Mate of the Tyger Prince by Shannon West

  Blurb Diplomatic marriages between two members of different planets certainly aren’t unheard of—but for Prince Mikos of Tygeria and Col. Ryan Donnelly of Earth, it might just be a fate worse than death. The union is meant to end a devastating war that has lasted for over a hundred and fifty years, but when […]

The Imperfection of Swans by Brandon Witt

    Dreampsinner Presents:   Blurb Kevin Bivanti’s dream is to open a wedding dress shop, a place with the stunning gowns to make every bride-to-be feel adored. At thirty-eight, he quits a successful advertising career to buy an old brownstone in a trendy Boston neighborhood and to make his dream a reality. When […]

Rock N Soul by Lauren Sattersby

  Blurb I’m Tyler Lindsey, and until recently, I had an okay apartment, an okay girlfriend, and an okay job as a bellboy at a respectable Boston hotel. Then rock star Chris Raiden died right before I brought his room service—stiffing me on the tip, by the way—and my life went to hell. My fifteen […]

Snowman Audiobook by Isabelle Rowan Narrated by Brad Walton

Dreamspinner Presents Blurb We all find ways to run away. Some do it in seclusion, others in the arms of lovers. Since the death of his long-time partner, Caleb Maguire lives a quiet life in Australia’s Victorian high country with only his dog and horses for company. Each day is the same. There are […]

Bear’s Pup (Rescue for Hire Book 1) Audiobook by Bellann Summer Narrated by Darcy Stark

Blurb Welcome to the world of Rescue for Hire. Meet the team members that make up a company that forms a family of heroes. Cade Miller is the owner of the company and is a dominating alpha in mind and body. Cade rescues Bret James on a mission. The instant connection between the two cannot […]

First Comes Marriage by Shira Anthony

Dreamspinner Presents Blurb Their marriage was supposed to be all business…. When struggling novelist Chris Valentine meets Jesse Donovan, he’s interested in a book contract, or possibly a date. The last thing Chris expects is a marriage proposal from New York City’s most eligible bachelor! Jesse’s in a pinch: to keep control of his […]

Flushed by Susan Laine

Recent Release Dreamspinner Presents:   Blurb To prove to his annoying older brother that he’s a man, well-to-do sculptor Rupert Pemberton tries to repair his broken toilet. But he has no knack for practical tools and no know-how. After a flood of biblical proportions, he has no choice but to call for help. A […]

Force of Law Audiobook by Jez Morow Narrated by Joel Leslie

Blurb When a Lamborghini Diablo car pulls into the quick oil change shop on Cleveland’s west side, Tom Russell immediately assumes this is his old lover, Wells, has come back to torment him. But it’s worse. The driver is Wells’ arrogant, obscenely rich cousin Law Castille. He invites Tom on a little subtle revenge tip, […]

Happy Birthday by BD Roca

  Dreamspinner Presents Blurb Jake Rushman is on the run, but it’s too late. He’s being tracked by an expert. Motorcycle Club Enforcer Nick is tough, but even he has a conscience. It’s slowly destroying him, together with memories of his parents’ ugly deaths. Nick eliminates the guilty, but Jake Rushman is the innocent […]

Predator and Prey (Shifters Book 9) by MD Grimm

Coming out Tomorrow! Dreamspinner Presents   Blurb Vietnam War vet turned deep-sea treasure hunter Digger Sullivan scratches out a living, and this new commission is just another job—albeit an exciting one—off the Florida coast in 1977. But while exploring the area, Digger and his crew encounter a lot more sharks than they expected. Reef […]