Friends to Lovers: Frat House Troupers (Brandt and Donnelly #1] Audiobook by Xavier Mayne Narrated by Peter B. Brooke

Dreamspinner Presents Blurb State trooper Brandt’s new assignment to infiltrate a sex-cam operation puts him in a very uncomfortable position, especially since he’ll have to perform naked on camera for his audition. Fortunately his partner and best friend, Donnelly, has his back—whether that means helping Brandt shop gay boutiques for sexy underwear or offering […]

Lovers, Losers and You (Sunshine and Happiness Book 2) by Skylar M Cates

Dreamspinner Presents   Blurb How can you lose one dream and still find another? Owen King is a lonely history teacher who wants to be braver. So when Owen learns about the deceased brother he never met, he breaks free of his safety net and risks answers. Despite his loving, adopted family, Owen wonders […]