Old Town New by BA Tortuga

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Danny is a teacher in small town Colorado, trying to live down his wild teenage years and living his life the only way he knows how; one day at a time. He’s had a tough time of it, but Danny figures he’s managed to become respectable, or at least less than notorious. The last person he expects to ever see back in town is Harlan Quinn, his old best friend and consummate bad boy. And when he finds out Quinn is the new Sheriff it’s even more of a shock. Quinn knows there’s more to his old hometown than meets the eye. There’s trouble brewing, big enough trouble that he’s willing to go undercover to figure out who’s behind it. Quinn knows there’s more to Danny than old memories and quiet living, too. There was a lot of passion in his old friend once upon a time, and he’s willing to bet it’s still there if he scratches the surface. He sets out to stir things up in more ways than one, pushing Danny to admit that there’s more to life than he has, and that their old town just might manage to be new again.


50% DNF

This story just didn’t work for me. Sometimes I can really get into BA’s writing style – the very animalistic, one word sentences, primal feeling that her writing invokes. This time I just wasn’t feeling it.

There was virtually no sexual tension (they hook up almost immediately) and I couldn’t understand why these guys were still in hiding all these years. It felt like the elephant in the room – the accident – them leaving one another – the mystery that Quinn is investigating – was really under-represented in place of lots and lots of sex.

So… I might come back to this one day but for now I just couldn’t finish it.



Reviewed by Morgan

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6 Days to Get Lucky by LE Franks


Mixologist Nick Valentine never thought love was in the cards, but after a scorching Valentine’s Day kiss from bouncer Davis “FatBoy” Newman, he’s beginning to think it’s possible. After four weeks of dry spell, Nick’s losing patience—it’s time FatBoy stop acting the gentleman and just throw him over the bar or Nick may just change his mind.

All FatBoy wants is a shot at winning Nick’s heart. As long as meddling bosses, an Irish hurling team and a bar riot don’t ruin his chances forever, he might just get lucky and take the man of his dreams, home.



In 6 Days to Valentine, Nick finally manages to get a kiss out of Davis “Fatboy” Newman, the “straight” bouncer at his bar.

Now the two dance around one another in an attempt to get together that is foiled by everything from vindictive co-workers, their hellacious schedules and an Irish Hurling team!

If you enjoy quirky romances with off the wall antics and a unique sense of humor this is for you!

I got a bit tired of the chase and the interruptions, but really like the characters.


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Bankers’ Hours by Wade Kelly

release day review


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Even though bankers’ hours leave long weekends for romance, cosmic intervention is Grant’s only option when money doesn’t buy happiness and he’s got virginity in spades.

Grant Adams is a twenty-six-year-old bank teller who’s unlucky at love, yet hopelessly hopeful. After years of horrific first dates, he’s convinced he’s saving himself for true love. Surely he has bad taste in men because it couldn’t possibly be his persnickety nature that’s sent them packing.

Tristan Carr has been in a holding pattern since his daughter was born fifteen years ago, which suits his workaholic lifestyle just fine. This ex-Navy turned auto mechanic never wanted anyone interfering with being a weekend dad. For Tristan to rearrange his perfectly orchestrated life, a guy will need to be special. Or in the case of the newest employee at his bank, the guy will need to be adorable, shy, and open to the prospect of forever when it shows up at his window.


So…. I really admire Wade Kelly and have enjoyed her other works tremendously. I think I’ve read most of them with the exception of “Misplaced Affection” which she warned me was “really angsty”. I thought the blurb for this sounded hysterical and I know Wade is really good at writing quirky characters full of charm.

The story started off really great. Grant is a neurotic 26 year old virgin bank teller who meets a guy at work – Tristann Carr , the mechanic – who really turns his crank. They begin an awkward flirtation each time Tristan comes in to make a deposit that eventually leads to a “date” and then more.

I tried – very hard – to stick with this and had it been shorter I might have done it, but it’s pretty long – over 5000 locations on my kindle (I’m used to most stories being about ½ that) – and I just couldn’t stand Grant any more. He was driving me NUTS.

I’m sure that his neuroses were part of his charm, but I just couldn’t take them any more. I quit rooting for him and kept wondering why Tristan not only put up with them but seemed to find them charming. In fact, the final straw for me, was when – in a fit of retaliation for an absolutely CRAZY ex – Tristan and Grant decide to get MARRIED after only knowing one another for a matter of weeks – I decided I’d had enough.

I just couldn’t get behind this relationship.

From reading other reviews, I know that others have really enjoyed this book and I encourage people to read those and decide with them in mind, because it just might be ME.

Like I said, I really like Wade Kelly and her books and just couldn’t get into this one very well, so I decided to bail, but I will absolutely be looking for more from this author in the future.


Reviewed by Morgan

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Favorite Son Audiobook by Will Freshwater Narrated by Nick J Russo







Born into a blue-collar family, John Wells beat the odds and came out a winner. As chief of staff to Patrick Donovan, a US senator and aspiring presidential candidate, he enjoys all the power and privilege of a DC insider. But while riding high on a wave of success, he’s blindsided by a series of betrayals from the people he trusts the most. In the space of a single day, John’s perfect life unexpectedly unravels when his career falters and his marriage implodes. Following a final, devastating blow, John assumes a new identity as “Peter” and flees to Provincetown, where a tight-knit community of eclectic characters slowly transforms him.

