3 stars adult - 18+ Audiobook Book College/University coming of age Contemporary Dreamspinner Fade to black/No Steam Friends to lovers Gay Gay Humor Hurt/comfort Little to no angst m/m Mary D Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Recent Past Virgin writer young adult

Audiobook: BFF by KC Wells narrated by Michael Mola



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I’m about to do something huge, and it could change… everything.

I met Matt in second grade, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We went to the same schools, studied at the same college. When we both got jobs in the same town, we shared an apartment. And when my life took an unexpected turn, Matt was there for me. Every milestone in my life, he was there to share it. And what’s really amazing? After all these years, we’re still the best of friends.

Which brings me to this fragile, heart-stopping moment: I want to tell him I love him, really love him, but I’m scared to death of what he’ll say. If I’ve got this all wrong, I’ll lose him—forever

(Book reviewed here previously:
The basis of this story is a being written by one of the main characters, Matt, and is told from his point of view. He grows up with David as Best Friends and the book chronicles their journey. I can honestly say I’m not certain how I feel about this story. It’s cute, the story of young men understanding their feelings for each other. Navigating through puberty and all the pressures high school, college and first job brings. Each chapter is another stage in their life and relationship as best friends. I would say this is the ultimate slow burn story as it takes 90% before they realise their feelings are deeper than just close friendship. There is also no angst. Perfect for a light read. My mixed feelings are because I didn’t quite feel the connection between Matt and David, it felt like friends with benefits rather than lovers. This might have been the tone of the narrator and the level of emotions between Matt and David I took from it.
I have not listened to anything narrated by Michael Mola before. He has a young sounding voice appropriate for Matt and David’s age. They are the same age about mid 20’s. All the characters had a unique voice which made easy to distinguish between them. The one thing that I found annoying after a while was Matt’s ‘chuckle’, but don’t let that put you off.

3 of stars out of 5 for both story and narration

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4.5 stars 5 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Author Provided Beth Jumper Book Brian Cherry class difference Fated Mates Gay Heat Index Historical Homophobia Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort Insta Love Length m/m Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Morgan New Adult Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Race/Species Difference Recent Past Shifter vampire Virgin

Author Spotlight: Cardeno C Until Forever Comes (Mates Book 2) Audiobook narrated by Charlie David


Ethan Abbatt is a wolf shifter who can’t shift. Plagued by pain and weakness all his life, he hopes to find an honorable death by joining his pack mates in a vampire attack. Instead, Ethan learns two things: draining his blood releases his pain and his wolf, and he has a true mate—a vampire named Miguel.

Miguel Rodriguez is more than four centuries old. Strong, powerful, and vicious, he walks through life as a shadow, without happiness or affection. When a young shifter tells Miguel they’re true mates, destined to be together, Miguel sends him away. But Ethan is persistent, and Miguel can’t resist for long. Once Miguel gives in, being together comes naturally. The challenge is keeping themselves alive so they can stay by each other’s side until forever comes.


Review by Beth

I had read this book several years ago and once I started listening it all came back to me. It’s a good story. Ethan a weak wolf who has health problems is looking for a quick way to end it all. He meets Miguel and suddenly realizes he is his true mate and has a reason to live. Cardeno does a good job creating a world that is plausible. The interactions of all of the secondary characters are appropriate. Many situations made me want to Laugh, the humor was great! Just a nice easy read.

Story Rating: 4 Stars



This is the first time I have listened to Charlie David as a narrator and let me say he definitely made this story! His accents, his delivery, and his levels of volume, (I think it’s the first story I have heard someone whisper) had me smiling and looking for reasons to listen more than I should. I will definitely look for more books done by him!

Audio Rating: 5 stars

Overall 4.5 stars




Review by Morgan

Though this is book 2 in the series, but really it’s the prequel to book one. We meet Miguel and Ethan in the end of book one and this is their story.
Ethan is a shifter who can’t shift. He’s a runt and suffers from a debilitating condition that makes him weak, hardly able to run and makes him unlikely to even survive long into adulthood. So, he decides that the best way out of the bad situation he’s in is to volunteer to fight the encroaching vampires with some of the other young men from his pack. (Essentially a suicide mission for someone with no ability to shift.)
Miguel is an ancient vampire who “knows” shifters don’t mate vampires, even though he finds Ethan entrancing. Miguel is almost put down for being feral because his thirst is so strong that he nearly bleeds half a dozen humans trying to get his fill.
After a couple funny conversations Miguel and Ethan realize they are the solution to the other’s “problems”. Ethan has too much blood and being drained actually makes him healthier. Miguel’s endless thirst is only quenched by Ethan’s blood. (Which should be poisonous as vampires normally can’t drink shifter blood without dying.)
The rest of this super sweet story is Miguel and Ethan working out their mating and helping the other shifters with their human/land problems and then finally overcoming the bad seed vampire trouble in town.
I LOVE this book. I’ve read it and listened to it dozens of times. The chemistry between Ethan and Miguel is both really hot and so tender and sweet – the perfect combination!
Ethan is so funny and sincere – I love his simple take on life. Miguel is just jaded enough to have some rough edges that Ethan smoothens out very nicely.
I love a shifter book that actually has some shifting in it and I love the “tying” that Ethan does with his “monster cock” ☺
Charlie David does an amazing job with the narration. He’s funny and emotional and his southern accent is perfect. I could listen to this every day!
5 of 5 stars 


