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Do Over by Amy Lane

do overBlurb

Engall is supposed to hit a party and hook up with his longtime crush, Chandler—at least that’s what Engall’s unlikely guardian angel keeps telling him. But the more Dagiel tries to fix the situation, the weirder it gets. How many do-overs will it take to make Engall’s life right?






This super-short story is HYSTERICAL. And sweet and a little bit sexy. But mostly, it’s funny!

Engall is supposed to end up with Chandler – but he just keeps doing it wrong… so he keeps ending up dead! Fortunately, fate has his future mapped out so he gets one “do over” after another ‘til he gets it right.

The show is stolen by Dagiel, Engall’s guardian angel. He’s the one with something to learn… and in the end we get not one, but two happy endings.

I highly recommend this little gem – 5 of 5 stars!


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