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Blog Tour with Sean Michael for Home and Heart


Thank you to Open Skye Books for hosting me today!

It’s been so busy in the lead up to Christmas this year – part of it is that the time seems to have flown by. Home and Heart was this book that was coming out on Christmas Day and that was so far away and now bam! Here we are.

Time has a way of seeming to speed up or slow down, though, depending on what you’re doing, what’s going on in your life, etc. For instance, for Sawyer, the last six years have dragged along like a long black hole of suck. He’s finally got his life turned around, though and is looking forward to a new start.

I bet for Sawyer, once he meets Derek and the others, time suddenly starts zipping along again, sometimes far faster than he’d like. Because who doesn’t want the good times to last way longer than they always seem to? If I could only bottle that!

I hope your holidays were wonderful, and that they didn’t zip by too quickly!

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything



Is it possible to find the heart’s home twice in a lifetime?

Six years ago, Sawyer Burroughs’s life fell apart. His soul mate and husband of four years died of cancer, and he fell into depression… and a bottle. It’s taken six years, but he’s turned his life around and is ready to start again on the other side of the country.

In his new apartment, he’s welcomed by his young and carefree neighbor, Derek, from across the hall. Derek is eager to make Sawyer feel welcome and even offers him a place to stay when Sawyer arrives ahead of his furniture.

The upstairs neighbors are just as friendly, and soon Sawyer finds a place with the friends-with-benefits threesome. He’s not the shy, vanilla lover they think he is, though, and he’s hiding more than a pair of nipple rings. As it happens, the guys have kinky secrets of their own, but for four men to make a BDSM relationship last, they’ll have to figure some things out.

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Dreamspinner Press:


Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.
Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

Sean Michael on the web:

TWITTER: seanmichael09

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Blog Tour: Tit for Tat by JS Harker!


Hi there! I’m JS Harker. Holidays are an exciting time of the year, but this one’s extra special for me as I’m releasing my first ever holiday novel. Wow, the year’s really flown by, hasn’t it? Who else is ready for 2019? I’m not entirely sure I am.

I really enjoyed writing this story, and I totally used it as an excuse to play holiday songs way after Christmas. Derek’s family has some of the same traditions mine does, where his mom makes far too many cookies and he makes the fudge. There is a lot of stirring that goes into my family’s recipe. I also relate a lot to Derek’s insecurities, so imagining someone who didn’t have them, like Flynn, for Derek’s romantic partner seemed natural. They’re a fantastic pair that want to figure out how to be together.

One element that I added to these stories that I haven’t really seen in other fairy stories is the idea that our global climate will affect theirs. Winter being strange, shorter, and warmer in the Midwest than it used to be causes issues for the Winter feylands, limiting its power. Queen Mab worries about her fairies, which is why Flynn’s not even supposed to be hanging out in the mortal world. But Flynn’s too curious to stay out of our world. He’s a huge fan of sugar (if you get a craving for candy canes, fudge, or cookies while reading, um, whoops? ☺ )and he has this urge to explore everything he comes across. When Derek’s a little shy, that just encourages Flynn to get to know him.

Tit For Tat has inspired me to write two more novels set in the same universe so far. Each will be themed around a different season and feature a new couple. I’m excited to share their stories too. Be sure to follow my FB page or keep a look out on my webpage for updated info.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt featuring part of Derek and Flynn’s first conversation. They’re outside the mall, talking in the parking lot.

“You don’t take those off?” Derek asked.
“Take what off?”
“Your ears.” Derek touched one of his own. “Those are prosthetics, right?”
Flynn touched the tip of his ears. They hadn’t grown longer. According to Lulu and the elders in Queen Mab’s Court, they could grow to an exaggerated point or round into humanlike ears if a fairy stayed too long in the human world. Older fey had longer ears, too, but Flynn was young, and his ears were the same as when he’d woken that morning. He didn’t think the points were obvious compared to a human’s. He must have miscalculated.
“Crap,” Derek said softly. “Those are your actual ears, aren’t they?”
“I’m an insensitive jackass. I’m sorry.”
Flynn wasn’t quite sure where he’d committed a fault. The observation? Had he been too blunt? He stopped tugging on his ear. “It’s all right?”
“Okay. I should probably get going.” Derek shoved his hands in his pockets and turned away.
He seemed so miserable. Flynn had to change that somehow. “Wait.”
Derek spun back. He had a little hopeful smile. Yes, definitely an attractive man, with the way his eyes widened in surprise and his cheeks reddened in the winter wind. “Yeah?”
“I have something for you,” Flynn said.
Flynn reached into his jacket pocket. It was empty, but with a little magic, he conjured two candy canes. They were imbued with magic. Anyone who ate the candy would ingest a tiny bit. Flynn held them out to Derek.
“Thanks,” Derek said. His smile broadened as he twirled them in his fingers. “Will I see you tomorrow?”
“I work the afternoon shift.”
“Then it’s likely we’ll see each other.”
Derek seemed in a better mood. “Great. Have a good night!”
“You too,” Flynn said, a smile breaking out on his lips. After a long work shift, it was nice to share a pleasant moment with someone new.

Author Bio:
JS Harker loves stories. She was one of those kids who always had a book in her hands and spent many hours adventuring with her siblings. These days she wanders into her imaginary worlds and conjures up tales of magic, passion, and happily-ever-afters. She currently lives in the part of the Midwest that makes Tatooine look interesting by comparison (not that she’s ever obsessively thought about becoming a Jedi or anything).

Facebook page:

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Guest Post Liv Olteano Lover Behind Enemy Lines – The Playlist Part 1 with Giveaway!

Lover Behind Enemy Lines – The Playlist Part 1

Sam Smith – Too good at goodbyes

James Arthur – Naked

Halsey – Without Me

8 Letters – Why Don’t We

Madison Beer – Hurts Like Hell

Lover Behind Enemy Lines (Dreamcatchers #3, Dreamspun Beyond #33)

By Liv Olteano

MxM Adult Paranormal Romance

Release date: December 4 2018

Cover designer: Aaron Anderson


True mates, together at last.


Claw—fearless leader of Seattle’s Team 32—has faced many dangers during more than a century and a half as a dreamcatcher. Yet nothing has ever scared him more than his obsession with Nathan Gallagher. Tormented by visions and dreams about the man ever since he first laid eyes on him, Claw now has to deal with living under the same roof with the object of his most ardent desires. And Nathan is so much more than a simple crush.


Brother of the caster who’s been plaguing Team 32’s area and less-than-willing houseguest of the team after a strange break-in attempt, Nathan may hold the key to finally apprehending his sister and putting a stop to the havoc she’s wreaking on Queen Anne…. Meanwhile, Nathan’s wreaking some havoc of his own on Claw’s heart.