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Review by Brian

There’s a lot of interesting paranormal things going on here.
Ethan is a werewolf who’s never been able to shift, something that even
very young boys should be able to do. This essentially makes him disabled
in shifter society and he had his family have been ostracized because of
this. Not expecting to live long anyways due to his health problems, Ethan
joins the other young shifters in his pack on a poorly planned attack on
some vampires, expecting to at least die with honor. Instead Ethan meets
sexy vampire Miguel, who is his very unexpected mate, and everything
Ethan was a cute, likable lead. He’s funny and sweet, although I was a
little frustrated at how helpless and powerless he was. He generally was a
victim to be rescued every time the action picked up. His mate Miguel is
sexy, but I found his character to be drawn in broad strokes. He was
powerful and very old but I didn’t get a strong feel for his personality.
Luckily Ethan was outgoing enough he compensated for that really well.
The sex was hot, the romance moved along pretty fast, which isn’t
surprising in a true mates situation.
The shifter culture was explored enough to whet my interest for more.
Their society didn’t come off as a place you’d want to live, with false
beliefs about heterosexuality being believed to be necessary to maintain a
balance between their wolves and human nature, and the pack was
surprisingly naive about how to live among human society, but those
problems made the community a more interesting backdrop.
The conflicts between vampire and werewolf worlds were done well, although
I’d have liked to see even more of it. I haven’t read the first book in
the series but I had no problem following the story so it worked well as a
stand along.
Charlie David was an enjoyable narrator. He captured youthful and innocent
Ethan and exotic worldly Miguel both well.
4 of 5 stars



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4.5 stars adult - 18+ Author Provided Book Cop/Crime Established Couple Heat Index Hidden Lovers Historical Little to no angst m/m Mary D Mild/low level heat Mystery New Adult Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Older MCs Recent Past young adult

Hijacked Love by Ethan Stone

release day review


It’s the winter of 1971 and FBI Agent Zack Pomeroy is hoping to make a name for himself when he’s assigned the case of the century—the hijacking of an airplane by D.B. Cooper. Zack’s used to hiding his sexuality but working with Duke Magruder is even more of a challenge. Not only do they do have vastly different personalities but also contrasting opinions on how to work the case. Nonetheless, Zack is able to earn Duke’s begrudging respect.

Until Duke learns Zack’s secret.

When Zack finds a lead on the case Duke not only refuses to listen, he also refuses to work with Zack any longer. Zack’s career and his assignment are at jeopardy but that doesn’t mean he’s about to give up on finding Cooper, no matter how many years it takes.

Hijacked Love is a blend of mystery and historical fiction with a bit of romance thrown in.


I was intrigued about this book when I read the blurb before it was set in 1970s. To be honest it’s not a decade I think much about. Zach Pomeroy has transferred to the Portland FBI office and is assigned to the hijacking case straight away. He is partnered with Duke an experienced and arrogant agent with no time to carry a newbie. Zach has to show he is more than capable of doing his job. I felt for Zach and the way he has to hide who he is and who he loves. The part where Duke finds out about Zach is well written and evokes the atmosphere of 1971.

I really liked that the hijacker had left clues in the way he committed the crime that would only be picked up by someone who knew was gay. And as the investigation proceeds only Zach is giving any credence to these clues. The officers in charge will not listen to him and react quite strongly against even considering it. Zach is moved away from the case but he never gives it up.

This is a well crafted short story that left me completely satisfied. There is enough detail to enhance the story with out overwhelming it. You get the sense of Zach and Phil, his partner, the way it was for them as a couple and the macho attitude Zach worked in. I enjoyed the conclusion to the story but I won’t spoil it by saying more.

4.5 of 5 stars



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6 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Chef Contemporary Fated Mates Gay Heat Index Homophobia Hopelessly Crying Hurt/comfort Insta Love lawyer m/m Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Politics Purchased Recent Past Scorching/high heat

Always by Kindle Alexander

retro read



Born to a prestigious political family, Avery Adams plays as hard as he works. The gorgeous, charismatic attorney is used to getting what he wants, even the frequent one-night stands that earn him his well-deserved playboy reputation. When some of the most prominent men in politics suggest he run for senate, Avery decides the time has come to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. With a strategy in place and the campaign wheels rolling, Avery is ready to jump on the legislative fast track, full steam ahead. But no amount of planning prepares him for the handsome, uptight restaurateur who might derail his political future.

