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Nobody plans to accidentally marry their frenemy with benefits.

Todd McGower and Victor Consuelos do not like each other. They can’t have a conversation without insults flying, and Victor seems to get off on pushing Todd’s buttons. The fact that their antagonism always leads to explosive sex . . . well, that’s their little secret.

Victor has a secret of his own. His full-blown crush on Todd is ruining his sex life. He hasn’t looked at anyone else in months, and he’s too hung up on Todd to find a date to his cousin’s wedding.

In a moment of weakness after a heart-stopping night together, Todd agrees to be Victor’s fake boyfriend for the wedding. Victor will have his plus-one—which will get his family off his back—and Todd will get a free mini-vacation. It’s a win-win.

But pretending to be fake boyfriends leads to real intimacy, which leads to too much wine, and suddenly, Todd and Victor wake up with wedding bands and a marriage license between them. That was not their plan, but a summer of wedded bliss might just change their minds.


I loved the blurb for this. Frenemies. Fake relationships. Secret romance. It sounded funny and sexy and intriguing.

Welllll…. It was hard to get into and I kept going back to see what I’d missed because it felt like I needed more information than I had and it felt like I’d skipped a chapter or something. (Which happens if you don’t read a book in one fell swoop.) It turns out that this is a book 2 of a series and (I hadn’t paid attention to that) and I think someone really needs to read book 1 to enjoy this book 2. I figured things out, but it didn’t feel as engrossing as I bet it would if I’d read book one.

I wasn’t that attached to these guys and I never felt the chemistry like I wanted to.

My recommendation is to read book 1 first and then this.

3 of 5 stars

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