Peter finds himself drawn to Danny Cavanaugh, an enigmatic carpenter who is struggling to come to terms with his own troubled past. As they work together to renovate a local landmark, the two men forge an unlikely friendship that blossoms into love and becomes the foundation for a new life they hope to build together. But when a reversal of fortune pulls John back to DC, the treacherous world of politics he thought he’d left behind threatens to destroy his chance at true happiness.


I really, really like Nick J Russo as a narrator and that’s what caught my attention when this book came available for review.

The blurb on this didn’t do much for me – simply because I really don’t like politics and am not a fan of politics as a them for storylines.

What caught my attention right away was the intelligence with which this story is written. It’s very precise and the knowledge of politics is evident in every word.

I felt that the characters were very real- gritty, imperfect, with fully developed back-stories and very fleshed out.

I tried several times to listen to this but I was never drawn in enough to feel compelled to finish. The politics, the drama, all the names and maneuvering just put me off. I think being in the midst of an ugly election year didn’t help put me in a good mind set for enjoying a political drama. And drama is what this felt like to me – moreso than a romantic love story. Not that this isn’t a “romance” but the politics and the growth of John as a man definitely took center stage.

So – with absolutely nothing against the book or the author I opted to DNF this at this point in time. I may come back to it as – like I said – the writing was excellent – and perhaps when politics isn’t leaving quite so bad a taste in my mouth – I’ll enjoy it at another time.

For what it’s worth- Nick did a great job with the narration – I just wasn’t feeling it.



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Take it Like a Man by Lily Blunt


A male escort takes on an inexperienced client and breaks the first rule of rent boys: don’t get attached.

After updating his Rent Boy blog profile, well-endowed porn star Ty receives a text from a sexually inexperienced client. Andy, the client, asks Ty to provide him with the necessary know-how so should he ever get a date with the guy he’s attracted to, he’ll be fully prepared.

Little does Ty know that this hookup will lead to a friendship that will subsequently change his life.

***This story has been previously published as The Perfect Size for You by Torquere Press in the Take It Like a Man anthology. This second edition has been expanded and reedited.***



This is a very short story about an escort/porn star who accepts a nerdy, virgin for a client and falls in love.

It’s a HFN story that ends on an optimistic note.

Due to the size of the story neither character gets developed really very deeply and so I categorize this as more of a “fantasy” type story than a fully realized short-story. At least, that’s how it read, to me.

Since I’m not really a fan of the HFN story endings and I really don’t do infidelity at all, this wasn’t my kind of story. But… if guys with “large packages” and cute virgins are your thing I think you’ll really enjoy this short fantasy about unexpected love.

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Whippersnapper by Michael Rupured


release day review


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Tellumo Magnamater is a fresh-out-of-college, first-year English teacher at Salt Lick County High School in Kentucky. He rides the bus to and from work, and every day he walks to the gym behind his small efficiency apartment to exercise. Perhaps because of being raised by two lesbians, Tellumo is attracted to older men. He sets his sights on fifty-something available bachelor Oliver Crumbly. But Tellumo isn’t the only resident interested in Oliver.

Peggy Tucker, a widow approaching her sixtieth birthday, is determined to marry again, and she thinks Oliver is her perfect match. Despite Tellumo and Peggy striking up a friendship at the gym, neither realizes they are interested in the same man. But the joke might be on both of them. Oliver, a retired history teacher, is the original crotchety old man who hates everything and everybody—especially young people.


From the blurb, you get the idea: Tellumo is interested in Oliver, Peggy is interested in Oliver, Oliver is kind of a misanthrope and doesn’t want to get involved with either (he’s too old for Tellumo and too gay for Peggy!)

What the blurb doesn’t tell you is that Tellumo ends up really good friends with Peggy and we get a really in-depth view of her life – so she is no “evil female” out to ruin the romance between our MCs. In fact, I’d say the book is equally divided into thirds – Peggy, Oliver and Tellumo each share a third of the book.

Oliver has other issues in his life – a dying friend, his own fear of mortality, his own past relationship demons.

Tellumo is like a breath of fresh air to both Peggy and Oliver – offering his youth and open heart to help them heal.

Peggy has her own issues and secrets, wants and desires and they don’t all stem around Oliver.

In a nutshell this book is NOTHING like I thought it would be. There is NO on-page sex, the couple doesn’t even get together until 80% in, most of the story is simply the telling of the lives of our characters and slowly introducing them to one another – which doesn’t happen until 60 % in or so.

If you’re interested in a look into the lives of 3 interesting people, each of whom has something invested in the other in one way or another, and like that several of the characters are gay (Tellumo has 2 mothers) then this is the story for you.

If you’re looking for a “traditional boy meets boy” romance – this is not that book.

The writing is excellent and the stories are compelling – but I’m not sure I’d really call this a “romance” although it is clearly a portion of this book.

As a result of the unique flavor of the book I’m having a hard time rating it … so I won’t! I’ll give it high marks for writing and leave it at that.

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