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Cover Reveal and Giveaway for Too Many Temples by Erik Swill – designed by Maria Fanning!

OS: Welcome to Erik Swill author of Too Many Temples. He’s stopped by today to share with us the cover for his new book designed by Maria Fanning!


A big thanks to Open Skye Book Reviews for agreeing to host the cover reveal for Too Many Temples. I appreciate everything you do on this page!
This novella–my second of hopefully many more to come–draws on my experiences of having lived in both Australia and Indonesia. While not at all autobiographical, it relates the very real problems of falling in love with someone who lives far away.
Playboy Adrian isn’t much of a world traveler. But like many Aussies, he visits the nearby Indonesian island of Bali and meets someone who blows his mind (and other things). Tour guide Ketut has a habit of falling for people he knows he can’t possibly be involved with for more than a few weeks tops. But when these two get together, Adrian lets down his guard.
Bali enchants its visitors and makes falling in love seem so carefree. But Adrian knows he is out of his element in a foreign land and encroaching on “boyfriend territory” with Ketut. Listening to his heart brings complications and the risk of getting hurt again, especially since there is no easy way for them to be together. Oddly enough, the homophobic, rural part of Queensland may hold the key to their happiness. If they can see past their hang-ups.

Looking to spice up his stagnant sex life in Brisbane, self-professed player Adrian takes a week-long vacation in Bali, anticipating sun, surf, and plenty of no-strings-attached hookups. He doesn’t expect his attraction to the tour guide, Ketut, to become an obsession. As he travels around the beautiful Island of the Gods, Adrian is startled that he might be falling in love after swearing off relationships for good.
When Ketut opens a window of opportunity for a real relationship in Queensland after the vacation ends, Adrian retreats into his life of commitment-free fun. Unable to forget about Ketut, though, Adrian strikes out to the rural Queensland town of Rockhampton to find the man of his desires—hoping he hasn’t lost the chance for true love.

Author bio

Erik Swill is a professional editor and a cheeky storyteller. He has spent half of his life living abroad and half of that time trying to convince friends that he is not an international fugitive or secret agent. He isn’t. Really. But it probably doesn’t help that he writes under several pseudonyms, moves house frequently, and rarely posts anything on his social media accounts. He has published short fiction in Gay Flash Fiction and erotica in the Nifty Archives. With his longtime partner, Swann O’Hara, he coauthored the novella Wild Goose. Erik likes to write contemporary fiction but will try any genre once. Because why not?

Twitter: @ErikSwill



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– Excerpt
“The sea here is both beautiful and deadly. The color of the water and the temptation to walk out at low tide to the base of the temple… but when the tide comes in and you are left stranded out there, the currents are strong and poisonous sea snakes swim here in large numbers. It’s odd that something so beautiful can also be so deadly. Many people have died here.”
“So it is better to avoid it completely.”
Ketut thought for a moment before answering. “No, Adrian. That makes it all the more important to visit. That people have died to see something so beautiful, so holy, makes this even more special. Sometimes taking a risk can lead to a life-changing experience. Or at least one that you will never forget for the rest of your life. How long will you remember this moment, Adrian? Right here, right now?”
Adrian had been staring into Ketut’s striking eyes as he spoke. There was a depth to him that Adrian admired, something that he would never know based solely on their first encounter. For a moment, Adrian wondered how many of the guys who had served as one-off fucks for him over the years also had something more than a tight ass to offer him. But the thought was short-lived.
Ketut leaned in and pressed his lips lightly against Adrian’s, pulling back slightly after a brief kiss. Adrian refused to let go. He pushed his face forward to continue what Ketut had started. He wasn’t done. The moment was too immediate to settle for anything less.

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Thank you for sharing excerpt from the book and the insight into the story. I’m a born and bred Indonesian, and it’s rather rare to see setting of character of Indonesian origin in MM Romance yet this year I saw two titles from two LGBTQ publishing house! I so look forward to read this. 🙂

Congratulations, Erik! that’s a beautiful cover. I would love to read Too Many Temples… it sounds really good! 😉

Congrats on the release, Erik! It sounds great and love that cover. I definitely want a copy. 😉

P.S. For the FB Like – I am Jen L FL.

Congrats on the upcoming book release Erik! It looks amazing and sounds wonderful =) I would love a chance to read a copy.

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