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About Liv Olteano:

Liv Olteano is a voracious reader, music lover, and coffee addict extraordinaire. And occasional geek. Okay, more than occasional.


She believes stories are the best kind of magic there is. And life would be horrible without magic. Her hobbies include losing herself in the minds and souls of characters, giving up countless nights of sleep to get to know said characters, and trying to introduce them to the world. Sometimes they appreciate her efforts. The process would probably go quicker if they’d bring her a cup of coffee now and then when stopping by. Characters—what can you do, right?


Liv has a penchant for quirky stories and is a reverent lover of diversity. She can be found loitering around the Internet at odd hours and being generally awkward and goofy at all times.



Mini Excerpt


“ “Why did you break in?”

This was familiar ground. I’d asked that question a lot of times since he was here. He had yet to give me a believable answer.

As expected, he pouted and looked away. His gaze landed on the plate I’d brought. “Can you at least free one of my hands so I can eat like a normal person?”

I sighed and got the fork out of the nightstand drawer where I’d stashed it. “Because that went so well the last time.”

“You’re not feeding me again. I’m not your fucking pet.”

“Of course not. I wouldn’t handcuff a pet.”

“Screw you,” he muttered.

“I wouldn’t do that to a pet, either. And I’d advise against waking everyone up. They won’t like the fact that I’m feeding you the leftovers they were no doubt planning to devour later on. Now, are you hungry or not?” ”




“Nathan stirred on the bed, and as he opened his eyes, his eyelashes fluttered. They were blond and long, mostly visible through the shadows they cast on his cheekbones. His eyes were a very dark brown, though; as dark as night, full of doubt and mistrust, but also holding some tantalizing secret that refused to make itself known to me despite my attempts to uncover it. Nathan stirred my interest in so many ways that it was getting very scary very fast.


I sat on the chair next to the bed. “Hey. I thought I should bring you something to eat.”


“What the hell is wrong with you?” he asked and squinted.


“What do you mean?”


“I broke into your house, pitiful as it went. You were all pissed. Okay, I get the point: I won’t break into this house again.”


“Well, at least you learned that lesson.”


“I did, okay? I did. But why are you keeping me handcuffed to a bed now? Do you run some human trafficking ring?”


“Why did you break in?”


This was familiar ground. I’d asked that question a lot of times since he was here. He had yet to give me a believable answer.


As expected, he pouted and looked away. His gaze landed on the plate I’d brought. “Can you at least free one of my hands so I can eat like a normal person?”


I sighed and got the fork out of the nightstand drawer where I’d stashed it. “Because that went so well the last time.”


“You’re not feeding me again. I’m not your fucking pet.”


“Of course not. I wouldn’t handcuff a pet.”


“Screw you,” he muttered.


“I wouldn’t do that to a pet, either. And I’d advise against waking everyone up. They won’t like the fact that I’m feeding you the leftovers they were no doubt planning to devour later on. Now, are you hungry or not?”


His light cheeks colored a delicious rusty shade. “I’d rather you just killed me already than humiliate me like this.”


I sat back in the chair. “We don’t kill people, Nathan. Surely you know that.”


“No, I don’t know; in fact, I don’t know much of anything except that you have an obvious boner for handcuffs.”


I didn’t. I did have a boner for him, but I disliked seeing him cuffed to the bed. Unfortunately, it was how things had to be for the moment. And Nathan refused to help me help him out of the situation.


“Again with that?” I sighed heavily. “You broke into our house. You have to know who we are.”


“Well, I know next to nothing about you people.”


“You knew something before deciding on this house.”


“You only think that because you know who I am,” he hissed.


“And what a coincidence it was, then, that you—who knew nothing about us—broke into this home, where we—who know things about you—live. Call me crazy, but I think it just seems far-fetched.”


He looked away, and silence fell over us like a thick blanket. It was almost smothering for me. If he kept this up, Aashi would lose her patience and cast the forgetting spell on him. He’d lose track of ever seeing either of us. And I’d lose my chance to get through to him. If that happened, I felt sure that sooner or later I’d follow him. Why I was so sure, I couldn’t really understand. But it was an unshakable and terrifying truth. If he refused to see things our way, then that had to mean he was on his sister’s side and maybe even working for her. And if the side he’d choose was his sister’s, then I would follow in that direction too, sooner or later. If that meant I’d cross to his sister’s side, as detestable a thought as it was, then I would eventually do it. Being around Nathan was that much of a necessity already.


Decades of longing and regret were weighing down on me, and they would keep on doing so until I’d lose it. I knew for sure that this was my second and last chance at making things right between what I saw in Nathan’s eyes and my own heart. But he knew nothing about me. He remembered and felt nothing. This was part of my torment.


His eyes haunted my dreams and my waking hours since I’d first glanced into them, what felt like a lifetime ago, back in Denny Park. Drew and I had followed him due to one of Drew’s infamous though usually on-point gut feelings. It was how we’d identified the caster we were dealing with—obviously Nathan’s sister, considering how much they resembled each other.


I knew a lot about the man lying on a bed before me. He was Nathan Gallagher, son of an influential family of ley line witches that was part of the strongest coven of Seattle. Despite his pedigree, in witch circles he had a reputation for avoiding the practice of magic like the pest. He had a sister, Vivian Gallagher, who had been reported missing as a child. Our caster lady had to be precisely that sister. That was one more thing we needed him to tell us about, in fact. That and why he’d decided to break into our house.


I knew the story of Nathan Gallagher’s life as Taka could piece it together from his research. But when I looked into his eyes, it wasn’t Nathan Gallagher that stared back at me. His eyes, windows to his soul, told me he was someone else. When our gazes met, I wasn’t in the here and now anymore. I went back to the sound of water gurgling down rocks and wind whistling through trees; to the sound of laughter, to skinny-dipping in crystal clear waters while everything inside us seemed murky but exciting. When I looked into his eyes, I saw my sweet and so terrible first love, and felt the pang of more than a century-and-a-half-worth of longing.


“Look at me,” I said in as terse a tone as I could so I wouldn’t betray my emotions.


He turned his face back in my direction, though it took him a couple of seconds to find my gaze with his.


“Let me feed you. I assure you I see absolutely no humiliation in it.”


His gaze scanned my face. I wished he’d be reassured by the sincerity in my heart. It was a joy and privilege for me to feed him, in fact; it would never be a way to belittle him, regardless of circumstances. But I couldn’t tell him that. I knew he’d think I was crazy, and that I really couldn’t afford—even if the thought crossed my mind more often than not of late.


“Is this some elaborate scheme to gain my trust? Do you guys think the good cop/bad cop routine is going to get better results than just asking? Because it won’t.”


