Boy, Grace R. Duncan – 4 stars
Hot BDSM sex and internal angsting are the two main ingredients in this story about Mal, who lost his sub to a serial killer and thereby lost his confidence as a Dom, and Kyle, the closeted submissive who is never good enough for anyone. The story is steamy and sweet and I would definitely pick up other books by Ms. Duncan based on this one.

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Rattlesnake, Kim Fielding – 5 stars
Brilliant slow moving, character driven love story about two middle aged scarred men. If you do not fall in love with Jimmy and Shane, your heart is a hell of a lot harder than mine! I loved this story and will warmly recommend it to everyone.

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The President’s Husband, Michael Murphy – 3 stars
This started out interesting, but ended up feeling a bit too trite. The characters were to stereotypical “good” or “bad” and there wasn’t enough communication between the two MCs. They had been married for ten years, I expected more from them as a couple. Also I couldn’t really get on board with the idea that a first spouse could actually continue his work just as before. I would have thought it would have been too much of a security risk. The conflict was a bit over the top and the resolution and ending too rushed. I enjoyed the premise of the story and the writing though, and would try something from this author again.

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Overall Impression: 3.5 out of 5 stars (each story has separate ratings)


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