5 stars Action/Adventure Angst Level Author Provided Book boxing Closeted co-workers to lovers Contemporary Cop/Crime DA Gay Gay GFY/OFY Gym/physical trainer Heat Index Hidden Lovers High but not hopeless Homophobia m/m Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series PTSD Scorching/high heat

Audiobook: Point of No Return by NR Walker Narrated by Sean Crisden


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Book one in the Turning Point series.
Matthew Elliot is one of LA’s best detectives. He’s been labeled the golden boy of the Fab Four: a team of four detectives who’ve closed down drug-rings all over the city. He’s smart, tough and exceptionally good at his job. He’s also a closeted gay man.
Enter Kira Takeo Franco, the new boxing coach at the gym. Matthew can’t deny his immediate attraction to the man his fellow cops know as Frankie. But in allowing himself to fall in love with a man known to his colleagues, Matthew risks outing them both.
Matt and Kira work to keep their relationship and private lives hidden from Matt’s very public life, fearing it would be detrimental to their careers. But it’s not the other cops who Matthew should be worried about finding out his deepest, darkest secret…. It’s the bad guys.
Third edition – has new cover and has been re-edited, though no new content has been added.


I was so glad to see this FINALLY come to audiobook. This was my first exposure to this wonderful author and it hooked me in right from the start!


What I love about this is the classic story line: two people who shouldn’t be attracted to one another but can’t escape it. A slow burn dance of a romance as things gradually become physical. A deepening of the relationship over time capped with a dangerous situation which eventually pushes their hands and makes them really evaluate their priorities.


This is also an amazing story about coming out and finding your true self. It has some cultural notes in it as well as some disabilities. And we also get to learn something about fighting!


NR Walker isn’t afraid to make her guys really, really work for their HEA and even after things “look” happy we still see the “real life” struggles.


The chemistry between Kira and Matt is electric and the danger had me on the edge of my seat!


I loved Sean’s narration and thought he was a perfect choice for this. He does an amazing job narrating this and handling the various accents. He is a joy to listen to and I can highly recommend this!

5 of 5 stars

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4 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book boxing Chef Construction Worker Contemporary DA Exploration Gay Heat Index Homophobia Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort Insta Love m/m Mid level steam/heat Mild level angst Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Part of a Series Purchased Single Parent Standalone Virgin

Shy Guys Finish First (Cade Creek #13) by Stormy Glenn

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Cory James went to the city for a small vacation. He never expected to come home with a family. After trying to rescue a man being attacked, and then having to be rescued himself, Cory was pretty sure his vacation had tanked. But the man he tried to rescue turns out to be the answer to every dream Cory ever had. Now, if they could just keep danger from finding them again, they might find happiness.

Moose Fletcher hated violence until the sweetest man he had ever seen tries to save him, and Moose was forced to rescue him. But as he got to know Cory, he realized he was the one being rescued. When unexpected dangers force Moose to flee with Cory, saving his family becomes more important than avoiding violence. But will the cost be his happiness?


You know how every once in awhile (or maybe all the time?!) you get a craving for a really sappy story? If you’re like me – this craving happens a lot! This is one of those stories that will totally satisfy that “sweet” tooth.

While this is a series, this is a standalone, for sure, but having read the others in the series will give you a bit more background for the town and the other secondary characters.

Cory – who I didn’t remember much from other books – is sweet, clumsy and has a bit of a low self esteem.

Moose is big, sweet, warm-hearted and maybe a bit simple. When the two meet it’s suddenly Cory’s turn to be the “guy in charge” and he helps poor Moose out of his awful family situation.

Suddenly – just helping him get away isn’t enough and there’s yet MORE for Cory to help Moose with. (Big surprise!)

There was a lot of ooey gooey ILYs, some hot smexy times, and some fun “family” moments.

For fans of the author, the series, and/or super sappy romances – this is for you!

4 of 5 stars


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4 stars adult - 18+ Book boxing Contemporary Dee Fake relationship Gay Heat Index m/m Mid level angst Misunderstanding NetGalley Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Riptide Publishing Scorching/high heat

Faking It (Ringside Romance #2) by Christine d’Abo

release day review

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Max Tremblay should be happy. His night club, Frantic, is one of the most popular gay clubs in Toronto, and his childhood refuge, Ringside Gym, is well on the way to reopening. But when he finds yet another drunk in the alley beside the bar, Max isn’t sure this is the life he truly wants.