“You are not my enemy, Nathan.”


“Well, I’m your prisoner, so you are my enemy.”


“Fine, then. See me as an enemy, if you so desire. But please eat.”


He looked at the plate again, this time with a tint of suspicion. “Is it drugged?”


I used my fingers to grab some bits of cold turkey and carrot salad and stuffed them in my mouth. After swallowing, I wiped my hand on one of the napkins stashed under the plate. “Happy now?”


“Delirious.” He huffed and rolled his eyes. “Maybe you drugged just some bits, though.”


“Think of it this way: if the food is drugged, then you’ll be aware of less time spent here.”


“Encouraging thought,” he deadpanned. “And then you can cheerfully rape me, because I’m so out of it. Don’t think I don’t see how you look at me, buddy.”


I widened my eyes. “Rape you? Dear spirits and heavens, I would never.”


“I bet that’s what all rapists say.”


“And how could I prove to you that I wouldn’t do such a thing?”


“You could uncuff me,” he said, shrugging a little.


I smiled. “Nice try.”


“It was worth a shot. So you’re sure you don’t want to rape me?”


“I’m positive.”


“Bummer,” he muttered. “Sex would have given me something nice to do to pass the time, at least. It wouldn’t be rape, though.” He waggled his eyebrows.


“So you actually enjoy handcuffs,” I concluded.


“Not necessarily. But I’d enjoy you.” He looked at the plate for a moment, then back at me. “That stuff smells torturously good.”


“Are you asking me to feed you, then?”


“Of course not. You keep me handcuffed to a bed and refuse to make the most of it, so I won’t humiliate myself by asking you to feed me next. But if you felt so inclined to get some of the food close enough to my mouth, it wouldn’t go to waste. That’s all I’m saying.”


So I did just that. He ate everything I’d brought up. When he was done, I wiped his mouth—to his mortification, if his expression was anything to go by. It wasn’t really necessary to wipe his mouth, I had to admit; that one I did purely to indulge myself. ”


Want to read more from Chapter 1? Check out the book on the Dreamspinner Press site (Link: ) and hit the Read an Excerptbutton right beneath the cover xD


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Guest Post: Joe Cosentino for The First Noel

Finding Geoffrey
The First Noel (Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories e-book 3)
and the Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories Anthology paperback
by Joe Cosentino, published by Dreamspinner Press

How do you write a believable and loveable child character when you have no children? That’s what I asked myself when I sat down to write The Perfect Gift (Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories Book 2) and then again before writing The First Noel (Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories Book 3). Let me backtrack. I was thrilled when readers told me they loved my A Home for the Holidays story, loosely based on my trip to the magical, gorgeous, and romantic island of Capri. In the story, Bobby, a young, Italian American law student from Philadelphia travels to Capri, Italy during the winter holidays to meet his eccentric Italian relatives, and falls in love with his handsome, muscular, sexy Italian distant cousin, Paolo. Readers also adored the audiobook performed by the amazing Joel Leslie. When they begged for more Bobby and Paolo stories, I happily followed their orders.
The next Bobby and Paolo e-book, The Perfect Gift, takes place over the next two Christmases. Bobby and Paolo, now living in Philadelphia, overcome hysterically funny obstacles for the perfect wedding (December Grooms). When the next story in that e-book (An Unexpected Present) introduced Geoffrey, a precocious seven-year-old, I wondered if I had bitten off more pages than I could fill. Having no children of my own and teaching college-age rather than grade school children, I was at a loss regarding the creation of this multilayered young character. Remembering back to my nephew (now thirty years old with a boy of his own) as a seven-year-old, Geoffrey was born. The adorable boy is street-smart, resilient, needy, vulnerable, and openly in search of love and protection. Tired of living in foster homes void of love, Geoffrey seeks out Bobby and Paolo. Though at first Bobby and Paolo won’t admit it, they know this kid is the perfect completion to their family, and they revel in loving and taking care of him.
When readers fell in love with Geoffrey and again demanded more, I joyously saluted and wrote The First Noel. It’s the following Christmas. Geoffrey is happily living with Bobby and Paolo and flourishing under the young lawyer and young fashion designer’s guidance. Bobby’s wildly comical parents and quirky best friend Jared are also devoted to Geoffrey. In the story, Geoffrey’s birth mother, funded by an anti-gay organization, has arrived on a mission to take back Geoffrey. Adding to the conflict, Jared and Jared’s lover, (the second) Noel, have spotted young fashion designer Paolo in a cozy restaurant with a young man named (the first) Noel. Who is the muscular, gorgeous, and charismatic first Noel? Also, due to doctor’s orders, Bobby’s Dad has turned in his Santa suit at his department store. Just when everything seems to be going up in flames like a dry Christmas tree too close to the fireplace, Santa appears and rings in a happily ever after ending.
As was the case with The Perfect Gift, this story is packed with cozy holiday settings including Victorian carolers singing under candy cane-adorned city street lamps, productions of A Christmas Carol and The Nutcracker, the Reading Terminal Market Holiday Railroad, and the adorned Christmas tree, market booths, and snowmen at Dilworth Park—all to Geoffrey’s delight. The story ends in an exciting and very romantic finale at the Delaware River Waterfront fireworks on New Year’s Eve.
I’m so excited that Dreamspinner Press is publishing The First Noel as an e-book novella, and the entire Bobby and Paolo Holiday Story collection as a paperback novel!
I’d like to join Bobby, Paolo, Jared, the both Noels, and of course Geoffrey in wishing you a happy holiday. The Bobby and Paolo holiday stories are my special holiday gift to you, wrapped with a huge ribbon of love.

THE FIRST NOEL, Bobby & Paolo’s Holiday Stories Book 3
a short e-book novella by JOE COSENTINO, published by Dreamspinner Press

Each Christmas has marked a milestone in Bobby and Paolo’s love story. But will this year be their last noel? It’s no surprise Bobby isn’t feeling much holiday spirit—not when he suspects his husband, Paolo, might be interested in his new business associate, the incredibly handsome Noel. On top of that, Bobby’s father is hanging up his Santa suit at the department store due to health issues; and worst of all, Geoffrey’s birth mother, funded by antigay extremists, is threatening their family. She’s trying to take away Bobby and Paolo’s adopted son, but she’ll have to face their supportive friends, family, and pastor before she can tear Geoffrey from the only real home he’s ever known.
With so many challenges in their path, the December grooms will need an extra helping of holiday magic this year. Rumor has it Santa’s on his way to spread some holiday cheer.


