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Calming a Demon Heart (A Paranormal’s Love #6) by Charlie Richards

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Matthew Beakman’s life just got turned upside down. His brother, Marty, stumbled across something strange and fascinating and amazing! Gargoyles exist! Matthew wants to know everything about them. First, though, he wants to find the gargoyle that saved his brother’s life and thank him. Their people’s leader, Maelgwn, points out a blood-red, behemoth of a gargoyle named Vane, then warns Matthew away from him. Never good at following orders–and because he can’t help but find himself intrigued by the huge creature across the room–Matthew tracks Vane down anyway. At first, he’s confused by the way his body responds every time Vane growls at him…


We met Matthew in book 5, he’s Marty’s brother. He’s already out and proud, but he hasn’t learned about paranormals yet. Vane is the gargoyle who kidnaps Marty and he’s known for his anti-social behavior and his distrust of humans.

Matthew is his perfect mate because he’s so open and honest and welcoming. Vane doesn’t do right by him, not for awhile, but he eventually learns his way around to being a good mate.

We also get to see Raymond’s molt!

I liked this one because Vane has so much to learn. He’s been hurt so long and doesn’t really know that much about being “normal” and it was fun watching him stumble his way through the mating process and learning about touch and love for the first time.

4 of 5 stars


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