Easy isn’t even in the top thousand words to describe Kane Dalton’s life after his father, a devout southern Baptist minister, kicks him out of the family home for questioning his sexual orientation. Despite all the rotten tomatoes life throws his way, Kane makes something of himself. Between owning a thriving upscale Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and managing his long-term boyfriend, his plate is full. He struggles to get past the teachings of his childhood to fully accept his sexuality and rid himself of the doubts brought on by his religious upbringing. The last thing he needs is the yummy, sophisticated, blond-haired distraction sitting at table thirty-four.


Re Read # 10? Lost count.

I’m not the first to review this, nor the last. But I realized that I’d never reviewed it at all and it’s absolutely one of my favorite reads. So I thought I’d re-read it again and just comment on how this book makes me feel.

The first thing I noticed on this re-read – is how hopeful I am that one day something like this will come to pass – and soon. With Obama, and possibly Hilary making history – with the passage of marriage laws – with the new open eyes we (as a nation) have and continue to open – I sincerely hope that one day sexual orientation won’t be considered a “hindrance” in any way shape or form and that a gay politician can make it to whatever office he or she or they desire.

I loved the OTT mushiness in this. When I’m feeling low, this book is so full of sweet and happy and that ending – OH. Man. Talk about an emotional release. I cry every single time I read it. Ugly cry. Every. Time.

Now, the beginning makes me cry as well – so I’m pretty much a wreck right from the start.

Another thing I liked about this was the movement through time. The new technology. The change in their relationship as they aged, had kids, got a different job… all of those played out in their personal interactions, too.

The ending – well – I consider it a beginning. I like to think that after all the hard work and dedication to their family and careers, Avery and Kane can finally just BE together. Always.

( Now we need the audio!)

With my highest recommendation 6 of 5 stars.


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4.5 stars Angst Level Book coming of age Exploration Friends to lovers Gay GFY/OFY Heat Index Hidden Lovers Homophobia Hopelessly Crying m/m Mild/low level heat Morgan New Adult Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Recent Past Riptide Publishing Virgin young adult

Trailer Trash by Marie Sexton

release day review


Riptide Presents


It’s 1986, and what should have been the greatest summer of Nate Bradford’s life goes sour when his parents suddenly divorce. Now, instead of spending his senior year in his hometown of Austin, Texas, he’s living with his father in Warren, Wyoming, population 2,833 (and Nate thinks that might be a generous estimate). There’s no swimming pool, no tennis team, no mall—not even any MTV. The entire school’s smaller than his graduating class back home, and in a town where the top teen pastimes are sex and drugs, Nate just doesn’t fit in.

Then Nate meets Cody Lawrence. Cody’s dirt-poor, from a broken family, and definitely lives on the wrong side of the tracks. Nate’s dad says Cody’s bad news. The other kids say he’s trash. But Nate knows Cody’s a good kid who’s been dealt a lousy hand. In fact, he’s beginning to think his feelings for Cody go beyond friendship.

Admitting he might be gay is hard enough, but between small-town prejudices and the growing AIDS epidemic dominating the headlines, a town like Warren, Wyoming, is no place for two young men to fall in love.


Wow. So not what I was expecting when I first read the blurb.

There’s so much going on in this book.

First, Nate’s story. He and his dad move to Warren, WY (Nowhere) and it’s a hard adjustment. His mom is still in Austin, Tx. He has no friends. The teeny tiny town is about as different from life in Austin as you can get and the only friend he likes is the town pariah.

Then, Cody. Cody’s mom is all alone, doing what she can to make ends meet. Sometimes things she doesn’t want to talk about. The town knows about Cody and his mom and then… there’s the gay thing. Somehow the little town finds out Cody’s most hidden secret and they won’t let it go. (This is the state that killed Matthew Shepard in 1988.)

At first (over the summer), the two are really close friends. But when school starts, Cody distances himself from Nate in an effort to “save” Nate from being associated with Cody. Well, as time goes on, not only does Nate NOT want to be with the other jerks in town, he longs to be with Cody. He’s not sure why he wants that so badly… at first.


I had such a visceral reaction to this story. I grew up in that town (not literally, but almost – Colorado instead of Wyoming – but the wind still blew all the time, it was cold, there was nothing to do but get in trouble and we didn’t have MTV either!) so I know exactly how it feels to live in a town and your only fantasy is about the day you graduate so you can leave and never look back.

Of course, it’s different if in addition to all that other stuff you have to deal with the threat of gay-bashing and AIDS and losing your parents’ love too…

I thought Marie did an amazing job of letting the fear be real but not crushing for these boys. She gave them some real hope in a way that felt plausible and authentic. God, it would be so easy to turn this story into another Brokeback Mountain, but thankfully we get a HFN – probably a HEA to look forward to. (With one exception… so sad…)

I guess this book just really made me think and be thankful we live in a “different” world now… at least there’s more information out there and resources and less? fear… I hope so at least.

Anyhow, this is a very moving book that is well written and very compelling. There’s not a bunch of sex in it, it wouldn’t really feel right anyway, but there’s a lot of emotion and heart.

I highly recommend it and give it 4.5 of 5 stars


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