(A Home for the Holidays, The Perfect Gift, and The First Noel)
a paperback anthology by JOE COSENTINO, published by Dreamspinner Press

The holidays are a magical time for everyone, but they hold special meaning for young lawyer Bobby McGrath and fashion designer Paolo Mascobello. Their whirlwind romance begins one December on the Isle of Capri, where they meet and fall in love, and each holiday season adds a new building block to their life together. Celebrate with Bobby, Paolo, and their colorful friends and family as they marry and start a family. Happily ever after doesn’t always come easy, but with love and the spirit of the season, miracles can happen and Christmas wishes can come true.

Praise for the Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories:

“I adore the character of Bobby…the heartwarming family moments…The vivid and almost lyrical descriptions that Joe Cosentino uses when Bobby is arriving on Capri or sightseeing all over the island with Paolo…the love the author has for Capri and the people there flows off the page in every word he has written…when you finish reading this story, you will want to book your own flight to Italy and boat to Capri.” Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

“I was there with Bobby and Paolo, feeling the sun on my face and the warm swell of the sea as I walked barefoot on the sea’s edge, the author’s brilliantly descriptive words took me to that beautiful place where Bobby and Paolo fell in love.” Three Books Over the Rainbow

“Joe Cosentino’s holiday novella, A Home for the Holidays, delivers in every way that a romantic, feel-good story should. Every book I read by this author continuously pulls me in and wraps me up like a warm blanket.” Kathy Mac Reviews

“I’m going to go on record saying that Joe Cosentino pretty much has me at hello. His writing style is incredibly smooth with beautiful details that never feel like too much or too little. Even in this very short story, I felt like I was right there in Capri with Bobby. Both the scenery and Bobby’s emotions are painted with lush, vivid detail…exceptional writing and beautifully gift-wrapped love story.” AM Leibowitz

“I got glimpses of movies like Three Coins in the Fountain and Roman Holiday…Very romantic.” Multitasking Momma Reviews

“A Home for the Holidays a delightful, heartwarming journey of discovering one’s roots and the traditions that bring meaning to family. At the same time, it explores how breaking with tradition and becoming the person you were meant to be is also part of that grounding process, that finding home and making it your own is exactly what this holiday season is about. Filled with gentle humor and the lush backdrop of the isle of Capri, the story takes you on a wonderful guided tour of this landscape of the heart and the mind. The descriptions are a feast for the mind’s eye, the supporting characters quintessentially Italian, and the main characters—Bobby and Paolo—are the kind of yin and yang match that captures the imagination and the heart. For a charming seasonal read, A Home for the Holidays will leave you sighing with happiness.” GGR-Reviews

“In The Perfect Gift, Joe Cosentino has, once again, written a story filled with love, laugh out loud humour and a HEA that will leave a smile on your face and seasonal joy in your heart. I loved this delightful novella and highly recommend you add it to your holiday reading list…Joe Cosentino has a way with words that I find enchanting and delightful. His descriptions of characters and settings are colorful and often highly amusing. There’s a magic to the worlds he creates that few other authors can achieve.” Divine Magazine

“Joe Cosentino has a way with his stories with a touch of humor, great descriptions, and he grabs your attention, making you turn the page. If you like sweet romance, holiday stories, Christmas magic and cute kids, you will love this one!” TTC Books and More

“hilarious, contains some excellent observations about human nature, and had me eagerly turning the pages to find out what’s next…if you’re looking for a two-part read that is fun, emotional, suspenseful, and all about finding (and keeping) a family of your own, then you will probably like this novella. I definitely loved it!” Rainbow Book Reviews

“This is a feel good heartwarming holiday story you need to add on your holiday reading list. Or anytime of the year, because I know this will warm your heart. Recommended!” Lelyana’s Book Blog

“The Perfect Gift was funny, sweet, and entertaining…The emotional journey felt so real…For fans of LGBT fiction and romance, this is a must have book. It contains all of these elements shaping it into the wonderful journey that Joe Cosentino made it.” Urban Book Reviews

Joe Cosentino has appeared in principal acting roles in film, television, and theatre, opposite stars such as Bruce Willis, Rosie O’Donnell, Nathan Lane, Holland Taylor, Charles Keating, and Jason Robards. As a bestselling author, Joe was voted 1st Place Favorite LGBT Mystery, Humorous, and Contemporary Author, and 2nd Place Favorite LGBT Romance Author by the readers of Divine Magazine. He has also won many Rainbow Award Honorable Mentions. For Dreamspinner Press, Joe wrote the heralded In My Heart series: An Infatuation & A Shooting Star; the popular Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories: A Home for the Holidays, The Perfect Gift, and The First Noel; and the raucous The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland. That was followed by Holiday Tales from Fairyland, Tales from Fairyland Book 2. His famous Nicky and Noah mystery series includes Drama Queen, Drama Muscle, Drama Cruise, Drama Luau, Drama Detective, and Drama Fraternity. The scorching Cozzi Cove series (NineStar Press) are Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back, Cozzi Cove: Moving Forward, Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out, Cozzi Cove: New Beginnings, which were followed by Cozzi Cove: Happy Endings. Finally, Joe’s mainstream Jana Lane mysteries (The Wild Rose Press) are Paper Doll, Porcelain Doll, Satin Doll, China Doll, and Rag Doll. Releasing next year are more Nicky and Noah mysteries: Drama Castle, Drama Dance, Drama Faerie, and Drama Runway. Joe is currently Head of the Department/Professor at a college in upstate New York, and is happily married. He loves to hear from readers at:
Web site:

Cover Art: Adrian Nicholas

Excerpt of The First Noel, Bobby and Paolo’s Holiday Stories Book 3, by Joe Cosentino:

“Geoffrey’s mother has surfaced. Calista and her lawyer came to see me today. She wants Geoffrey back!” I grimaced. “Or rather, I suspect the staff at the local Adam and Eve Forever Organization have convinced her she wants him back.”
Paolo collapsed into his chair. “But we legally adopted Geoffrey.”
“With the information that Geoffrey’s father was dead, and his mother had voluntarily terminated her parental rights then disappeared into a life of drugs and prostitution. Unfortunately, now she’s claiming rehabilitation and a change of heart,” I explained.
“Does she and this organization have a chance of taking Geoffrey from us?”
My throat tightened. “I’m afraid they have a very good chance, especially with a Republican-appointed judge.”
Noel rubbed his square jaw. “The Adam and Eve Forever Organization, huh?”
“Have you heard of them?” I asked.
Noel revealed a row of straight pearl white teeth. “They’ve heard of me. When I was a football player. The group led protests trying to get me fired from my team, and boycotts to take away my endorsements. I’m not surprised they’re after your son. Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Thank you, Noel, but Bobby is a lawyer.”
I had an idea. “Noel, would you be willing to come to our apartment for dinner tomorrow at six? It’s not far from here.”
“Paolo, please give Noel our address. See you at home. Thank you, Noel!”
I hurried out of the restaurant. As I ran the few blocks home, the sky enveloped the tall buildings around me in a blanket of peach, burgundy, and marigold. White cottony snowflakes landed on my face like manna of hope. No longer feeling panic and fear, like a bear protecting its cub, I resolved to protect our son from The Adam and Eve Forever Organization.
I entered the apartment to find Geoffrey sitting on the living room sofa, next to Jared. Looking like auditioners for the musical Wicked, their faces were green. I hung up my coat and joined them, trying to act as if my world hadn’t been blown apart.
“Hi, Dad.” Geoffrey came to me for a kiss.
I opted for a hug. “What’s going on?”
Geoffrey explained, “It’s never too early to start masking. Otherwise, your skin will be as dry as a Republican woman’s—”
“Sense of humor,” Jared said quickly.
“Did you do your nebulizer?” I asked Geoffrey.
Geoffrey nodded.
Jared winced. “It nearly ruined his facial. Is that thing really necessary?”
“Yes. It keeps Geoffrey healthy.”
“What good is health without beauty?”
I offered Jared a stern glance. “I’ll fix dinner.”
“Make my favorite. Chicken, spinach, and oyster mushroom brown rice risotto.” Jared blew me a kiss.
“And lemon squares for dessert!” Geoffrey blew me an identical kiss.

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Guest Post with Rick R Reed for Bigger Love!

OS: Welcome to Rick R Reed!

Coming Out and Being Fierce: BIGGER LOVE
A Guest Post by Rick R. Reed

Bigger Love is all about accepting who you are, embracing it, and telling the world, “If you have a problem with who I am, that’s your problem, not mine.”

I wanted to share a bit about my own coming out process and in that way, you might see how I was inspired to write BIGGER LOVE.

Remember—knowing you’re gay isn’t the same as accepting you’re gay. I might have known I was gay when this picture was taken, but I certainly gave it no credence.

This is me at about age seven at the party my father’s workplace held for employees’ kids every Christmas. It would not be the last time I would sit on a burly-bearded guy’s lap, but let’s keep this sweet and simple. Even then I was fastidious about my appearance and like to think that my bowtie, V-neck sweater, and Chukka boots would look good even today. As a gay child, I knew even then that classics never go out of style.

I was pretty happy when that picture was taken, but with the advent of adolescence, the bad stuff was in full swing. I was a very troubled young man, at best called a sissy (or fag, queer, homo) and tormented verbally by classmates and, at worst, physically bullied for sport (just like Truman in Bigger Love). Like the song goes, I was always the last chosen when choosing sides for basketball. I had no friends. I spent my time with my baby sister, walking her around the neighborhood in her stroller. How I loved that little girl! She was my salvation without even knowing it. Unfortunately, a little boy pushing a stroller around back in the early 70s only added to the abuse for my being “different.” Back then, I had no self-esteem and could only cast my tormentors as right in their abuse—after all, deep inside I knew was some kind of freak. This is when the self-loathing started and I retreated deep into the closet, thinking and praying for deliverance from being “that way.”

I remained hidden and tormented until I went away to college, to Miami University, where I could not only fulfill the dream of sharpening my craft as a writer, but where I could cast off the shackles of being derided as a sissy and someone only worthy of being punched as I stood in line for lunch in the school cafeteria. Because I chose a school where almost no one else in my class went (save for an overly bright girl, who had been tormented as much as I), I could recast myself as one of the guys, a blessedly straight boy…and I was able to fool most everyone. I wonder now if I was naïve in thinking my dark secrets were as hidden as I believed.

University was where I met and fell in love—with a woman. We were engaged; we got married. We had a wonderful sex life (when I could make myself believe I wasn’t passing some sort of test or that I was pretending); we had a child. Through all those years, I was deep, deep in the closet, wearing the thickest of masks, so thick I could barely breathe. But I weathered the storms of self-doubt, of recrimination, or terror, telling myself, throughout a decade, that if I played the part long enough, I would become the character I thought I should be.

But that gay guy inside me would not rest until I paid him heed. The harder I fought to be someone I wasn’t, the harder the gay part of me fought back. It came to a point where I realized that no one in my life—not family, not friends, not my wife, not my child—loved me for me. Because no one knew who I was.

It became a matter of living a lie and watching my soul, my very essence, shrivel up and die, or make a choice—a choice that, as time went on, became more and more unavoidable. Finally, at age 30, I had to lay down the shield and the sword and stop fighting.

With the help of a therapist, I stepped cautiously out of the closet. I was so scared, I leapt at the first cute guy who smiled at me and we were living together within a few months, causing, in part, a contentious divorce and custody battle. At age 30, my face of gay was out of the closet, but still yet unfulfilled.

See, I never had an adolescence, that experience most people go through when they try on different personas, play the field, experiment with life to see who they really are and what suits them.

My adolescence came way too late, in my mid 30s and early 40s. I plead the fifth on those years, but let’s just say there was a great deal of experimentation and pushing the gay envelope. I tried everything (and everyone) at least once.

My face of gay in my 40s was accepting, but unloved. I went through many relationships, some as long as two years, others lasting only minutes. Some of those affairs were conducted in only seconds, on a crowded Chicago el train, spoken with the eloquence of the eyes.

It wasn’t until I had given up on love and accepted me for me that I found true love. And that’s who I am today, with someone I am now proud to call husband, legal in all 50 states.

Because at this point, being out and being gay is all about one word: family.

Truman Reid is Summitville High’s most out-and-proud senior. He can’t wait to take his fierce, uncompromising self away from his small Ohio River hometown, where he’s suffered more than his share of bullying. He’s looking forward to bright lights and a big city. Maybe he’ll be the first gender-fluid star to ever win an Academy Award. But all that changes on the first day of school when he locks eyes with the most gorgeous hunk he’s ever seen.

Mike Stewart, big, dark-haired, and with the most amazing blue eyes, is new to town. He’s quiet, manly, and has the sexy air of a lost soul. It’s almost love at first sight for Truman. He thinks that love could deepen when Mike becomes part of the stage crew for Harvey, the senior class play Truman’s directing. But is Mike even gay? And how will it work when Truman’s mother is falling for Mike’s dad?

Plus Truman, never the norm, makes a daring and controversial choice for the production that has the whole town up in arms.

See how it all plays out on a stage of love, laughter, tears, and sticking up for one’s essential self….

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Real Men. True Love.
Rick R. Reed draws inspiration from the lives of gay men to craft stories that quicken the heartbeat, engage emotions, and keep the pages turning. Although he dabbles in horror, dark suspense, and comedy, his attention always returns to the power of love. He’s the award-winning and bestselling author of more than fifty works of published fiction and is forever at work on yet another book. Lambda Literary has called him: “A writer that doesn’t disappoint…” You can find him at or Rick lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beloved husband and their fierce Chihuahua/Shiba Inu mix.

