Brandon’s Very Merry Haunted Christmas (Mack’s Marvelous Manifestations #1) by A.J. Sherwood


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A Snow Globe Christmas
A spin-off of Jon’s Mysteries

When Brandon Havili gets recruited by the FBI, he’s immediately assigned to shadow his brother and the psychic Donovan’s anchored to. Brandon doesn’t mind this in the slightest. He loves his brother, Jon seems cool, and it’s a great way to learn how to be an anchor, which is what the FBI wants him for. It’s supposedly three weeks of just following people around and observing.

But there’s a hitch in the plans three days in. Brandon accidentally picks up a hitchhiker of the ghostly variety. Donovan is NOT pleased. Jon is amused no end.

Dealing with the ghost means going back to the place that Brandon accidentally got it from, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They expect to meet up with an FBI medium, exorcise said ghost, and go home again.

FBI Medium Mackenzie Lafayette is not at all what Brandon expects. And for once, he’s quite happy to ditch the plan. Returning to Nashville could wait. He’s got a sexy medium to figure out first.


Donovan’s not so romantic Christmas, he does not approve, Brandon took over the little snot, I have no idea how that happened, exorcisms, ghosts not being spooky, ghost busting, healthy relationships, Mack figures out how to seduce a Havili very quickly, bisexual character, gay characters, mothers being awesome, is it possible for something to be sappy and horrifying at the same time, because that’s what we’re going for here


I really enjoyed this spin off. It moves along very quickly and is really sweet. I love Brandon and think Mack is sweet.


The ghost aspect is nice, I wish there was more to it, but this is a novella.



Clarity of Lines by N.R. Walker; narrated by Nick J. Russo



When some lines blur, others become crystal clear.

Absolutely smitten, Thomas Elkin and Cooper Jones have decided they’re prepared to give a relationship a try.
What they’re not prepared for is the reaction from their families, who try to force them apart. Both men are about to learn that there are lines that define us. Sometimes the lines blur, sometimes the lines become crystal clear.

Story: The May-Dec romance between Tom and Cooper continues to strengthen; good thing to because now they have to deal with family trying to pull them apart.
I loved how they weathered the family maelstrom – disapproving ex-wife, shocked and disappointed parents – without having any drama between them. They dealt with the family issues using humour, love hot/steamy times (with each other ) and patience. Lovely story!

Narration: Nick J. Russo is a really good narrator and he really shines with this series! His voice for Cooper is spot on, especially capturing his youth and almost perpetual horniness, lol! His voices for the other characters, especially Tom are just as good. This is really a great way to enjoy the series!

Story: 4.5 stars
Narration: 4.5 stars

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Audiobook: Sixty Five Hours by NR Walker narrated by Nick J Russo


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Cameron Fletcher and Lucas Hensley are advertising executives who have Sixty Five Hours to pull together the campaign of their careers.

Sixty Five Hours to get along. Sixty Five Hours to not kill each other. Sixty Five Hours to fall in love

This is a wonderful short story about two rivals who have to work together for sixty five hours to make an ad campaign for condoms and lube.

Lucas is out and proud and Cameron is exceedingly jealous of that fact. Lucas manages to pull Cameron out of his shell and in the meantime discover that he really, really likes that guy.

The sexy-times in this story are HOT and I absolutely loved all the sock and feet imagery. I can totally picture the ad campaign and thought it was brilliant! (Especially the health and safety part.)

I was glad to buy this from amazon- though it’s free again!- but I gotta say, that I loved the first cover better. Sorry! But the socks are the story and it was a really cute cover!

So – if you haven’t read this delightful story do yourself a favor and go get it!


Nick J Russo. You know I love him! He does an amazing job with this. Lucas is absolutely adorable with his Texas drawl and Cameron is starched but sweet. Love. Love. Love!

6 of 5 stars

(I had to buy this on Apple because it isn’t on Audible. That super sucks because I have credits on Audible :(.  PS I don’t like the new cover so I’m not using it- I like the feet/socks!)


