2 stars Action/Adventure Angst Level artists Book College/University coming of age Contemporary Demons Dreamspinner Fade to black/No Steam Heat Index Little to no angst m/m Morgan New Adult Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Paranormal Part of a Series Shifter

Daily Dose Short Story: Chords by Taylor Roxton

Dreamspinner Presents



As a werewolf, Kieran Woodsmith’s career options are limited. Luckily, he can howl in tune, and his voice earns him admission to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music. Desperate to prove to his family that his admission wasn’t a fluke, Kieran auditions for the Broadway Musical Review. But when he meets an upperclassman with no scent and strange violet eyes, Kieran is thrown off his game.

On the eve of his lunar cycle, Kieran’s friend drags him to a party at the purple-eyed senior’s house. Distracted by the mystery of Brett’s missing smell, Kieran forgets about the moon. When he wakes up in a cage in Brett’s basement, Kieran realizes he’s not the only one who is more than he appears.

Category: Paranormal, Werewolf/Shifter, Angels and Demons

Pages: 33


This is a short story about a werewolf freshman Julliard student named Kieran. He goes to a party and meets an incubus and they become boyfriends.

I didn’t really get this story much at all. I appreciated the world-building but there was never really a climax and from what I understand the incubus, Brett, can’t really have a boyfriend so I didn’t feel good about them connecting.

The POV is first person present-tense, not my favorite, and it was a bit hard to enjoy in this story.

All in all I didn’t care much for this story.

2 of 5 stars


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5 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Boss/employee Contemporary Demons Dreamspinner Gay Heat Index Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort Insta Love m/m Magic May/December Mid level angst Morgan New Adult Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Rent Boy Scorching/high heat second chance at love vampire

Re-Released: Vampire Prince (Paranormal Nobles book 1) by SJ Frost

MLR Press Presents


*All editions published by Ellora’s Cave are no longer available or in print. The book will be re-published by MLR Press in November 2015*

For three years, Sebastian has lived as a blood slave, giving his blood and body to vampires. He’s a prisoner, owned by the blood house he serves. Sebastian dreams of freedom, of feeling the sun and wind on his face once again.

Valentin has earned the title of vampire prince. But status and age haven’t brought him love. When his blood craving grows too demanding to be ignored, he goes to the blood house and finds himself entranced by the spirited Sebastian.

Their passion is strong, their connection to each other undeniable. Sebastian wants to be Valentin’s, and Valentin wants to keep Sebastian—forever. The danger of giving the blood slave his freedom is high and the price might be both their lives.


I loved this book when I first read it and have read it a few times since then. This is a sweet “Cinderella” tale about a blood slave, Sebastian, forced into giving his blood and his body to vampires who repeatedly hurt him. In desperate need for sustenance, Valentin, a royal Vampire, comes to the blood house and sees Sebastian and must have him. But, unlike the others, treats him with kindness and compassion. In fact, he brings him his favorite food and soda, which he hadn’t had for years.

When Valentin realizes the extent of the cruelty the bloodhouse master uses over his slaves, he frees Sebastian and the rest and brings down the evil vamp.

It’s not as easy as all that, though. Valentin has been burned before by a young lover and he doesn’t wish to be in that predicament again. So he keeps Sebastian at arms length, despite their growing feelings of attraction and love.

In the end there’s an epic battle and a very satisfying HEA.


I’m a big fan of the author and this book – so I was PSYCHED to see there was a sequel – FINALLY – and I was dismayed to realize I’d never formally reviewed this! So here ya go!

I love the writing and the MCs and the secondary characters in this book. There are a few typos and mistakes, but the basic writing style is fluid and easy and intelligent. Both MCs – who are adorably sweet with one another – are interesting and clever and a good match. But beyond that, the secondary characters are rich and really add to the story in a way that makes you feel they are integral, not just future MCs waiting to happen.

Before I knew there was to be a sequel I’d found myself in love with Sal – so I was over the moon to see he was the focus of book 2 – but he’s sweet and amazing in this story first.