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Cover Reveal for MD Grimm’s Eye of the Beholder

Title: Eye of the Beholder
Author: M.D. Grimm
Release Date: February 8, 2019
Category: Other Paranormal, Vampires, Werewolves/Shapeshifters
Pages: 153
Cover Artist: Tiferet Design


Is it better to risk it all… or never know what could have been?

After surviving an abusive childhood, Vulcan remade himself upon arriving in Los Angeles, California. He became a blacksmith for the paranormal community and strives to earn the respect of the vampire covens and werewolf packs that call LA home. He also prevents the pain of loss by keeping everyone at arm’s length.

But he never planned on meeting a former Roman soldier by the name of Marcus Cassius Vespillo. Something sparks between them and turns into a friendship he never considered possible. He can’t deny his intense attraction to the intelligent, courteous, ancient vampire. And it scares him.

Though Vulcan is wary of seeking more with Cassius, an attack leaves him at death’s door and forces him to reexamine his priorities. But Cassius has his own secret, one that promises tragedy and loss. And if that wasn’t enough, a slayer arrives in the States, one with a bloody connection to Cassius… and Vulcan himself.

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Author Bio:

M.D. Grimm decided to become an author in the second grade (kind of young to make life decisions, but whatever) and nothing has changed since then (well, plenty of things, actually, but not that!). Thankfully, she has indulgent parents who let her dream, but also made sure she understood she’d need a steady job to pay the bills (they never let her forget it!). After graduating from the University of Oregon and majoring in English (let’s be honest: useless degree, what else was she going to do with it?), she started on her writing career and couldn’t be happier. Working by day and writing by night (or any spare time she can carve out), she enjoys embarking on romantic quests and daring adventures (living vicariously, you could say) and creating characters that always triumph against the villain (or else what’s the point?), finding their soul mate in the process.
Visit “M.D. Grimm” at Facebook and Goodreads.

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Cover Reveal for Sean Michael- Educating the Professor

Title: Educating the Professor
Author: Sean Michael
Release Date: February 5, 2019
Category: Contemporary, Erotic TRomance
Pages: 200
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase


Kenneth Brannigan is a small-town history professor. He’s happy with his life, loves the classes he teaches, and lives in a tiny apartment in a converted house with his best friend, Tim, next door. He’s still recovering from a bad breakup and is content to stick to his comfortable routine. It’s Tim who insists he come to the Queer Alliance’s Rainbow Mixer.

At the mixer, Kenn meets David Burgundy, a new-to-town TA who is working on his masters. Dave is drawn immediately to Kenn and is thrilled when Kenn offers to show him the best pizza place in town. One meal leads to two, which leads to Dave and Kenn spending most of their free time together… and Kenn loosening his self-imposed rules regarding dating and sex for some kinky fun.

Kenn’s ex isn’t going to just let Kenn be, though, and the happier Kenn is with Dave, the less the ex likes it. Will Kenn continue to run away from his past, or will his relationship with Dave help him face it head-on?

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Author Bio:

Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used-book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.
Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.
Twitter: @seanmichael09

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Guest Post: Ari McKay for Seeking Solace!

OS: Welcome to Ari McKay!


Hello, everyone! I’m the McKay half of Ari McKay, and I’d like to thank Open Skye for letting me stop by as part of our launch tour for Seeking Solace.

Seeking Solace is the third book in our Walker Boys series, which focuses on some of the men of the expansive Walker family from Buffalo Lick, Texas. Each Walker Boys book features a self-contained romance with a different couple, but characters from the previous books often make appearances.

Although the Walker boys are from Texas, only the first book is set entirely in Buffalo Lick. The main action of Seeking Solace occurs on board a cruise ship.

This series continues our tradition of writing about characters who like food and enjoy cooking. One of our first series – Recipe for Romance – centered around characters affiliated with a restaurant in Charleston. That series is being revamped for rerelease as second editions, but in the meantime, we’ve got the Walker boys!

We launched the series with Striking Sparks, which we wrote for the Dreamspun Desires line. Ari and I both enjoy cooking competition shows, so we decided to make a BBQ showdown the primary conflict. Beau Walker and Jake Parnell have to deal with family trauma while trying to hash out their personal differences all while being followed around by a TV crew and trying to prove their restaurant’s BBQ is the best!

In the second book, Breaking Bonds, we went from Texas to North Carolina, where Liam Walker volunteers to take over the kitchen of the resort where he’s vacationing. He tells himself he’s only doing it to help the owner, Carter Galloway, keep the resort afloat, but really, he just doesn’t know how to relax – and cooking helps distract him from how attracted he is to Carter.

And now in book three, Devin Walker indulges in an ill-advised shipboard romance with Paul Mercer, unaware that he’s falling for the soon-to-be CEO of the cruise line! Both Devin and Paul have experienced devastating heartbreak and betrayal, and the pain that haunts them might bring them closer together or tear them apart.

One reason why Ari and I keep returning to cooking as a theme in our books is pretty obvious: we both like to cook. I began cooking simple dishes in my teens with recipes taken from cookbooks on my mother’s shelf. From that, my cookbook addiction began! I love cookbooks, especially unique ones. When I travel, I usually return home with at least one cookbook featuring the local cuisine.

My criteria for buying a cookbook is that I have to flip through and find at least three recipes I’d really love to make before committing to purchasing it. That sounds reasonable enough, but the problem is I always find at least three, if not more!

I do have my tried and true recipes that I return to over and over, but when I’m in the mood to try something new, I grab one of the cookbooks off my kitchen shelf – because yes, I have enough that I need a small bookcase dedicated just to cookbooks – and put sticky notes on the pages of recipes that catch my eye. Then I narrow it down to what I want to make and compile my grocery list.

I also love handed-down recipes. I’ve collected recipes from friends and family, and I have several of my grandmother’s cookbooks, which are battered and stained and stuffed full of newspaper and magazine clippings and handwritten recipes that she collected over the years.

I’d like to close by sharing one of those recipes, one I’ve made successfully for several years.

Hilda’s Corn Pudding:
(note: I have no idea who Hilda is, but that’s the name of the recipe as written on the paper.)

1 can cream corn
3 eggs
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 stick of butter or margarine
1 tbsp flour (the recipe doesn’t specify, but I used All Purpose, and it worked fine)
salt & pepper to taste

Melt butter; add eggs, flour, milk, salt, pepper, and corn. Mix after each ingredient. Spray casserole dish with non-stick spray. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

I can see this being served at Walker’s BBQ Shack in Buffalo Lick or Liam’s resort restaurant in Maggie Valley. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it!

