The Duke in Denial: Scandal in Sussex, Book 1 Written by: Alexandra Ainsworth Narrated by: Joel Leslie

Blurb Sebastian Lewis never expected to become a duke. But with the sudden deaths of his cousin and uncle, Sebastian’s position changes. He is determined to fulfill his new responsibilities with grace, even if it means remarrying, and even if the attractions of women, so often lauded by poets, fail to interest him. Captain William […]

In the Middle of Somewhere Audiobook by Roan Parrish Narrated by Robert Nieman

Dreamspinner Presents Blurb Daniel Mulligan is tough, snarky, and tattooed, hiding his self-consciousness behind sarcasm. Daniel has never fit in – not at home in Philadelphia with his auto mechanic father and brothers, and not at school where his Ivy League classmates looked down on him. Now, Daniel’s relieved to have a job at […]

Out of Nowhere (Middle of Somewhere Book 2) by Roan Parrish

Dreamspinner Presents   Blurb The only thing in Colin Mulligan’s life that makes sense is taking cars apart and putting them back together. In the auto shop where he works with his father and brothers, he tries to get through the day without having a panic attack or flying into a rage. Drinking helps. […]