Basil – I’m sure – will get his own story in time (I hope!) and his dry wit adds to this story as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed this – it ticked every box: sweet, sexy, smart and interesting.

Highly recommended! Definitely read this before book two.

5 of 5 stars


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(I liked the original cover better – but I’m sure they couldn’t keep it for the re-release.)20814969

4.5 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Alternate World Angst Level Book Contemporary Demons Dystopian Fated Mates Gay Heat Index Little to no angst m/m Magic Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Older MCs Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Scorching/high heat Shifter Speculative Fiction vampire

Beautiful Bela by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen

retro read


[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Count Vladimir Dracul never suspected that the human he found hiding in his stables will change his life and the way he sees the world. But once he finds Bela, Vlad can’t give him up. Fighting prejudices against humans, a vampire Count wanting his blood donor back, and a threat from an old enemy seem like small battles compared to the one he has to fight to win Bela’s heart. Bela was terrified of the vampire that found him and decided to keep him. His experience with vampires has never been good so he has no reason to trust Vlad, even if he wanted to. But when his former owner comes looking for him, Bela has to find the courage to save the one man that has come to mean more to him than his freedom. With the help of a few crazy friends, a werewolf mob boss, and two insane brothers, Vlad and Bela just might have a chance at happiness…if the Ministry of Paranormal Affairs doesn’t get to them first. ** A Siren Erotic Romance


This is a RETRO READ from 2014.

This is a tongue-in-cheek play on names romance. We have Vlad Dracul, Bela his lover, Igorian his assistant, Thyr a panther shifter, an enemy named Helpsing, two big bodyguards named Frank and Ken Stein… you get the idea! ☺

It is a super sweet case of insta-love for Vlad who brings in the helpless Bela who only knows his own name as Boy. Bela/Boy was held captive by another evil vampire as a pet and when Bela escaped he found Vlad to be a warm set of welcoming arms.

Now what I love about this story is Bela. Bela doesn’t apparently speak the language so Bela refers to Bela as Bela and has a stilted vocabulary and understanding of the world. (Some of this doesn’t make any sense given Bela’s time in captivity but it makes for a really hysterical set of dialog between Bela and everyone else.)

It’s very sweet and super funny and has some hot smexy times!

So if you’re looking for something ridiculously light and a fun read – give this one a go!

4.5 of 5 stars


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6 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Contemporary DA Demons Enemies to Lovers Fantasy Ghost Hopelessly Crying Hurt/Abuse m/f Magic Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Rating Scorching/high heat Shifter vampire

Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark #16) by Kresley Cole

sweet ruinBlurb

An immortal assassin is caught between desire and duty…

A foundling raised in a world of humans.

Growing up, orphaned Josephine didn’t know who or what she was—just that she was “bad,” an outcast with strange powers. Her baby brother Thaddeus was as perfect as she was flawed; protecting him became her entire life. The day he was taken away began Jo’s transition from angry girl… to would-be superhero… to enchanting, ruthless villain.

A lethally sensual enforcer on a mission

A threat to the Møriør has brought archer Rune the Baneblood to the mortal realm to slay the oldest living Valkyrie. Whether by bow or in bed, he never fails to eliminate his target. Yet before he can strike, he encounters a vampiric creature whose beauty conceals a black heart. With one bite, she pierces him with aching pleasure, taking his forbidden blood – and jeopardizing the secrets of his brethren.

A boundless passion that will lead to sweet ruin…

Could this exquisite female be a spy sent by the very Valkyrie he hunts? Rune knows he must not trust Josephine, yet he’s unable to turn her away. Despite his millennia of sexual conquests, he can’t ignore the unfamiliar longing she arouses deep within him.When Jo betrays the identity of the one man she will die to protect, she and Rune become locked in a treacherous battle of wills that pits ultimate loyalty against unbridled lust.


First- this is part of a series (M/F – unfortunately) and though each book can definitely be read as a stand-alone I don’t recommend it. It’s an amazing series and each adds to the enjoyment of the next.