Chumming with a Great White (Beneath Aquatica’s Waves #8) by Charlie Richards

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World of Aquatica: After a mission goes horribly awry, an injured SEAL learns that his road to recovery doesn’t have to be walked alone.

Graham Canton’s life has always revolved around his work as a Navy SEAL. When faulty Intel culminates in a mission going horribly wrong, he loses more than just part of his leg. He loses his identity. While Graham knows he should feel grateful he’s returning home alive—after all, some on his team didn’t—all he can think about is how life as he knows it is over. Then, living with his brother as he recovers, Graham meets Eban O’Gillie, and his life turns upside down all over again.

As a dominant great white shark shifter, Eban enjoys his role as head enforcer for his pod. His life at World of Aquatica, a marine park owned and operated mostly by aquatic shifters, couldn’t be better. He loves helping his alpha and beta aid those under their care and figuring out their problems. Eban’s first look at Graham is through a security camera, and his attraction is instantaneous. When he meets the human, all becomes clear. The injured veteran is his mate.

Can Eban show Graham that his worth is more than his ability as a SEAL while figuring out who’s sending him hate-filled letters?


I know I’ve said something to this effect before, but I think – very, very sadly – that I am probably done with Charlie Richards. I have so loved her work and have read pretty much every thing she has written and I do believe that she has (oh the irony here) jumped the shark.

Every story is just too quick. Repetitive. Uninspired and uninspiring.

I WANT to love them. I keep hoping I will. Each time I finish I swear it’s the last.


I also want to tell Extasy books: Do better. You have so many talented people in the world. Do better with your covers.

The “scar” on this looks like a blurry tattoo.

Sorry. That was more complaint than probably warranted but I’m sad and frustrated.

I can’t know her situation, but I really wish we got fewer stories but ones that had just a tad more depth.

(I really should have known by the title….)

2.75 of 5 stars


Acsquidentally In Love (Sucker For Love Mysteries Book 1)by K.L. Hiers

Blurb: Nothing brings two men—or one man and an ancient god—together like revenge.
Private investigator Sloane sacrificed his career in law enforcement in pursuit of his parents’ murderer. Like them, he is a follower of long-forgotten gods, practicing their magic and offering them his prayers… not that he’s ever gotten a response.

Until now.

Azaethoth the Lesser might be the patron of thieves and tricksters, but he takes care of his followers. He’s come to earth to avenge the killing of one of his favorites, and maybe charm the pants off the cute detective Fate has placed in his path. If he has his way, they’ll do much more than bring a killer to justice. In fact, he’s sure he’s found the man he’ll spend his immortal life with.
Sloane’s resolve is crumbling under Azaethoth’s surprising sweetness, and the tentacles he sometimes glimpses escaping the god’s mortal form set his imagination alight. But their investigation gets stranger and deadlier with every turn. To survive, they’ll need a little faith… and a lot of mystical firepower.

Wow! I really enjoyed this story  There’s a bit of a mystery, paranormal, loads of humour with hot and steamy tentacle love 
Sloane and Loch 2.0, (you’ll understand the 2.0 when you read the story), are a fun couple. Sloane is trying to solve the mystery of his parent’s deaths. He has no social life, and the one time he tries to have one, it sets in motion events that make this a fun story. Loch is a god. A mischievous, tad arrogant (in a fun way), bit of a thieving god. It’s best to just say he is special 
The 2 MCs have great chemistry together, their interactions were funny, hot and sometimes really sweet. The mystery was well done – didn’t overwhelm the story. I really enjoyed the world-building of gods that had been forgotten by humans except for small pockets of devotees; seemed quite believable.
The other characters – Milo, Lynette, Fred – to name a few, were all memorable.
This is book 1 of a series I am looking forward to following. This is definitely a book I will reread 
I highly recommend this story.

4.5 stars out of 5

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Recent Release: Catch of a Lifetime by Andrew Grey

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Some moments happen once in a lifetime, and you have to catch them and hold on tight.

Arty Reynolds chased his dream to Broadway, but after his father is injured, he must return to the small fishing community where he grew up, at least until his dad is back on his feet.

