Spooky! Fallow (Whyborne & Griffin #8) Audiobook by Jordan L Hawk

Amazon Link https://www.amazon.com/Fallow-Whyborne-Griffin-Book-8-ebook/dp/B01I2DQORO/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1507825149&sr=8-1 Blurb When Griffin’s past collides with his present, will it cost the lives of everyone he loves? Between the threat of a world-ending invasion from the Outside and unwelcome revelations about his own nature, Percival Endicott Whyborne is under a great deal of strain. His husband, Griffin Flaherty, wants to help—but how […]

Changing Colors by Elyse Springer Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Hi! Welcome to the blog tour stop for Changing Colors, the fourth and final book in the Season of Love universe. I can’t wait to introduce you to Tony and Gee– who is, by the way, one of my favorite characters ever! This book is a stand-alone, but readers of previous SoL books will definitely […]

Spooky! Eater of Lives By Jordan L Hawk

Amazon Link https://www.amazon.com/Eater-Lives-SPECTR-Book-4-ebook/dp/B00EXOW6IS/ref=sr_1_9?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1508955871&sr=1-9&keywords=spectr+jordan Blurb When a supernatural killer is implicated in a string of cannibalistic murders, federal exorcist John Starkweather must track the demon down with the help of his live-in lover, Caleb Jansen. Caleb is possessed by Gray, a vampire spirit who is a natural demon hunter. Caleb’s desire to find the killer is […]

Kill Game by Cordelia Kingsbridge Blog Tour and Giveaway!

  Thanks for checking out the blog tour for Kill Game, the first book in the Seven of Spades series! In poker, a “kill game” is a fixed-limit game in which the stakes are suddenly doubled when a player triggers certain conditions. As our heroes Levi and Dominic hunt for the vigilante serial killer Seven […]

Spooky! The Vampire King’s Husband by Amber Kell

  Amazon Link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vampire-Kings-Husband-Amber-Kell-ebook/dp/B00NLYN9GE/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508076312&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Vampire+King%27s+Husban   Blurb Vasska has waited his entire life to find his mate. In the end he puts all his hope into his goddess to find him someone to love, little does he know she’s listening? Shay was at the end of his rope. His uncles had taken over and were trying […]

Count the Shells by Charlie Cochrane Guest Post and Giveaway!

OS: Welcome to Charlie Cochrane, who is here today to talk about their new book Count The Shells! CC: How some old timbers inspired a story… Not half an hour’s drive from where I live is a wonderful building called Chesapeake Mill. It no longer uses its waterwheel to generate power for grinding corn or […]

Equipoise Audiobook by Kim Fielding Guest Post and Giveaway!

OS: Welcome to Kim Fielding, here today to talk about her newest Audiobook release and the final installment of the series, Equipoise – narrated by the amazing Joel Leslie! KF: Maybe it’s no surprise to learn that characters feel very real to the authors who write them. For many of us, the people we create […]

Finding Home by Garrett Leigh Blog Tour and Giveaway!

About Finding Home How do you find a home when your heart is in ashes? With their mum dead and their father on remand for her murder, Leo Hendry and his little sister, Lila, have nothing in the world but each other. Broken and burned, they’re thrust into the foster care system. Leo shields Lila […]

Unbroken Hearts by K-lee Klein Guest Post and Giveaway!

OS: Welcome to K-lee Klein, here today to talk about Unbroken Hearts, show us a deleted scene and a giveaway!!!   K-Lee:   Happy Release Day to me! Welcome everyone and thank you Open Skye for taking part in my blog tour. Today is release day for Unbroken Hearts from Dreamspinner Press. This is the […]