Seeking Solace will be released on November 6, by Dreamspinner Press.


All hands on deck for a shipboard romance—with a secret.

Like his cousins, Devin Walker aspires to be a chef, but he wants to indulge his wanderlust while feeding his customers, and working a cruise ship seems like the solution. Since he can’t find an opening in the kitchen, he’s happy to start out in a position behind the bar.

While onboard Poseidon’s Pearl, Devin is assigned to shepherd a visiting executive. Paul Bailey is quiet and unassuming, and a car accident that cost him his leg also shattered his confidence. He doesn’t think he’s attractive to other men anymore, and Devin is eager to show him just how wrong he is. Paul has a surprising secret that might sink their passionate affair before it even leaves port.


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Guest Post: Andrew Grey for Fire and Agate!

OS: Welcome to Andrew Grey!

Guest Post

Instead of the usual type of guest post I decided to try something different So here are my all time top 5 cop shows. I loved them as a kid and I still do. Some of these might either tax your memory or be before your time, but here goes.

1) Baretta – This is an old one and the best part of the show was Fred – the bird.

2) Cagney and Lacy – Gritty, fun, a show with heart and guts to take on tough issues.

3) Magnum PI – We all know why I watched this show and it had nothing to do with the mysteries.

4) Dragnet – I can still hear that theme music in my head. And definitely “The names were changed to protect the innocent.”

5) NYPD Blue – I just loved that show. It was gutsy, strong, fantastic characters and it kept you riveted. Need I say more.

When Chris Anducci is moved off jail duty and into the sheriff’s office, he doesn’t expect his first assignment to be protecting a witness against a human trafficking ring. Knowing the new sheriff doesn’t abide screw-ups, Chris reluctantly agrees to work the case.
Pavle Kasun has spent the last four years of his life at the mercy of others. When an opportunity presented itself, he took it, resulting in his rescue. Now the safe houses he’s placed in are being threatened and he needs protection if he is to have any sort of chance at a life.
Chris opens his home to Pavle, but he doesn’t expect Pavle and his story to get under his skin… and stay there. Soon they discover they have more in common than either of them thought. Slowly Pavle comes out of his shell and Chris finds someone who touches his heart. But as the men looking for Pavle close in, they will stop at nothing to get him out of the way. But even if Chris can keep him safe, he might not be able to protect his heart if Pavle moves back home.

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“I got a request from a social worker.” Vitalli yanked open a drawer and pulled out a thin file, then tossed it on the desk dramatically. “The cops in Carlisle busted up a whorehouse and found a bunch of aliens working there. In their touchy-feely world, they set about helping them and found they were brought here against their will.” He rolled his eyes. “I’m not buying it, but no one asked me my opinion. Anyway, they say they need help for one person they found. It was a man, not women….” The sheriff paused as if he were expecting some sort of agreement to his ignorance and shortsightedness. He didn’t seem to believe that men could be trafficked as well as women and Chris wasn’t going to agree with that.
“Human trafficking takes many forms,” Chris said, then cleared his throat when the sheriff frowned deeply. “What would you like me to do?”
Vitalli groaned dramatically. “The social services folks found these people safe places to live, but one of them has been found out. Apparently he’s preparing to testify against his captors, and now he’s been getting threats. The feds, DA, and Social Services are all asking for protection for this guy, and it’s falling on me to provide it. So….” He picked up the file and thrust it toward Chris. “It’s you.”
“Me?” He took the file and tucked it under his arm. He wasn’t going to read it while standing in front of the sheriff.
“Can we not let this interfere with your shifts?”” He groused and then Sheriff Vitalli turned back to his empty desk, grabbing the first piece of paper he could find.
“Is there anything else?”
He didn’t think he was going to get an answer, but then the sheriff lifted his gaze. “Don’t screw this up. It’s an easy job, so just do it and be done.” He turned away, back to his papers, which Chris took it as a dismissal and left the office, closing the door behind him.
With a sigh of relief, Chris went to his old metal desk at the back of the station and placed the file on the empty surface. He was usually out on patrol or working with one of the other deputies, so he spent very little time there. No pictures or papers littered the space, just a phone and a few files hanging in one of the drawers. It would be so easy for him to pack up and move on. Part of him, some fear deep inside, wondered how long he would get to stay before being sent back to jail duty.
“What did the sheriff want?” Pierre asked as he approached the desk.
“He gave me an assignment,” Chris said, rather pleased.
Pierre smiled. “It looks like you’re going to stay, then.” Pierre had been the first one to welcome him, handing over a fresh coffee on Chris’s first day. “That’s good.”
“Suppose so, as long as I don’t mess it up.” Chris opened the file and scanned though it. There wasn’t much information, just a name and address for the witness, along with information on how to contact the caseworker. “Kasun, Pavle Kasun…,” he said, and nodded.
“Does that mean anything to you?” Pierre asked.
“Not personally. My mother’s family is Serbian, and this has that sound.” He picked up the phone and called the number for the caseworker. It went to voicemail, so he left a message asking her to call back as soon as she was able.
“What did the sheriff tell you?”
“That this Pavle is a witness who was in a safe house until he was found out. I suspect he’s been moved, and they want me to try to help keep him safe until the FBI and DA can talk to him and he can testify against the traffickers.” It shouldn’t be too difficult a job as long as they could keep his location a secret.

Author Information

Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.
Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing) He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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(Please Be Sure To Stop by His Websiteto See All of His Works)


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Guest Post: Renae Kaye for Knowing Me, Knowing You!

OS: Welcome to Renae Kaye!

Thank you for having me on your blog. I wanted to talk to you about my new book, Knowing Me, Knowing You.
Some of you will be humming ABBA already. Yes, this is the title of an ABBA song, but unlike that song, my guys get together in the end. ABBA’s song is about breaking up and saying it’s for the best. Shane thinks he knows the best by breaking things off with Ambrose… but Ambrose has other ideas!
When I write a story, sometimes the title of the book comes to me before the first word is written – this is the case for me with The Shearing Gun and Shawn’s Law. Sometimes the title comes to me during the writing of the book because of a line used or a theme that comes out. For Knowing Me, Knowing You it was the latter. The title came to me about two-thirds of the way through the first draft and seemed to fit so well.
Shane and Ambrose have known each other forever. They grew up next door to each other, almost like brothers, spending their afternoons and evenings together as their single mothers swapped babysitting duties. They lived in each other’s pockets. They know each other. They are very different – Shane describes himself as a Hufflepuff and bookworm, and Ambrose is an elite athlete playing top level football – and yet they accept and work around these differences. They fit.
I’ve picked an excerpt for you based on this theme. Ambrose lives in another city so he can play for the Hawthorn AFL football club, and only comes home to Perth when he can time off between seasons, yet the two of them fall back into old routines immediately.
In this scene, it’s been seven months since they saw each other, and they’d had a disagreement then. Ambrose’s mother, Tracy, has begged Shane to pick up an injured Ambrose at the airport as she was working, and Shane spent the night to look after him.


