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Bull (Brawlers #3) by J.M. Dabney

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Welcome to Brawlers Bar…

They said men only get better with age, distinguished and all that BS, but Archer “Bulletproof” Woods hadn’t gotten better. At fifty-six he was still as much an asshole as he’d been in his twenties and thirties, hell, maybe he was worse. Being a bouncer at a bar called Brawlers suited him just fine and he even tolerated the rest of the crew who’d taken up residence in his house when they’d had nowhere else to go. He was big, growly and homely that kept the parade of men passing through Brawlers at arm’s length for the past decade. One night changed all that.

What he’d thought was happily ever after turned into a nearly five year nightmare. Gregory Charles appeared to have it all, a successful business, sophistication, and a perfect marriage. His friend and best employee, Landon, begged him to come out to a friend’s bar to celebrate Landon’s anniversary. What could it hurt? A night without contemplating the hell that would come down on him the moment he served his husband with divorce papers would do him good. That is until he met the brooding older man staring into a whiskey straight ignoring everyone around him.

Watching for trouble was his job and Gregory screamed mistake as soon as the long, lean and handsome man sat down beside him. But he also knew when someone was in over their head and Gregory needed someone to watch his back. That someone was Bull, only time would tell if he’d have to fight Gregory as much as the man after him.


I love this series! This is a spinoff to the “Twirled World” series, and Bull is another bouncer at the bar, “Brawlers”. While you could read this as a standalone, you’ll be missing A LOT! There are so many crazy characters in these series that you’ll miss some of the nuances if you haven’t been following along.

Bull is the “Papa Bear” of the Brawler’s crew. He’s 50-something and divorced with an adult child in the Marines. While he’d love to find someone like all the other “boys” in his house, he’s sort of given up hope.

Gregory is still married – FYI, he’s separated the entire story and they do get divorced – to an abusive asshole. He’s not even looking to date, and older, bear, leather wearing, bikers-types wouldn’t appeal anyway. So… imagine his surprise when Bull ends up rescuing him one day and moving him in to his house!

Just as with the others in this series, this is a hurt/comfort extravaganza, with both Bull and Gregory healing in one another’s arms. The boys from Twirled and the Brawler’s crew are there – being hysterical! – and we get an inside peek into Psycho and Ben’s new household – woot!

Highly recommended for fans of the series/author, and cautiously recommended as a standalone.

(I think the editing just keeps getting better and better!)

4.5 of 5 stars


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