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Hello! I’m excited to begin my blog tour for Soul Bond and want to thank you for reading. This romance novel’s been a bit of a whirlwind since I brainstormed it last June. I’ve always loved stories involving magic. The fated mate trope intrigues me, and I wanted to write a story where love at first sight—or touch—played a part. I wanted someone to struggle with what fate had to say. Noah came into my mind and demanded attention, and Ben came in as a reflection. Where Noah lies and fights, Ben tells the truth and believes. They were such a perfect mismatch for each other that Noah didn’t stand a chance against fate or magic. I had a blast writing this book and I’m giddy that it’s close to time I get to share it.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt:
Noah climbed the stairs two at a time. He deserved a new jacket after this. Something sleek that would get him taken home by hot strangers so forgetting about Ben would be easier. Oh, and a good pair of shoes. He wasn’t sure the last time he’d gotten a pair that could stand up to Chicago winters.
Happy thoughts kept him calm as he emerged on the third floor through a second concealed door. His magic swam up. Unusual, but he had been calling on it steadily this evening. He half closed his eyes and reveled in the warmth and casually invulnerable feeling soaking into him. The heat was new and welcome. Without the urgency of casting, he enjoyed the rush. He took a left at an intersection and headed for the north side of the house. Security had a gap around the gardens. Noah didn’t care about the few flowers that had bloomed in the early spring.
Ben stood a few feet down the hall, leaning against the wall with his phone in hand. Noah froze. Time had passed, and Noah had brown hair instead of blond. So long as Ben kept looking down, Noah might slip past unrecognized. Unfortunately any other route would lead to jumping out in plain view of ground security.
Too risky to change the plan. Noah took his wand out of a jacket pocket. Sleep spells were hard, but an illusion would draw attention and then fail. He should cast something against Ben. Yeah. Deep breath and put Prince Charming to sleep.
Ben slid his phone into a back pocket as he turned toward Noah. An underlying anger was clear in his grim expression. “Whatever you took, hand it over, and we won’t have any trouble.”
Fuck him. Somehow Ben knew. Noah sprinted back, running for another hallway. He’d have to make the jump out a different window after all. Anything to get away.
His magic drew back, leaving his fingertips cool. Noah glanced over his shoulder and saw Ben’s raised wand. He pivoted, raised his arm, and failed to pull a counter spell together. As Ben’s spell barreled down the hall, Noah closed his eyes.
Nothing happened. Hold on, not exactly nothing. When the wave hit him, he warmed again. He was stronger for it. What the hell? He didn’t have time to linger on the weird. Dueling was a weak area for him. He tightened his focus, half spun as he thrust his wand forward and shoved magic into his spell. The kinetic wave went at Ben, breaking a marble table and the glass vase. Ben roared, and a shield came into place with a quick flick of his wand, but the spell’s energy stuck to it, blending into the rest.
Noah had trouble blasting a pile of feathers. He’d just broken a freaking table.


Stealing his heart.
As a thief and a warlock, Noah survives by using his wit and charm to prey on the privileged. His dangerous criminal boss wants an enchanted dagger belonging to a family of wealthy mages, including their pampered—but handsome—son, Ben. Failing to complete the job will be hazardous to Noah’s survival.
Noah bumps into Ben at a lavish party, and as soon as they meet, the connection’s undeniable, and it goes much further than ordinary attraction. Their bond reaches into their souls, entwining and changing their magic.
Which Noah thinks he can use to get to the dagger. After all, he isn’t sure this soul bond Ben seems so obsessed with is even real.
He also doesn’t count on being caught red-handed…. Or falling in love.

JS Harker loves stories. She was one of those kids who always had a book in her hands and spent many hours adventuring with her siblings. These days she wanders into her imaginary worlds and conjures up tales of magic, passion, and happily-ever-afters. She currently lives in the part of the Midwest that makes Tatooine look interesting by comparison (not that she’s ever obsessively thought about becoming a Jedi or anything).

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