Cold Fusion by Harper Fox

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Their love is the catalyst that could save the planet…or cost their lives.
As an environmental activist for Peace Warrior, Kier Mallory never hesitated to throw himself into dangerous situations. Until his hotheadedness costs the lives of two fellow crewmembers on an anti-whaling mission.
He finds no refuge in his hometown on Scotland’s north coast, where everyone knows what this son of a broken fisherman has done. Effectively homeless, Mal returns to one of his favorite places—Spindrift, a rustic colony of artist and crafter huts.
Spindrift is dilapidated and empty, save for a lone resident. Vivian Calder, a brilliant but emotionally detached scientist who appears to have done the impossible—mastered cold fusion. A clean, free, limitless source of power.
Despite Viv’s aversion to contact, a fragile bond forms between them, seemingly one atom at a time. Until Mal, determined to redeem himself by revealing Viv’s accomplishment to the world, brings down the wrath of an oil-dependent establishment, risking not only their love, but Viv’s life.
Warning: Contains a disgraced environmentalist and an autistic genius who go from strangers to lovers-for-life in thirteen days. Don’t believe in miracles? We’ll make you.

Kier is a mis-understood environmentalist/poet who hides from his shame in the wilds of Scotland. He drunkenly stumbles onto Laird Vivian (a man) who has Asperger’s and is brilliant and working on cold fusion.

Kier is the opposite of Viv. He’s wild, untamed, loose, crazy, colorful and explosive. Viv is calculating, organized, proper, straight forward and calm. When they meet it’s opposites attracting x 1000.

There are lots of things going on in this story: Kier’s story from the ocean, Viv’s family, the oil company, Kier’s ex, Viv’s studies, Viv’s “legacy”, Kier’s family… lots and lots. Much of it ends up tied together but still and all this is a complex story with many threads.

Without telling too much of the story – let’s just say that Kier helps Viv, they solve some mysteries and end up with the world’s best HEA ever!


Kier tells this story and it fits his character to a T. It rambles and rolls and boils and bubbles – it goes all over the place in splashes and spouts of color and action and emotion.

There are times when this really works for the story and is beautiful, at other times it’s disjointed, bulky and confusing.

More times than not, however, it’s a beautiful and funny and touching story about two flawed individuals finding each other in a true fairy tale – worthy of Hans Christian Andersen at times – where dark things go bump in the night but the hero saves the day!

The love Viv and Kier share is absolutely breath taking and wonderful and easily overshadows some of the “mystery” and the family “legacy” that ends up being wrapped up so neatly at the end. (Maybe a little too neatly? But – it’s a fairy tale so – miracles do happen and coincidences do occur…)

I highly recommend this to fans of the author, to fans of MCs who are socially awkward, to fans of Scotland and the UK in general, and to fans of fairy tales with a dark side.

4.25 of 5 stars


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