Second- it’s M/F. So if that’s not your thing – stop now ☺

We have not met Rune nor Jo before (as far as I know). Ruin is one of the Møriør – sort of a primordial God like guy who lives between dimensions and acts as an assassin for Orion or an information gatherer when asked.

Jo is… well, she doesn’t know and neither do we… until later in the book.

What we do know is that when Jo and Rune (who she calls Ruin to make him mad!) meet it’s immediate lustful attraction. Rune the insatiable (as he’s called) suddenly can’t get enough… of Jo!

Jo, who isn’t too interested in anything but a commitment, is –almost- tempted to give in to his lusty demands, but manages to hold out – barely.

They end up bound to the other in a quest to save Jo’s brother and bring down …. Ok, enough of that. You’ll have to read the book to figure out who is after who and why… I don’t want to give it all away!


I read almost exclusively m/m books anymore. So it takes A LOT for me to pick up a m/f book. Kresley Cole is one of three or four authors who can tempt me back to the female side. The reason being – her females KICK ASS!!!

I despise weak female characters who need a man to save them. Hate. It. Jo kicks ass and takes names. Hands down she doesn’t NEED Rune, but maybe the reverse!

This was funny, sweet, sexy, exciting… you name it. It’s long but I didn’t mind it one bit!

I absolutely loved each and every page. My only sadness is that there isn’t more!

I highly recommend this book and the series… it’s amazing.


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6 of 5 stars

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Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book Christmas Contemporary Demons Dreamspinner Established Couple Fated Mates Gay Heat Index Holiday Hopelessly Crying m/m Magic May/December May/December New Adult Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Older MCs Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Romance Scorching/high heat

Cherish Your Name (Warders Book 6) Audiobook by Mary Calmes Narrated by Paul Morey

Dreamspinner Presents


Malic Sunden is in hell—only not literally… yet. As a warder, Malic is used to fighting demons and squaring off against all kinds of creatures from the pit, but this year he’s facing a new and terrifying prospect: Christmas holidays with his much-younger boyfriend and his family.

He loves Dylan, his hearth, but Dylan’s parents, the Shaws, are another story. They think Malic is a cradle-robber, among other things. At least their neighbor, Brad, seems to like him. Then again, maybe not. When Malic gets offered to a demon who wipes his memory of everything but Dylan’s name, it will take all Malic has to escape his new life in a hell dimension and return to the man he calls home.


Malic and Dylan are a couple but they still have a long way to go. Malic still worries that he’s too old for Dylan. Dylan worries he’s too young.

When they go home to Dylan’s family for Christmas, Dylan’s family isn’t exactly welcoming and Dylan ends up hanging out with his buddies more than Malic.

Mal, on the other hand, ends up hanging out with the neighbor – a seemingly nice guy with a broken leg in need of a helping hand.

But… he’s actually trying to lure Malic in for a demon’s purpose and it’s up to Malic’s love of Dylan to save him from the pit.

We get to see the whole gang again and get a really super sweet HEA.


Paul Morey does this narration and I loved it! I love his voice for Dylan and Mal and for the other warders.

I highly recommend this series and this narration.

4.5 of 5 stars


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Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book Contemporary Demons Dreamspinner Established Couple Fated Mates Gay Heat Index Hopelessly Crying Hurt/Abuse m/m Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Scorching/high heat second chance at love

Nexus (Warders Book 5) Audiobook by Mary Calmes Narrated by Paul Morey

Dreamspinner Presents


Marcus Roth is a top criminal lawyer by day and demon-slaying warder by night, but he is simply one of five warders—not really important to anyone but Joseph Locke, his hearth. Or so Marcus mistakenly believes.

On a trip to Lexington, Kentucky, to celebrate Joe’s grandfather’s birthday, that belief changes as Marcus unwittingly uncovers a paranormal dilemma and ends up revealing his identity as a warder to Joe’s family. Faced with a traitor, demons, and the return of an old enemy, Marcus must put his own needs aside to save his friends—though in so doing he may lose the man he loves forever. Even living through the ordeal might not be enough if Marcus can’t forgive himself and learn that his hearth and the rest of his clutch can’t do without him.


