4 stars adult - 18+ Audiobook Erotica (not romance) High but not hopeless Hurt/Abuse m/m/f Mary D Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Older MCs Purchased Scorching/high heat Stalker/Abusive Ex Standalone Steamy Romance

Steamy Romance: Dirty Daddies by Jade West Narrated by Stacey Holmes, Smutty McDiamid and Joel Leslie

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Some bad girls need a firm hand to keep them in line.
I’m bad enough to need two.

Two older men who can teach me a lesson when I misbehave.
Two hot bodies to keep me warm in bed at night.
Two best friends who can learn to share a filthy-mouthed little brat like me.

After all… dirty girls need very dirty daddies.


Carrie Wells is nothing but trouble.

She’s wild and difficult. Not worth anyone’s time.

Carrie Wells is a beautiful little brat. She’s also a vulnerable young adult on my case list.

She’s half my age and totally off limits. I’m breaking every rule in the book by giving her somewhere to stay when she’s out on the streets with nowhere to go. And I’m breaking every rule of friendship by holing her up in my best friend Jack’s house while he’s away on business.

I thought life was difficult enough when I fell for the girl, but it gets a whole lot harder when Jack comes home early and finds a beautiful stranger causing chaos in his house.

And a whole lot harder still when he falls for her too.

He’s the one guy on this planet I’d share my last supper with. I’d share it gladly.

I’m just not so sure how I feel about sharing Carrie Wells

I feel like I should post a disclaimer first, I can’t remember the last time I read or listened to an m/f book let alone mfm. I purchased this one because Joel Leslie narrated part of it. I found myself getting irritated with Carrie Wells the brat. It was such a poor me, no one understands me, so I’m going to push everyone as far as I can attitude. I got the measure of her character fairly quickly so it felt like it went on too long. Having said that it’s a testament to Jade West’s writing and Stacy Holmes performance that it prompted such a reaction. The first two thirds of the story was building up to the dirty Daddies part. The main focus is Carrie who is in foster care, fighting every one, and her case worker Michael. He desperately wants to help Carrie, if she would let him. Michael’s attitude worries his best friend Jack, who can’t understand why Carrie has gotten under Michael’s skin. Not to give too much away we come to the last third of the book. The point I was checking my headphones worked properly and no one else on the train could hear! Steamy is definitely the word. This was a well crafted part of the story. I admire the stamina of two 40+ year olds with a very horny 18 year old. As a reader of mm I appreciated the way the Jade West portrayed two heterosexual men learning to share Carrie. There was an understandable level of hesitation on Michael’s part being close sexually to Jack whilst Jack was more adventurous.
The story switches POV between Carrie, Michael and Jack with the three narrators each taking their characters. In this format they each voice the other character’s as they are conveying what happens and what was said that them. It was a little of putting at first but I soon settled into it. Stacy Holmes gives a very good impression of a rebellious teenager crying out for love. Smutty McDiamid’s portrays Michael very well. He conveys the turmoil he is in not being attracted to one of his clients but going against everything he believes is right. Joel Leslie is his usual excellent self bringing Jack, the linchpin of the three, into the strong character he is. He’s the one who gets through to Carrie.
As I said earlier, there is a lot of steam towards the end of the book, there is just a lot of angst and teenage drama to go through first.

4 of stars out of 5


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4 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level artists Author Provided Bi-Sexual Book Chef Construction Worker Contemporary DA Exploration Friends to lovers Gay Heat Index High but not hopeless Homophobia Hurt/comfort m/m/f Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series PTSD Scorching/high heat

Intertwined Hearts (Snowcroft Men #3) by Christi Snow

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Three people who’ve given up on love…

After a brutal, late-night attack in his restaurant left Chef Hudson Richmond too traumatized to even enter his restaurant again, he escaped to Snowcroft. Now he’s trying to find a new normal when the reality of his world is a man’s touch makes him sick and his dream has become his nightmare.

Leigh Vaughn lives in a man’s world running Vaughn Construction with her brother, Jamie. She’s tried to be feminine and failed over and over again. Growing up with only her brother, father, and construction crews to guide her, Leigh has no idea what a feminine wile is, much less how to deploy them. But when Jamie and Trevor begin to research finding a surrogate to carry their baby, she knows this is something she can do. Hell, it’s not like those parts are getting used for anything else.

When this small town came looking for a new police chief, David Warner jumped at the chance. After a traumatic betrayal by his partner on the police force, he’s burnt out and jaded. And his love life has been even more depressing than his work life. He’s made one true connection in the last five years, but she disappeared without a trace the next morning.

Three people who have given up on love, may just find a new beginning where they least expect it…in Snowcroft. But love is only supposed to happen in twos. How can they make it work with three intertwined hearts?

Trigger warning: This book features story-lines that involve past assaults and betrayals, but has a guaranteed HEA for three people who couldn’t deserve it more. male/male/female.


I’m typically not reading m/f romances and I’ve never been a big m/m/f fan because the dynamics always feel … off to me… but there are some good ones out there and I know it’s mostly just my own prejudices. In any case, I would have avoided this as well, except I really love books 1 and 2 in this series and was really curious to see how this was handled.

There were many things I loved and a few (big) things I didn’t care for.

I thought Leigh’s character was great! I was attracted to the idea of an m/m/f with a tom boy and was curious to see how that played out sexually. It was hysterical at times and really hot at others. There was also some sweet in there (some of which you’ll see in the Disliked portion of the review.)

I really loved the chemistry between Leigh and David and Leigh and Hudson and Hudson and David. I thought the author did a very good job of convincing me that Hudson could “go straight” and how his attraction to Leigh made sense given his recent and past histories.

David’s character was consistent all the way through and he absolutely made up the glue in this story. He was well-developed and really helped to make the ménage possible.

I found the realistic portrayal of post partum and surrogacy really great and was so glad to see the negative side of pregnancy/surrogacy shown. (More on this later.)

In the end, I believe in this triad’s HEA and though I have some issues with parts of their story, I was really glad to have read it and think that the author did a great job with a unique situation. I loved the epilogue and thought it was really cute and sweet!


The beginning of the book is so well done with the slow burn and the sizzle between all the characters as we learn everyone’s back stories that it was such a shock when we get to the 75% mark and the story seemed to jump the tracks and go off-roading.

(Some of this might be spoilery ….)

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

I also really wanted to see how the dynamic worked with Leigh NOT pregnant because there was so much made about her “lush, curvaceous, womanly body” as she was pregnant that I wanted to see and believe that she held that same appeal without being pregnant. This was especially important for Hudson who seemed to really get off on her pregnant self.

So, for the majority of the book I was loving this – but the last 25% just wrapped things up too quickly and left some pretty big plot holes that I’d have liked to seen filled.

All in all, I really liked this, and found it to be a nice addition to the series.

4 of 5 stars


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