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Damian’s Treble (Rescue for Hire Book 3) Audiobook by Bellan Summer Narrated by Darcy Stark




Welcome to the world of Rescue for Hire. Meet the team members who make up a company that forms a family of heroes. Damian White has been observing Treble Walker for months, trying to find a way to catch the dangerous, lethal little man, but Damian wants a forever. Somehow he has to get around Treb’s motto–“Keep it short and simple. I don’t do messy, whiney, emotional stuff.”

Treble Walker is a corner observer who sees everything. He knows the new pilot has been watching him, but when he asks him if he wants to hook up, he gets turned down. Why does that intrigue him? Damian does catch his Treble, but after multiple people go after Treb for revenge, Damian has to keep not only Treble alive but also the hospital staff. There is nothing more dangerous than Treble with a head injury.


Treble is the cold blooded killer in the group of men who rescue people. He’s traded in his weapons for helping, but still teaches gun safety and is available for when there is danger involved in the rescue.

Damian is the pilot who flies the team around. He has been noticing Treb for awhile, but doesn’t want to get involved with him until Treb admits that they have a relationship not just a quick fuck.

Treb fights it, but the slow, persistent wooing eventually does him in and he has to admit he’s fallen for Damian.

Meanwhile, Treb is being stalked by some guys around town who think he’s messing up their lives and he ends up hurt and kidnapped and burgled … luckily he’s Treb so… no worries…right?


This is –hands down- my favorite in the series and my favorite couple in the series. Treb and Damian have (IMHO) the most balanced relationship and it just feels so healthy!

Treb is hysterical and Damian is so good at managing his eccentric ways.

Darcy Stark did another fantastic job of giving Treb a lighter but not fem voice and Damian a rough but not OTT alpha voice. Perfect!

I love, love, love these guys and highly recommend this book/audiobook. Even if you’ve not read the series – give this one a try.

6 of 5 stars


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