4 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Arranged Marriage Audiobook Author Provided Book Dystopian Dystopian f/f Gay Heat Index High but not hopeless Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort Insta Love m/f m/m Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Scorching/high heat Speculative Fiction

Opposites Audiobook by TM Smith Narrated by Greg Boudreaux




In the year 2081, our planet has survived global warming on an apocalyptic scale. When the dust settled and the water receded, Dr. Anthony Smith, along with the few survivors of GWI, started society anew. Having come to the conclusion that injudicious breeding played a huge role in the destruction of Earth as we knew it in the 21st century, he worked closely with other survivors to isolate the Dionysus gene: the gene has the ability to manipulate human DNA to ensure that all male children be born gay, and all female children be born lesbians.

A new society was born.

In the year 2300 Dr. Smith’s descendants are ushering in the 24th century, having maintained control of the government that still rules society. Twins, Aiya and Aiyan, are preparing to meet their matches and take control of House Gaeland, the current ruling House. But not everything is as it seems.

Love is love, it knows no gender and doesn’t conform to restrictions or boundaries. Aiyan has found his soul mate in Kaden, the prince of House Devi, whom he will eventually marry. But when the person Aiya falls in love with tests the boundaries put in place after GWI, all hell breaks loose. And in the midst of one secret unraveling, another will emerge. There is a growing anomaly that threatens to destroy over 200 years of progression. This anomaly is known as Opposites



I have a (perhaps) unique perspective on this in that I listened to the novellas before the original novel. This helped me in that there are a LOT of characters and a LOT of world building going on – especially in the beginning. I can’t say I always kept track of who was who – I’m a far more visual person than auditory so my mind would wander a bit – but having the wonderful Greg Boudreaux narrating means that each character was unique and easily identifiable.

I found the concept of this story captivating and the romance(s) both really sweet and super sexy!

Usually I shy away from anything remotely “dystopian” as I tend to find them terribly pessimistic and dour, but this was almost like an entire other world and far less “doom and gloom” than the typical.

If you’re looking for a somewhat complicated, but rewarding and unique look at the future – and you really like some steam in your romances – this is the story (series) for you.

I think that listening to this is an amazing experience because Greg is such a tremendous performer. He really adds to the overall enjoyment by giving depth and emotion to the characters and making the story really pop up and feel multi-dimensional.

4 of 5 stars


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3.5 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Bi-Sexual Book Cop/Crime Dreamspinner Enemies to Lovers Gay Heat Index m/f m/m Mid level angst Mild/low level heat Morgan Mystery Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series

Fish Out of Water by Amy Lane

release day review30813756Blurb


PI Jackson Rivers grew up on the mean streets of Del Paso Heights—and he doesn’t trust cops, even though he was one. When the man he thinks of as his brother is accused of killing a police officer in an obviously doctored crime, Jackson will move heaven and earth to keep Kaden and his family safe.

Defense attorney Ellery Cramer grew up with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, but that hasn’t stopped him from crushing on street-smart, swaggering Jackson Rivers for the past six years. But when Jackson asks for his help defending Kaden Cameron, Ellery is out of his depth—and not just with guarded, prickly Jackson. Kaden wasn’t just framed, he was framed by crooked cops, and the conspiracy goes higher than Ellery dares reach—and deep into Jackson’s troubled past.

Both men are soon enmeshed in the mystery of who killed the cop in the minimart, and engaged in a race against time to clear Kaden’s name. But when the mystery is solved and the bullets stop flying, they’ll have to deal with their personal complications… and an attraction that’s spiraled out of control.



I love Amy and consider myself one of her devotees. Thus, I chose this book knowing it was a mystery, but because Amy wrote it, it might be ok…

I HATE mysteries. Hate them. I don’t watch mysteries, I don’t read them, and I don’t like them. I tolerate them when my romance is intertwined with them.    Leading to…

This is a mystery by Amy Lane so…. It’s good.  It’s got lovely Amy characters and lovely Amy imagery and lovely Amy dialog.  But lots of action, less emotion and not much of the ooey gooey stuff that makes the Amy angst worth it. (For me.)

And… There are girl parts. Yup. Be warned, there are girl parts and on page sex with the girl parts so…

Oh – and – it’s a series starter – so not everything is all tied up in a  bow at the end!  Be warned! (I think…)

I didn’t really pay attention to the mystery stuff… I’m sure it was well thought out and wonderful – but I just skimmed til the boys start kissing-  then I paid attention!

If you like mysteries, don’t mind girl parts, like humor and romance in your mysteries and lots of action – this is the book for you.

3.5 of 5 stars


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6 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Contemporary DA Demons Enemies to Lovers Fantasy Ghost Hopelessly Crying Hurt/Abuse m/f Magic Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Rating Scorching/high heat Shifter vampire

Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark #16) by Kresley Cole

sweet ruinBlurb

An immortal assassin is caught between desire and duty…

A foundling raised in a world of humans.

Growing up, orphaned Josephine didn’t know who or what she was—just that she was “bad,” an outcast with strange powers. Her baby brother Thaddeus was as perfect as she was flawed; protecting him became her entire life. The day he was taken away began Jo’s transition from angry girl… to would-be superhero… to enchanting, ruthless villain.

A lethally sensual enforcer on a mission

A threat to the Møriør has brought archer Rune the Baneblood to the mortal realm to slay the oldest living Valkyrie. Whether by bow or in bed, he never fails to eliminate his target. Yet before he can strike, he encounters a vampiric creature whose beauty conceals a black heart. With one bite, she pierces him with aching pleasure, taking his forbidden blood – and jeopardizing the secrets of his brethren.

A boundless passion that will lead to sweet ruin…

Could this exquisite female be a spy sent by the very Valkyrie he hunts? Rune knows he must not trust Josephine, yet he’s unable to turn her away. Despite his millennia of sexual conquests, he can’t ignore the unfamiliar longing she arouses deep within him.When Jo betrays the identity of the one man she will die to protect, she and Rune become locked in a treacherous battle of wills that pits ultimate loyalty against unbridled lust.


First- this is part of a series (M/F – unfortunately) and though each book can definitely be read as a stand-alone I don’t recommend it. It’s an amazing series and each adds to the enjoyment of the next.

Second- it’s M/F. So if that’s not your thing – stop now ☺

We have not met Rune nor Jo before (as far as I know). Ruin is one of the Møriør – sort of a primordial God like guy who lives between dimensions and acts as an assassin for Orion or an information gatherer when asked.

Jo is… well, she doesn’t know and neither do we… until later in the book.

What we do know is that when Jo and Rune (who she calls Ruin to make him mad!) meet it’s immediate lustful attraction. Rune the insatiable (as he’s called) suddenly can’t get enough… of Jo!

Jo, who isn’t too interested in anything but a commitment, is –almost- tempted to give in to his lusty demands, but manages to hold out – barely.

They end up bound to the other in a quest to save Jo’s brother and bring down …. Ok, enough of that. You’ll have to read the book to figure out who is after who and why… I don’t want to give it all away!


I read almost exclusively m/m books anymore. So it takes A LOT for me to pick up a m/f book. Kresley Cole is one of three or four authors who can tempt me back to the female side. The reason being – her females KICK ASS!!!

I despise weak female characters who need a man to save them. Hate. It. Jo kicks ass and takes names. Hands down she doesn’t NEED Rune, but maybe the reverse!

This was funny, sweet, sexy, exciting… you name it. It’s long but I didn’t mind it one bit!

I absolutely loved each and every page. My only sadness is that there isn’t more!

I highly recommend this book and the series… it’s amazing.


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6 of 5 stars

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