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Curling Up with his Critter (A Loving Nip book 7) by Charlie Richards


Just a little love bite: The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Lucius is finally feeling confident with his place in his pack. His new alpha and inner circle are fair and kind, and everything his abusive ex-leaders were not. Learning about the world beyond pack lands, Lucius takes online courses to earn his GED, planning to focus further studies in botany. Everything changes when his pack takes in a dozen Angus shifters rescued from a herd in Texas. One of the rescuers who accompanies the shifters is a vampire that makes Lucius’s blood sing. Gypsum Vereen. While Lucius can’t deny his attraction to the male, he’d given up sex when the new alpha took over. His old inner circle had made the act nothing but degrading and painful, and he never wants to experience that again. When Gypsum speaks of making love, can he dredge up enough faith to take a chance and learn the difference?

Reader Advisory: This novel contains references to past rape.


This is book 7 in Charlie Richards Loving Nip Series. Most of Charlie’s worlds are linked in some way and in this one we see Vampires and Shifters co-mingling. In book 6 we met a herd of Angus shifters who were being bullied by their alpha into mating. They were secluded from the world and only recently have been released from torture. Gypsum is a vampire and part of the coven that rescued these guys. He’s taking a group of them seeking asylum to Kai and Dorian’s pack of dingo shifters who are being healed from their abusive alpha.

Lucius is one of the dingo shifters that was abused, sexually. He has no desire to mate or even have sex as his past experiences were so horrible.

When Gypsum realizes Lucius is his mate and what he’s been through he vows to be patient and do all he can to convince Lucius that mating is wonderful.

Meanwhile the crazy Angus Alpha escapes and heads to Dorian’s pack to take back his members forcibly and Gypsum must defend them.


Like most of Charlie’s books this is a short love story that moves them quickly from strangers to mates. Gypsum is a gentle giant and patiently helps Lucius recover his sexuality.

I love seeing the past MCs and the feeling of connectedness we get as each story moves the timeline forward not just for the current MCs but for the entire group of “friends” that we’ve made by reading her stories.

These guys feel like friends of the family and I love checking in with them and meeting new members.

I can see Lucius’ brothers in upcoming books – they seem like a sassy and fun pair!

The Loving Nip series is sweet and fun and I highly recommend it to fans of the author and the genre.

4 of 5 stars


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