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Taxes and Tardis by NR Walker


Brent is a jock, Logan a geek, these men are a world apart. But if opposites attract, maybe it’s the differences between them that make it worth the fight.

Brent Kelly is a laid-back tradesman whose only concerns are drinks with friends and which man to bed next. In need of a new accountant to sort out his nightmarish shoebox of tax receipts, he’s referred to Logan Willis.

He doesn’t expect to be intrigued by the science fiction-loving, geeky guy with dark-rimmed glasses and a TARDIS blue shirt. So his fascination with the soft-spoken Englishman surprises him, and their mutual attraction is completely unexpected. He most certainly never expects to fall in love.

One a jock and the other a geek, both men know the differences between them are vast and could cause problems. But in this opposites-attract erotic drama, maybe it’s the differences between them that make staying together worth the fight.


Brent is a self-made electrician, he plays football and is a fairly laid-back, jockish type guy. He goes in to do his taxes and find himself captivated by the nerdy accountant in the blue shirt, Logan.

Logan is an ex-pat from Britain. He’s slim and decidedly geeky. When the cute electrician starts showing an interest by drawing him in with questions about Dr Who he can’t help but be entranced.


This is a wonderful, almost no angst story about two men discovering just how opposites can attract.

I loved how open Brent was. He didn’t try to beat around the bush, but put himself out there. And though a little guarded, Logan reciprocated. The one moment of “Misunderstanding” was quickly laid to rest and we got our happily ever after.

The smexy times are hot and the ILYs are really sweet.

I absolutely adored this and I highly recommend it!

6 of 5 stars


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Someday It Will Be by SA McAuley


someday it will beBlurb

Poe is about to learn death and time are fragile barriers—if he has the strength of will to let go.

Poe passes through a graffiti-laden alley, his chin tucked into his chest, a scarf wrapped tightly over his mouth to keep out the cold. He has nowhere to go since Isaac’s death, but something compels him out in the frigid Chicago winter.

He steps out of the alley, off the curb, and…into sand. In summertime. Isaac told him it would happen but Poe doesn’t care how it’s possible, only that now he has a chance to make everything right.



I can’t really sum this up without giving up the entire story. So … let me tell you that this is a very short, but profound story about two kids who grow up as best friends, find one another later in life and after way too much time admit what the other means to each other.

There’s a touch of the supernatural and mystery thrown in, some regret, growth, and pain, but in the end a truly beautiful happy ending that will leave you wanting more.

It’s a quick read, but it will stick with you.  SA McAuley is a new author to me, but I one I’m going to definitely look into for further reads.

5 of 5 stars


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