Jamie Wilson fled his family farm but failed to achieve real independence. Arty is hiring for a trip on the gulf, and it’ll get Jamie one step closer to his goal.

Neither man plans to stay in Florida long-term, neither is looking for love, and they’re both blown away by the passion that sparks between them. But on a fishing boat, there’s little privacy to see where their feelings might lead. Passion builds like a storm until they reach land, where they also learn they share a common dream. The lives they both long for could line up perfectly, as long as they can weather the strain on their new romance when only one of them may get a chance at their dream.


It’s no secret that I love Andrew Grey’s stories.

Catch of a Lifetime is another winner. Arty, after struggling in New York to become an actor, returns home to help out his ailing father, he meets Jaimie and sparks fly. Both men are dealing with some major “father issues”.

This book is sweet, yet heartbreaking at times. The characters are all very well written and you can feel their emotions as the story unfolds.

You really can’t go wrong with an Andrew Grey book.

4 stars

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Recent Release: On the Same Page (Secrets #4) by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams


When a Dom invites a shy bookstore owner to live out his fantasies, more than one life will be transformed.

Words are Heath Snow’s life. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t have his nose buried in a book. He couldn’t make a living as a writer, so he did the next best thing—he bought a bookstore. But when he’s not selling books, he’s living vicariously through the characters he encounters. Real men can’t hold a candle to the hot men in his favorite genre.

The Pride display in the bookstore window may be what captured Xavier James’s attention, but the man enthusing about books interests him more. The BDSM book lying next to the cash register is a pleasant surprise, and when he draws attention to it, Heath’s flushed cheeks and bright eyes pique Xavier’s curiosity even further.

Xavier is about to learn that some things are more important than work, and Heath is about to step out of his comfort zone, into a place where fantasy and real life coexist.


I loved this new addition to the Secrets family! It stands out a bit from the other books in the series, as it’s quite light as far as BDSM goes, but as for character development and storytelling it is completely up to par with the rest and just a really wonderful love story.
I’m always partial to books with MC’s that own a bookstore, because books… and Heath’s shop seems so inviting and amazing, I wish I could actually visit it and get him to recommend books to me. I loved all the casual mentions of books and authors in this story, some of which were new to me. Must remedy that situation asap!
I loved how Xavier and Heath got together and the way Xavier introduced Heath to the club and the naughty fun they can have while roleplaying. It’s quite a whirlwind romance, almost too good to be true. Everything all rainbows and (proverbial) sunshine until … something happens that might ruin everything for our beloved couple. I cringed inwardly when Xavier made a mess of things at a certain point, as he struggled with his priorities and the whole “honesty is the best policy” thing that tends to be crucial in a good relationship. Though in his defense, he was in between a rock and hard place, and anyway, what’s a romance without a little rough patch to overcome on the way to happily ever after?
As always in this series, as well as in the collars and cuffs series, the MC’s can count on their friends to help them out or lend a listening ear. I absolutely adored seeing Rob again, as well as the other characters from earlier books of course, but Rob is so special. I just love him to bits. He is such a mischievous, vibrant character and then he earned my undying devotion by pitching the idea to start a book club. Team Rob, people.


Number of stars out of 5: 5

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Holiday Book: The Christmas Deal by Keira Andrews

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Will fake boyfriends become the real deal this holiday?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—except ex-Marine Logan is jobless and getting evicted. Worse, he’s a new single dad with a stepson who hates him. A kid needs stability—not to mention presents under the tree—and Logan’s desperate.

Then he meets lonely Seth and makes a deal.

Can Logan temporarily pretend to be live-in boyfriends to increase Seth’s chances at a promotion? If it provides a roof over their heads for the holidays, hell yeah. Logan considers himself straight—he doesn’t count occasional hookups with guys—but he can fake it. Besides, with his shy little smile, Seth is surprisingly sexy.

Make that damn sexy.

Shocked that Seth has only been with one man, Logan can’t resist sweetening their deal to teach him the joys of casual sex. No strings attached. No feelings. No kissing.

No falling for each other.

Easy, right?

