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Daily Dose Short Story: Putting Down Roots by Tam MacNeil

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At twenty-nine, Mark is lonely and unhappy. With his teaching degree, he never expected to be scraping by at a dead-end job in a bookstore. So when he’s given the opportunity to do the work he’s always dreamed of, he jumps on it.

But there’s a catch. Mark has just agreed to spend the summer teaching a recalcitrant student at a lonely manor outside the most haunted village in the UK. It doesn’t take Mark long to figure out there’s something strange, really strange, about Thomas, his host and the father of his pupil. They say the village changes people, and it turns out Thomas is living proof. Now Mark has to decide if he should run like hell or stay and become part of the family.

Category: Paranormal, Werewolves/Shifters, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Pages: 29


Mark, a lonely teacher, moves to a “haunted village” to teach one of the town’s oldest family’s daughter English. Her father, Thomas, is an older but still quite attractive, man who appears as lonely as Mark.

Yes, strange things do appear to happen both around town and in the old home Thomas owns, but Mark can’t help but being attracted to Thomas anyway.

When tourists inadvertently threaten Thomas and his family his secret is exposed and Mark has to decide if he can handle the strangeness and put down some roots of his own.


Though this was a very interesting story with great world building, I didn’t feel the romance at all. The characters barely speak two words to one another and the situation Thomas is in feels particularly hopeless.

So, even though I thought it was an interesting story and a unique twist on the shifter theme, as a romance it failed for me.

2 of 5 stars


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