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Cerris (Council Enforcers Book 4) By Catherine Lievens

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Cerris is an orphan who’s been told he’s a monster all his life, and he’s come to believe it. He did his best to keep his werewolf half under control, but when he killed a hunter, Dominic asked the enforcers for help. Cerris is sent to work with their only werewolf, but as soon as he sees the man, he realizes they’re mates, and he runs.

Jackson doesn’t understand why Cerris runs, but he intends to find out. When he finally locates Cerris, Cerris’ friends intervene and explain what happened to him and why he doesn’t want to see Jackson—Jackson is a werewolf, and all werewolves are monsters.

Jackson knows he’ll have to work hard to convince Cerris of the contrary, and he hopes finding Cerris’ long-lost father will help. He also has to teach Cerris to control his wolf before something happens.

Will Cerris learn control, or will he become the monster he always thought he was?


The more I read this series the more involved in the storyline I get. I am actually looking forward to the next books in the series.

In this story we have Cerris who has been physically and mentally beaten down his whole life. Dealing with a prejudice cultivated by his tribe leader, he lived basically as a slave and believed himself a monster. When Cerris discovers he is Mates with Jackson, he is first terrified and then intrigued. Jackson knows something is up but for him it takes a while.

I like how we are shown Jackson’s family as an example of normal. Just everyday people or beings that worry about the same things a typical family does. I also liked how Cerris confronts his protagonist to learn the reasons behind his actions.

In the end there is a HEA and the carrot dangled of another story.


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