Can friends turned occasional lovers move beyond past mistakes and wrong assumptions to build something that can last?
Quiet bookworm Shane has a big secret—one he’s kept for fifteen years. AFL superstar Ambrose Jakoby grew up next door to Shane. They were close friends, and Shane supported Ambrose through school.
One night, everything changed.
Before Ambrose left Perth as a scared eighteen-year-old to head to Melbourne and take up his new footy career, Ambrose and Shane slept together.
For the next nine years, they continued a secret friends-with-benefits situation whenever Ambrose was in town. Shane never knew exactly where he stood or how to define Ambrose’s sexuality—and Ambrose didn’t know either. Then last Christmas, everything changed again, and a disagreement strained their friendship. Shane vowed to get over his unrequited love.
But Ambrose is back, recovering from an injury and hoping to make amends. He claims he’s ready for a real relationship. But Shane has to decide whether Ambrose means it and whether his Hufflepuff soul can take the chance.

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He must’ve sensed my awakening, because he turned his head and flashed me a cheery little smirk.
“What?” I asked self-consciously. Had I been snoring? Farting? Talking in my sleep?
“Nothing,” he said, the smirk not fading. “I’m just glad to be home—no training to get up and push through, no doctor appointments to go to. And you’re going to make me breakfast.”
“I am?” I asked in surprise.
“Yeah,” he said as though it were obvious. “I’m on crutches. I’m not allowed to put any weight on my knee. How am I meant to cook or even carry a bowl?”
“I’m sure Tracy will—”
Ambrose looked horrified. “I can’t wait that long.”
Okay. So Tracy wasn’t known for her morning personality.
I sighed and sat up. The slight movement of the bed made Ambrose wince. “Is it that sore?” I asked tentatively.
“I’m supposed to take the tablets with food,” he replied mournfully.
I didn’t fall for the act. “Oh, sure. So now you follow doctor’s orders. But the ‘don’t fly home for another week’ order was simply advice to be taken or left, right?”
He stuck out his bottom lip. “You stopped messaging. I had to come and make sure you remembered me.”
I dropped my gaze. Yes, I had stopped messaging him. But I couldn’t tell him why. So instead I flung the covers back and got out of bed. My pants were where I left them, and I snatched them up and slipped into them. When I turned back, Ambrose was still watching me, showing no sign he’d averted his eyes to give me a bit of privacy. I decided to ignore him.
“Okay. Do you need help getting up?”
“No. I think I’ll be okay. Just slower. You go and start breakfast, and I’ll be there by the time you finish.”
I wandered out to Tracy’s kitchen and began to rummage through her fridge. It wasn’t the first time. Tracy would be more horrified if I didn’t rummage through her fridge, thinking I was putting on airs and starving myself to death. I found eggs and some leftover roast chicken. A quick sniff told me it should be okay. I remembered the couple of times the meat wasn’t okay and I nearly poisoned myself and Ambrose at the same time.
Most of my memories were infused with him.
By the time Ambrose got up and used the facilities—I heard the toilet flush and then a bang and a curse as Ambrose navigated the small bathroom—then crutched his way to the kitchen, I nearly had the omelet cooked. I’d added the chicken and a few of the veggies I’d found. The plates were ready, so I whizzed over and pushed the button on the coffee machine and then rushed back to flip my creation. Ambrose perched himself on the barstool drawn up to the kitchen counter as I pushed the milk and sugar in his direction, plonked the first cup of coffee in front of him, changed the coffee pod in the machine, and pressed the button again. He put in two sugars and lots of milk and pushed the cup back in my direction.
“Thanks,” I said and took a grateful sip.
I found the tomato sauce in the cupboard. He liked to put that on everything. The second coffee was ready, so I passed it over. Ambrose only liked milk in his coffee, no sugar. I checked the omelet, grabbed a plate, and flipped my creation onto it, making sure I decoratively folded it in half. I passed it to Ambrose, put the milk back in the fridge, put the sugar jar away, and placed the pan in the sink. Then he cut the omelet in half, slid my portion onto the second plate, and looked around.
“Where’s your extra cheese?”
I felt my cheeks blush. “I’m not having any.”
Ambrose looked surprised. “You always sprinkle extra cheese on your portion.”
I sucked in one cheek, then admitted, “I’m trying to watch my weight.”
“Since when?”
I rolled my eyes. “Since this year, when I realized I’d be turning twenty-nine, and that’s only one year off thirty.”
His gaze slid down my body, and I tried not pull in my small gut.
“Maybe you just need a little bit of exercise,” he suggested. “Aren’t audiobooks all the rage now? Listen while you jog.”
I picked up my knife and fork, leaned my hip against the counter, sliced a bit off my omelet, and said, “Ha. Me? Jog? I can’t. So I’ll do without the cheese.”
Ambrose sliced his omelet as he said, “I think it’s much healthier to jog than starve yourself.”
“Perhaps. But I’m still not going to jog.”
“What about riding?”
“A horse?” I was horrified. He wanted me to what?
“No, idiot. A bike. You could ride to work.”
I popped some more food into my mouth and chewed. Then I said, “I could also die of exhaustion.”
“Tad dramatic there,” he said mildly.
“I just don’t want to risk death,” I replied.
“So I guess you’re giving up sugar in your coffee too?”
I stared gravely at him. “That would be risking your death.”

As you can see, they’re so used to being together. I love their interactions. They have the long history of their friendship that often makes them squabble like siblings. It makes for fun writing.
Knowing Me, Knowing You is now available at various outlets and I hope you all enjoy.


Renae Kaye is a lover and hoarder of books who thinks libraries are devilish places because they make you give the books back. She consumed her first adult romance book at the tender age of thirteen and hasn’t stopped since. After years – and thousands of stories! – of not having book characters do what she wants, she decided she would write her own novel and found the characters still didn’t do what she wanted. It hasn’t stopped her though. She believes that maybe one day the world will create a perfect couple – and it will be the most boring story ever. So until then she is stuck with quirky, snarky and imperfect characters who just want their story told.
Renae lives in Perth, Western Australia and writes in five minute snatches between the demands of two kids, a forbearing husband, too many pets, too much housework and her beloved veggie garden. She is a survivor of being the youngest in a large family and believes that laughter (and a good book) can cure anything.
How to contact Renae:
Twitter: @renaekkaye
Instagram: @renaekayeauthor