Grady Barnes has it all. He’s rich, famous, and wants for nothing. Well, nothing but a good relationship with his father. When he discovers that his father is going to force him into an arranged marriage, Grady has had enough. He tracks down Max, the man who got him to safety after a night of overindulgence, and makes him a proposal: pretend to be his fiancé for two weeks and he’ll invest in Ringside Gym.

When the pair travel to Vancouver to attend a family wedding, the flames of their mutual attraction ignite, and they discover that the only difference between pretend and reality is how well they can fake it.


This is the second in the Ringside Romance series. While it’s not required to read Working It, (book 1), I recommend it as the MC’s from book 1 make an appearance here and it was nice to see how they’re getting on, (Zack is still the same (mostly) ☺)

Max and Grady are 2 men scarred by somewhat unhappy childhoods, although Grady’s experience is worse. Max meets Grady while he’s spewing his guts in the alley besides Max’s club – needless to say Max is not amused ☺
They meet again when Grady goes over to thank Max for helping him when he drunk. The interaction is humourous and we see the first stirrings of mutual attraction between them, (although neither one admits or acts on it).
When Grady gets the notion to ask Max to be his fiancé, we begin to get more of the childhood histories of both men. I really felt for Grady, he seemed like he was always acting like a spoilt child – but he had had a rough childhood. Even now and with all the wealth, Grady wasn’t happy.
The story flows nicely; there are hints of humour and a whole lot of passion between Max and Grady. Both men go through a difficult patch, but it leads to Grady finally growing up and taking responsibility for his actions. Meanwhile, Max gets to be closer to his parents and develops a renewed interest in his bar, gym and life in general.
I really enjoyed the story and hope there is more in this series – *maybe Eli*?

(Will Justin get his own story? I hope so☺)


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3.5 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Boss/employee boxing Contemporary DA Enemies to Lovers Gay Geek/Jock Gym/physical trainer Heat Index Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort Insta Love m/m Mid level angst Mild/low level heat Morgan NetGalley Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Part of a Series Riptide Publishing

Working It (Ringside Romance #1) by Christine d’Abo

release day review


Riptide Presents


Nolan Carmichael is getting a fresh start—new career, new company, new life. The only problem is, he liked his old life just fine . . . until an accident robbed him of his health, his job, his self-confidence, and his ability to go out in public without having anxiety attacks.

Zack Anderson has scared away his last four administrative assistants. So when he hires Nolan on a whim, he’s not too worried, since Nolan will be gone within the week anyway. Two weeks later, Nolan has made himself indispensable, completely reforming Zack’s schedule, life . . . and libido.

But in a company already torn by internal politics, one wrong step could ruin both their careers. And not only are they working to reopen Ringside Gym, Zack’s retreat when he was a troubled teen, but they also can’t help themselves falling for each other. If only the rest of their lives could go as smoothly as things do when they’re alone together.


This is an eclectic story that has me scratching my head a bit. At first it looked like it was going to be a mix between a hurt/comfort and nerd/jock type romance. To a certain extent it is. Nolan is recovering from a severe car accident that has left him with PTSD like symptoms and Zach does help him with those. Nolan is also more brain than brawn and Zach is a big, muscled hot-head. Nolan’s previous life had him training in the work place for things like sensitivity and stress management, and Zach is every assistant’s nightmare because he’s so impulsive and hard to work with.

I liked the “opposites attract” part of this – these two definitely balanced each other well and helped the other be a better person. It was also great the way the story ends up leading Nolan to an even better place than he’d imagined in a way that wasn’t really obvious at the beginning.

However, there was a lot that just confused me and didn’t make sense from a story-writing perspective. I wasn’t sure what purpose Compass served (other than being a place for Nolan and Zach to meet). There was a lot of drama there that just seemed to detract attention from the meat of the story and it didn’t always make sense. The same could be said about the letter at the end. That came from left field and maybe it’ll mean something more later in the series, but in this story it just didn’t really fit and I wasn’t sure why it was included.

So, while I liked Zach and Nolan as a couple and I hope we see more of them in the future, I hope that this is more a pre-quel novel than a road map to the rest of the series. The writing was engaging and the characters well-developed, but the main points of the story just felt disconnected and I didn’t get a sense of fluidity.

I’ll definitely be looking into more from this series, and I do recommend this on it’s own merits, but it wasn’t something I’d consider “great”.

3.5 of 5 stars



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