(I believe you could read each book as a stand alone, but reading the entire series in order makes each book resonate more.)

Marcus and Joe are Warder and Hearth and have been together for years before this story takes place. In fact they were the first couple in the series. They are in Kentucky to see Joe’s Grandfather’s Birthday. While there, they learn that Joe’s dad is being shaken down for money by a demon of all things.

Marcus goes to save the day and nearly loses his life.   In his head, he’s not worthy of Joe so he hides from him, breaking Joe’s heart. After months of recovery he makes his way back to Joe, but he fears Joe may no longer want him, since he put himself at risk rather than save himself for Joe.

In the end, after much drama, the pair is stronger than ever and the entire “Clutch” of Warders is even stronger than before.

In this book the drama is extra scary, but also really funny. All the Warders have to go clubbing (essentially) to gain admittance to the demon they are hunting and that scene was hilarious.

Joe is snarky and sweetly needy, a fantastic juxtaposition for Marcus’ steadfast devotion and leadership. The rest of the Warders look up to Marcus and their devotion to him is touching.

There is a fair amount of awesomely hot sex – Mary Calmes writes some of the hottest sex scenes around- but the love the two share is what makes this story stand out. Joe and Marcus already love one another, though the relationship is tested, we get to see them function as an already involved couple more often than not.

I highly recommend this book and the series, and give it a 4.5 of 5 stars.



Thank God Paul Morey narrates this and the last book in this series! The other narrator just didn’t work for me. I love Paul and really loved his narration!

I thought it was funny that Joe (the smaller man) had the deeper voice of the two, but other than that I enjoyed his variations on the different.

4.5 of 5 stars


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(This is my favorite cover in the series too! Yay Reese Dante!)

Copy Purchased for Review

Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book Contemporary Demons Dreamspinner Enemies to Lovers Gay Heat Index Hopelessly Crying Hurt/Abuse m/m Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Scorching/high heat

Sinnerman (Warders Book 4) by Mary Calmes

Dreamspinner Presents


As a warder, Jackson Tybalt is one of the good guys until he sees the man he loves kissing another. Betrayed and angry, Jackson tempts danger and death, ignoring the pleas of other warders to be careful. It’s a vile mood in which to start a romance, but that doesn’t stop the kyrie Raphael, who more than anything wants Jackson for his very own.
Jackson doesn’t want a hearth, he doesn’t want a lover-he just wants dark and painful, and Raphael will give him what he wants. But sometimes the sins of the flesh are just what a body needs to bandage the wounds of the heart, and Raphael will hide the tenderness he feels for Jackson for as long as the warder wears the guise of the Sinnerman.



Jackson is a warder whose hearth has fallen for someone else. He’s heartbroken and acting like he doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

Raphael is the Kyrie we met earlier who drank from Mal but who only has eyes for Jackson.

Though it takes a lot of “teaching”, Raphael shows Jackson he has something to live for – including love.


The love between Jackson and Raphael is tough to watch at first. Jackson’s heart is broken and he’s so sad. Rafe doesn’t seem like he’s good for Jackson at all, and it feels hard to root for him.

I loved how the story finally comes around to show us the real path. It was a very cleaver writing and it went over well.

This was a great addition to the series and I recommend it with 4 of 5 stars!


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Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Book College/University Contemporary Demons Dreamspinner Exploration Fan Art Fantasy Fated Mates Gay Halloween Heat Index Holiday Hopelessly Crying Hurt/Abuse Karrie Jax m/m Magic Mid level steam/heat New Adult Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased vampire

Blood Tied (Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge Book 2) by Jacob Z Flores


Thad Blackmoor’s heart is as cold as his icy magical abilities. He considers emotions a waste of his time and prefers to study the arcane, using the sacred books of his coven to grow in his craft. He aspires to supersede his father and elder brother Pierce in power, and now that his younger brother Mason has tapped into the rare warlock power of darkness, he needs to work harder than ever.

