Ficlets by Annabeth Albert

Homecoming (Out of Uniform #1.5)  GoodReads Link Blurb When Pike’s perfect homecoming for Zack is spoiled, the two must work together to ensure their future is bright.   New Status Needed (#gaymers #1.5)  Annabeth Albert Link Blurb Free #gaymers short story, available exclusively for newsletter subscribers. Featuring Adrian and Noah from Status Update. […]

Audiobook: Doctor’s Orders by Lucy Felthouse Narrated by Peter Revel-Walsh

Audible Link Blurb Hospital porter Aaron Miller isn’t expecting a very exciting birthday. He and his doctor boyfriend, Blake Colville, are working opposite shifts, leaving Aaron to go home to an empty house and the prospect of another shift the following day. Just as he’s leaving work, however, an unexpected sexy encounter in a […]

Men In Uniform Month! Unsportsmanlike Conduct Audiobook by Angela S. Stone Narrated by Jack Raleigh

Audible Link Blurb Hockey defines Owen Carter’s existence. He lives and breathes the sport. A man’s man, no one – not even his parents – knows the truth about his sexuality. When his teammates set him up, he resigns himself to the idea of a blonde bimbo. The last thing the Owen expected to […]

Puss in Prada by Marie Jacquelyn

Amazon Link Blurb Still struggling with his recent breakup, Alexander runs headlong—literally—into a witch who leaves him far less than human. Now a wise-cracking cat with a taste for expensive clothes, he is forced to live with the ex he can’t get over and help the man find someone who will finally make him […]

New Lease by B.G. Thomas

Dreamspinner Presents Blurb 2nd Edition Wade Porter spent his whole life in the shadow of a lover who doled out snippets of love and time as he saw fit—and who insisted that love stay deep in the closet. But now that man is gone, and Wade finds the oceanside cottage where they spent so […]

Something Permanent by Roan Parrish

Blurb *Valentine’s Day 2017 Short Story* Available here for free:         Review (Other books in this series reviewed here: OMG. I love, love, love this! Colin is sooooo sweet and I love seeing him and Daniel work on their relationship. (Rex’s present was damn sweet, too!) I really hope we […]

Matthew’s Present By Sarah Hadley Brook

  Dreamspinner Presents Blurb Matthew Blick is almost thirty years old, and he hates the thought of another holiday alone. He has become a bit of a wet blanket when Christmas rolls around every year. So much so that even his five-year-old niece, Hannah, knows something needs to change. She asks the department store […]

Anyplace Else by Kim Fielding (Advent Calendar 2016)

      Dreamspinner Presents   Blurb Grant Beaudoin should be thrilled to escape Minneapolis at Christmastime and grateful to lounge on a Hawaiian beach. Instead he is mired in self-pity and drowning in too much tequila. His twin is marrying the perfect man, while Grant is stuck in middle management with no love […]

The Fortune Cookie by Matt Burlingame (Advent Calendar 2016)

  Blurb Thirty-three-year-old technical writer Laurence Hart is a modern-day Scrooge when it comes to the holiday season—and the rest of the year, too. He doesn’t like most people, they don’t like him, and he’s happy to keep it that way. Over lunch with his best friend, he receives a fortune cookie promising him true […]

Bite Night by Clare London (Advent Calendar 2016)

      Dreamspinner Presents Blurb Creatures of the Night and Santa’s Christmas duties don’t mix. Every myth and bedtime story tells you so. But on Christmas Eve, when the Elves walked off the job over pension rights, it was time for me—Irwin, the only vampire on Santa’s payroll, despite recent diversity initiatives—and my […]