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Wyatt Findley is an up-and-coming artist, attending a prestigious art institute in St. Louis. His mentor, Lukas Callahan, has snagged a sweet house-sitting job for him in a gorgeous home in a well-to-do part of town. Wyatt can’t help but notice two men who live just across the street.
They make an odd couple, since there must be a good twenty years difference between them. And yet there is something about the younger man that calls to Wyatt.

Shylor Lind has been living with Randy Grant for fifteen years, ever since Grant hired Shy’s mother as his live-in housekeeper. But five years ago, their relationship changed when Shy’s mother sold him to Grant and took the money and ran. Since then, Randy has been training Shy to be his submissive, dominating him in every way. There is nothing Shy can do about the situation, and he has nowhere to go, no one to turn to.

And then Wyatt enters his life… and nothing will ever be the same, as Wyatt engages in a battle for Shy’s very soul

I’m so conflicted by this story. It is by no means BDSM but a story about modern slavery. It’s of a young man being systematically abused and controlled to a point where he has no free will. He too scared to do anything out of routine for fear of punishment. But what do you do when an adult of consenting age doesn’t ask for help or make any sign he needs help to get out of the situation he is in. This is the position Wyatt is in when he suspects Shylor is being abused. His instincts tell him something is not right. Others try to tell him that whilst they don’t like it, it’s the relationship between two consenting adults. And there is the crux, consent. Shylor starts to believe he deserves more, to be treated better once Wyatt shows him how it could be. I felt for Shylor, even more so when it became apparent other Dom’s did not intervene even when they suspected Shylor was, at the very least, being mistreated. The story finished too abruptly for me. I felt that there was more to tell. This may come in another book, I hope so especially as I don’t believe Randy has gone out of Shylor’s life yet. There are also some interesting secondary characters that I would like to know more about.

3 of stars out of 5

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