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Convincing Conrad (Bodyguard Pack #1) by Casey Drake

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Conrad Stokes knows he’s in trouble when he uncovers an embezzlement scheme and watches as his boss’s office is ransacked… by glowing-eyed shadows. Now his boss is dead, and Conrad is understandably freaked out and doesn’t want to go home alone. Enter Ryder, the gorgeous security specialist sent by his sister.

Ryder Weller didn’t know what to expect when he answered Connie’s call to escort her twin brother home from a seedy bar across town. A trashed apartment, the scent of dangerous wolves, and the overwhelming need to protect the human in his care at all costs wasn’t it. He sure wasn’t dreaming of forever… or finding a true mate. But it might all be within his grasp—after he breaks the news that “werewolves are real, and hey, I’m one of them,” that is.


Super fun! I was a bit annoyed by how hard it was for Ryder to figure out Conrad but not too badly. I didn’t really love the Conrad/Constance thing and was frequently confused by who the Eff was “Connie”. I super loved the twin boys though!

This was a great spin off and even if you’ve not read any of the other books you will enjoy this on it’s own.

Wouldn’t this make a great mpreg… hmmm.

In any case…
4 of 5 stars

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