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Consumption of Magic by TJ Klune

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Sam of Wilds faced the Dark wizard Myrin and lived to tell the tale. Granted, the battle left him scarred, but things could be a hell of a lot worse. It’s not until he reunites with Morgan of Shadows and Randall that he realizes just how much worse things could be. Because the scars have meaning and hint at Myrin’s true plans for Sam and the Kingdom of Verania. With time running out, Sam and his band of merry misfits—the unicorn Gary, the half-giant Tiggy, Knight Commander Ryan Foxheart, and the dragon known as Kevin—must travel to the snowy mountains in the North and the heart of the Dark Woods to convince the remaining dragons to stand against Myrin. Along the way, Sam learns secrets of the past that will forever change the course of the future. A reckoning is coming for Sam of Wilds, and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

And the adventure continues! … Let me start of by saying I loved this book. It is still very funny, but there is a serious tone that pervades the storyline; a sense of foreboding that something unpleasant is going to happen– and it does. But the journey, (almost 400 pages), is worth it. We learn more about Randall, Morgan and Myrin and why Myrin wants Sam. Oh, and we meet new dragons ☺
It’s hard to describe the story without some spoilers, so I won’t, just know 2 things – 1. If you’ve invested in the journey thus far, (from The Lightning-Struck Heart), then you’ll love this book and 2. When you finish said book, you’ll want to howl because of the events that happen AND because the story ends on a cliffhanger, (but you know this if you’ve read Destiny).

The gang is still together with some changes– Tiggy shines a bit more, Ryan calls Sam on his bullsh*t a bit more and Prince Justin has joined them on their quest –quel surprise! And let’s not forget Gary and Kevin. They still have that thing where they think Sam is their son. I will leave you with a snippet that made me laugh out loud in public (I may never be allowed back to that shop).

“How much will we get for Sam’s dowry?” Kevin asked Gary. “I’ve never had to sell off one of my children before.” “I don’t know,” Gary said through his tears. “He’s a little defective, so we should probably be up-front that all sales are final.”

PS – How soon will it be appropriate to start clamouring for the audiobook *side eyes author and narrator – you know who you are*

5 out of 5– I absolutely loved it!


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