Guest Post: Elizabeth Nobel with Whiskey and Moonshine!

Hello, and welcome to my tour stop on Open Skye Book Reviews. A big thank you to everyone here for hosting me. I hope you enjoy this little peek at my latest release, Whiskey and Moonshine. Leave me a comment to be entered in a drawing for a free eBook off my Dreamspinner Press backlist […]

Guest Post Claudia Mayrant with Place Setting!

Hi, I’m Claudia. Thanks so much to Open Skye for letting me share a little bit about my new (and my first!) novella, Place Setting.  Sometimes people ask what parts of themselves a writer puts into their characters. I’ll be honest, I never really know what to say. I’m always wondering if I’ve been too […]

Guest Post by Robert P. Rowe – Gabriel and the Devil

A little about the book: Stereotypes. All gay men are effeminate. All gay men have hundreds of sexual partners. All devils are evil and all angels are good. Such oversimplifications are seldom correct and characters based upon stereotypes are two dimensional and boring. Yet when we pick up a book we often read the blurb […]

Guest Post Liv Olteano Lover Behind Enemy Lines – The Playlist Part 1 with Giveaway!

Lover Behind Enemy Lines – The Playlist Part 1 Sam Smith – Too good at goodbyes James Arthur – Naked Halsey – Without Me 8 Letters – Why Don’t We Madison Beer – Hurts Like Hell Lover Behind Enemy Lines (Dreamcatchers #3, Dreamspun Beyond #33) By Liv Olteano MxM Adult Paranormal Romance Release date: December […]

Guest Post: Joe Cosentino for The First Noel

Finding Geoffrey The First Noel (Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories e-book 3) and the Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories Anthology paperback by Joe Cosentino, published by Dreamspinner Press How do you write a believable and loveable child character when you have no children? That’s what I asked myself when I sat down to write The […]