Pixies and Paperwork (Advent Calendar 2016) by Cassia Rose

  Dreamspinner Presents   https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/2016-advent-calendar-daily-delivery-package-bah-humbug-7705-b   Blurb Micheal Donovan’s family has kept the peace between mortal and magical realms for generations, but Micheal skipped out on glory for other plans. He finished school, got a nine-to-five, and tried to fit in. When his cousin meets an unfortunate end on All Hallows, Micheal abruptly inherits the […]

Memento (Psycop 6.2) by Jordan Castillo Price Narrated by Gomez Pugh

    Blurb Seasons change, and so do fashion trends. But in this heartstring-tugging PsyCop short, what’s beneath the clothes matters most. Do clothes make the man? Jacob Marks cuts an impressive figure in his tailored suits, but Victor Bayne is another story. Nowadays, Vic does his ghosthunting in off-the-rack blazers, polyester blend slacks and […]

Into the Dark (Psycop # 6.1) by Jordan Castillo Price

Blurb Halloween is fun…at least, it’s supposed to be. Costumes, candy, trick-or-treat, even jaded Victor Bayne can get behind those sorts of antics. Too bad this year’s Halloween is a grownup event. Not only must Vic don a suit and endure a disco-obsessed DJ, he has to mingle with friends of Jacob’s he would much […]

The Stroke of Midnight (Psycop 3.1) by Jordan Castillo Price

Blurb Jacob Marks has noticed that crimes are committed whether or not he happens to have a social engagement on the agenda. Date another PsyCop, and the likelihood of having a successful night out are cut in half. Of course Jacob feels sorry for the poor sap in the Fifth Precinct who’s been shot. But […]

Wood (Psycop 3.2) by Jordan Castillo Price

Blurb Victor Bayne might not be handy when it comes to carpentry, but if there’s one tool he does know how to wield, it’s the tiny metal doohickey that comes with ready-to-assemble furniture from SaverPlus. The shelves aren’t for the cannery—Vic would never manage to sneak cheap pressboard and veneer past Jacob’s watchful eyes. Jacob’s […]

Striking Sparks (Psycop 2.1) by Jordan Castillo Price

Blurb Andrew’s life is spinning out of control, and he’s desperate for some guidance. He’s heard there’s a palm reader in Wicker Park who’s the real deal: a certified, honest-to-God psychic. He’s confident that she’ll tell him exactly what he needs to hear. Too bad he didn’t account for how long it would take him […]

Mind Reader (Psycop 2.3) by Jordan Castillo Price

Blurb Fascinating things can be learned on a field trip. Crash has something to prove to one of his internet colleagues. Luckily he knows a level-five medium who can debunk the theory that mummification ties a spirit to the material plane.Vic is perfectly willing to go to the museum with his lover’s ex-boyfriend, but it […]

Many Happy Returns (Psycop 2.2) by Jordan Castillo Price

Blurb The holidays. Food. Family. Returns. In this short story, Kenneth moonlights part time at SaverPlus to earn enough money to buy himself a state of the art computer system. He just wants to do his job and go home. But a sexy blond customer is looking for service, and he won’t take no for […]

Thaw (Psycop Book 1.1) Audiobook by JC Price Narrated by Gomez Pugh

    Blurb: Victor Bayne is a PsyCop, a psychic medium who sees dead people as plainly as if they were alive. People assume that Vic’s psychic abilities are his only talent, but in Thaw, he shows his boyfriend Jacob that he’s got other secret skills up his sleeve.       Review: This is […]

Inside Out (Psycop Book .5) by Jordan Castillo Price

Blurb Bureaucracy can suck the fun out of anything, even a PsyCop meeting. Undaunted, Jacob Marks would never miss a chance to meet some of the city’s most mysterious crime fighters in the flesh, since now he’ll finally be able to put names to faces…if Carolyn doesn’t make them miss the whole thing because she’s […]