But Thad’s ambitions are halted when he saves Aiden Teine, a fire fairy, from a banshee. Thad’s immediate attraction to Aiden catches him off guard and thaws his cold heart for the first time. As Thad, Aiden, and his brothers investigate the connection between the banshee attack and the vampyre and shadow weaver who almost killed them, Thad tries to dodge Ben, a sexy warlock who won’t let him be after a one-night stand.

Their search leads them to the Otherworld, where something even more insidious is at work—something Thad will need more than logic to stand against.


In this, the second book, Thad, the brother with the power to freeze and the oldest brother, we see our warlock family still struggling against the vampyren. This time there is an attack on Ben, another warlock and Aiden, a fire fairy.

Unknowingly, Thad attracks the malicious attention of Ben, while hoping for the undivided attention of Aiden.

Thad was hit the hardest by his mother’s death and the seeming inattention of his father. He studies hard and that’s what defines him most days. When he has an unexpected liason with Ben, followed shortly by his immediate attraction to Aiden, everyone is surprised by his actions, including him.

There is much drama following Aiden and (later) Ben, too. The whole family must (again) band together to fight the most recent batch of evil in order to keep Aiden safe.


Blood Tied - Jacob Z. Flores

Jacob Flores has done an amazing job with this series. It has a little bit of something for everyone in it. Fantasy, magic, romance, danger… you name it.

This heavily relies on knowledge from book one, so I don’t recommend it as a standalone. The author has created a complicated and intricate world and it’s built upon in book two, from book one.

I loved book one very much (see review here: and found this one to be very entertaining. I rated it only slightly lower because I didn’t connect with the MCs like I did in book one, but I’m still very excited to read book three coming out next month!

4.25 of 5 stars


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Copy Purchased for Review

Dreamspinner Presents

Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Contemporary Demons Dreamspinner Established Couple Fated Mates Gay Heat Index m/m Magic Mid level angst Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Scorching/high heat

Heart in Hand (Warders Book 3) by Mary Calmes

Dreamspinner Presents


Simon Kim is very much in love with Leith Haas, but Leith is a Warder. His job-hunting demons-is dangerous and important, and Simon doesn’t want to distract the man he loves more than life with the small stuff. But he doesn’t quite get that when a Warder takes a Hearth, the Warder gives his heart without reservation. When Leith claimed Simon, Leith bared his soul, leaving himself vulnerable before the only man he’s certain he’ll ever love.When Simon is sucked further into Leith’s perilous world-and into an alternate dimension-Simon realizes that the only strength he can give his Warder is the strength of his love. Can Simon sacrifice the control he has come to treasure for the man who already owns his soul?


Simon and Leith are a Harth and Warder. They knew from the start that they were meant to be, but neither has really trusted the relationship. Leith resents the time away from him when Simon has to work and Simon has a hard time leaning on Leith like he’d want.

Simon goes on another work trip, but this time things go horribly wrong. He’s sucked into a demon’s dimension and forced to help his co-workers try to survive while being “attacked” by one of the demon’s solidiers.

Fortunately, at their core, his friends and lover are good people and Simon is able to use that to save the day.


This was a really interesting story. In addition to being hot and sexy at times, it also had a bit of a psychological/ thriller component. This is a bit scary at times!

Simon is snarky and sweet at the same time. His friends and lover are willing to follow him (literally) through hell, but he doesn’t see his own value.

Warders are super heroes but they have flaws and Leith’s is insecurity despite everything to the contrary. Having Simon literally see him and love him at his worst was the perfect way to cement in his mind that Simon really and truly loved him.

I love this series and have read it over and over. Each couple are so unique and different from the others but with that underlying thread of deep, unshakable love.

One thing I appreciate the most about Mary’s writing is that she isn’t afraid to have flaws in her characters- they make “human” choices even when those aren’t always the “best” choices to be made. Even her “super heroes” are down to earth and approachable in their “imperfectness”.

4.25 of 5 stars


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