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Bru Baker’s Tall, Dark and Deported Guest Post


OS:  Welcome to Bru Baker the author of Tall, Dark and Deported!  She’s here to tell us about a character’s first sight of his “love”.  Thanks for stopping by!


Hi, everyone, I’m Bru Baker. Many thanks to Open Skye Reviews for hosting me on my tour for my upcoming release, Tall, Dark, and Deported. It’s part of the Dreamspun Desires line, which means you can rest assured there’s a fluff galore and gooey, trope-y romance fun ahead.

No category romance would be complete without that electric moment when one of the characters sees the other for the first time. In Mateus and Crawford’s case, it’s Mateus who first scopes out the hunky businessman while they’re at the airport. Crawford is a study in contradictions, from his sharply tailored designer suit to his hipster messenger bag to the developed biceps that aren’t generally found on the average business traveler. With his salt-and-pepper hair and the way he practically radiates authority, he’s exactly Mateus’s type.

Crawford is drawn into Mateus’s boyish charm and his delectable accent. Even though Mateus isn’t that much younger than Crawford, he’s carefree in a way that Crawford has never been, and that’s a turn on to a stick-in-the-mud like Crawford.
Both share a devotion to their families, which is part of the reason they click so quickly despite sharing not much else in common. Mateus is willing to risk deportation to stay in the country and help his brother Duarte get an apple orchard up and running, and Crawford’s entire life revolves around being there to support his brother’s family. They’re both selfless and gallant, which means it takes much too long for each of them to realize they’re perfect for each other. Ah, tropes. Gotta love ‘em.

I’ll be on My Fiction Nook on March 31 reading the scene where Mateus first sees Crawford in all his suited glory at the airport. I hope you’ll check it out!

Crossing the border into love.
Snap decisions and misguided ideas bring Portuguese national Mateus Fontes and businessman Crawford Hargrave together at the Canadian border crossing.
Mateus is caught in a catch-22. With his almost-expired tourist visa, entrance to Canada is denied, but the US won’t let him back in either. Crawford thinks he’s solved things when he tells the border agent they’re engaged, and it works—except now they have to actually get married before either of them can get back into the United States. But Crawford has been burned by marriage once, and he’s determined not to make that mistake again.
Neither of them expects real feelings to bloom out of their fake marriage, but they do. And the two of them have to learn how to be honest with each other to make things work, which is especially hard when their entire marriage is based on lies.


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Bru Baker spent fifteen years writing for newspapers before making the jump to fiction. She now balances her time between writing and working at a Midwestern library in the reference department. Most evenings you can find her curled up with a mug of tea, some fuzzy socks, and a book or her laptop. Whether it’s creating her own characters or getting caught up in someone else’s, there’s no denying that Bru is happiest when she’s engrossed in a story. She and her husband have two children, which means a lot of her books get written from the sidelines of various sports practices.

Visit Bru online at or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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