The Christmas Deal is a steamy holiday gay romance novel from Keira Andrews featuring fake boyfriends, bisexual awakening, a clueless single dad with an angry preteen, and of course a happy ending.

Christmas deal is a short story by Keira Andrews definitely holiday centered. It is the typical fake boyfriend scenario but of course it has some interesting elements like the fact that Logan was married very briefly to Connor’s dad and then Connor‘s mother dies and leaves Logan as a single-parent. Logan identifies as straight , however, he has some bisexual leanings that he is mostly in denial about. Seth is a sweetie who is definitely repressed due to a highly religious background. They get together through Logan’s sister and end up having to fake a relationship. Things that I loved : the relationship between Logan and Connor. The growth Seth did in regards to his family. What I didn’t necessarily see was a lot of development between Logan and Seth-  they seemed to have a relationship based mostly on the physical. However, we get a lovely epilogue that shows that they are doing really great down the line. Highly recommended. Four stars.

4 star

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Recent Release: Savage Wolf by Angelique Voisen

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Finn Brenner’s time is up. To save his brother’s hide, he promised to give himself to a sadistic Alpha who only sees Omegas as toys. Finn’s having second thoughts but there’s nowhere to run. When it’s time to face the music, Finn is thrown into a hellish hunt where he’s the prize. The last thing Finn expects is a savior in the form of a savage black wolf.

Jakob Stone’s barely holding onto his humanity. He buried his grief and lingered in the skin of his beast. When he hears Finn’s cry for help he knows this Omega is the one he’s been searching for his entire life. Jakob would do anything in his power to keep Finn safe, even if that means going up against an entire pack.


This was a great find! Jakob is nearly feral and Finn’s alpha is pretty much going to kill him as do anything else.
The romance between Finn and Jakob is fairly predictable with the Alpha/omega thing playing out as it always does, but the world building is pretty good and the story moves along quickly.
All in all I enjoyed it and will look for more from this series/author.

3.5 stars

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Audiobook: Rule Breaker by Lily Morton Audiobook narrated by Joel Leslie




Is it really wrong to want to murder your boss?

Dylan has worked for Gabe for two years. Two long years of sarcastic comments. Two long years of insults, and having to redo the coffee pot four times in the mornings to meet his exacting standards.

Not surprisingly he has devoted a lot of time to increasingly inventive ways to murder Gabe. From stabbing him with a cake fork, to garrotting him with his expensive tie, Dylan has thought of everything.

However, a chance encounter opens his eyes to the attraction that has always lain between them, concealed by the layers of antipathy. There are only two problems – Gabe is still a bastard, and he makes wedding planners look like hardened pessimists.

But what happens when Dylan starts to see the real Gabe? What happens when he starts to fall in love with the warm, wary man that he sees glimpses of as the days pass?

Because Gabe is still the same commitment shy, cold man that he’s always been, or is he? Has Dylan had the same effect on Gabe, and has his solid gold rule of no commitment finally been broken? With his heart taken Dylan desperately needs to know, but will he get hurt trying to find the answers?

From the author of ‘The Summer of Us’ comes another scorchingly hot romantic comedy, showing what happens between two men when rules get broken.


This book was very funny, the banter between the characters witty and addicting. The attraction between Gabe and Dylan ran deep and I liked the build of it as well as the e-mail correspondence that started every chapter that really showed their humor. When I was reading this book in e-book format I had a hard time liking it about halfway through, and in the audio I liked it much better.
I think my one main issue is Gabe, even though I understand why he is the way he is its too hard for me to like him. In the end, despite the romance and sweet ending I feel like Gabe went too far and lost my affection.
Dylan on the other hand, is so likable, and caring. I really enjoyed his character and the way he evolved in the book. His family is funny, and have that ‘real’ feel of authenticity I like in books- with each member being quirky and unique.
The narration by Joel Leslie is fantastic, it’s as if Dylan was tailored to fit him, I can easily imagine him as Dylan. He does great accent work, making each character shine and ramped up the humor. He was a great choice to narrate this book and, like I said, the audio was a much better reading experience for me then the printed version.

Number of stars out of 5

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