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Could be a Crowd by CJ Munoz

could be a crowdBlurb

Nicolas has worked with Pierce almost his whole life, and they’ve come far together, currently Co-CEOs of one of the largest companies in the United States. As they keep on heading toward bigger and better dreams, only one fear casts a shadow over Nicolas: Pierce falling in love.

Nicolas tells himself it’s for the company, for their shared goals and dreams. He can’t let Pierce get sidetracked, so he does his best to make sure it never happens—including keeping all the cute interns well away. Then Lynn shows up, attractive, eager, practically perfect.

But it’s not Pierce that Nicolas should be worrying about this time.


Nicholas and Pierce have been friends and work partners for years. Nicholas has yearned for Pierce forever, but Pierce is forever falling for the latest new thing at the office. This time Nicholas vows to thwart the threat by occupying the new intern Lynn’s time for himself.

As it turns out, Lynn is interested in Nicholas too. At first it seems like this is where things are headed but Nicholas still pines for Pierce. Since Lynn is 18 and, really, anything goes, they all agree to try something out as a threesome.


This story seemed so cute at times, then would lose its focus. It wanted to be funny and snarky and at times was. (Nicholas is a grumpy brat and he has some funny dialog moments.) I never quite understood the jump from the two men to three and it really never coalesced into a relationship for me. The guys act so juvenile most of the time that it’s really awkward. Nicholas is embarrassed and calls them “perverts” for wanting a threesome. Lynn is shocked and appalled at being thought “gay” by his male partners when he is adamantly “bi” and then throw in the whole “we want to make life easy for you Lynn so work for us and don’t go to school” thing just didn’t fit the rest of the story.

So… though I liked the premise, and found some fun with the MCs and the three-way sex, overall I didn’t really “get” this and found the HFN pretty unsatisfying.

I haven’t read this author before and I will definitely give CJ Munoz another try, but this book just wasn’t for me.

2.5 of 5 stars


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