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Daily Dose Short Story: Wild Fate by Savannah Brooks

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Caden Wells is finally on his way to the Alaskan wilderness, fulfilling a dream he’s had since he was a boy. He’s looking forward to solitary hikes and photographing wildlife. Upon arrival, he’s drawn to his guide’s brother, Drake Fisher, a man who resembles beast more than man. Drake’s unexpected interest surprises Caden, but when Drake claims fate has brought them together and that he’s a shapeshifter, Caden’s confusion turns to shock.

With the help of Drake’s brother, Dean, and Dean’s family, Caden realizes there must be some truth to Drake’s story. On his way to question Drake, the knowledge in his heart that something is wrong is confirmed by reports of poachers in the area. Caden sets out to save Drake, along with the life and love that have been waiting for him in Alaska all along.


Category: Paranormal, Werewolves/Shifters

Pages: 55



When Caden travels to Alaska he thinks he’s going to find some amazing animals to photograph and get some quiet time to think. What he ends up finding is something far greater than he could guess.

Drake, the brother to the man who agreed to be Caden’s guide, is a recluse who only ventures into society twice a year. This year he’s come out early, and Caden is the reason.

When Drake tells Caden just how important he is to him, Caden can’t deny their attraction, but it takes a dangerous situation with some hunters for him to give in and become Drake’s mate once and for all.


This was a wonderful, fully developed short story. Yes, it moved pretty quickly, but the insta-love, insta-attraction, fated-mate thing suits itself well to a short story like this. There was enough character development for me to feel satisfied, a bit of mystery and a bit of smexy times and feels to round the story out nicely.

Highly recommended.

4.5 of 5 stars


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