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Better Than Safe Audiobook by Lane Hayes Narrated by Tyler Stevens

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Paul Fallon is a fashion advertising guru. He’s a genius at dealing with difficult editors, art directors, and designers alike. He thrives on the chaotic atmosphere and constant challenges. But in his personal life, he’s hoping for peace and stability. Settling down with a nice doctor or lawyer sounds perfect. Anyone but an artist. He’s been there, done that, and he doesn’t want to relive the heartache.

Seth Landau is a model, occasional guitarist, and aspiring painter. He’s quirky, flighty, and wise beyond his years. Life has taught him some tough lessons, then given him opportunities he never dreamed of. He’s learned to appreciate the fragility of life and to express it in his work. Seth’s flare for the absurd combined with a supple mind and a beautiful body are too alluring for Paul to ignore. Against his best intentions, Paul is drawn to the younger man whose particular brand of crazy challenges Paul to accept that things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes taking a chance is better than being safe.

In Book 3 – Better than Friends – Curt briefly dated the very staid and British Paul. We know that Paul travels a lot and his dating life has been less than spectacular as a result. Since Curt, Paul has decided to really focus on his personal life and cut back on the travel to find someone serious to date.

Our friendly photographer – Aaron (yay!) introduces Paul to a model, Seth. At first blush there is nothing about Seth that appeals to Paul except – of course – his looks. Seth is late for their first date, cavalier and snide, and …too young. But there’s something about him…

Seth has been hurt before and is not inclined to just dive into a relationship, and as a result he keeps giving Paul mixed signals. The two begin to date but their relationship is on again/off again, on fire when they’re together but there’s a lot that stands between them and a happily ever after.


This book has a lot to stand up against. Book one is one of my favorite books, Aaron and Matt are a tremendous couple. In the grand scheme of things, books one and two were pretty wonderful, book three (for me) less so, and with this – book four – we have a run at number one again! It was really, really good!

Paul and Seth have an explosive chemistry that sizzles! Seth comes across as sort of bratty and Paul as sort of stuffy for much of the book, but they seem to complement one another. In fact, I wish we had gotten to see them more as a couple, since they spend a lot of time apart in this story, we don’t get as much time to appreciate them as a cohesive unit.

I loved that Seth fit absolutely no stereotypes, he was such a unique and interesting character. Paul felt rather bland to me by comparison, so I didn’t quite see the appeal of him for Seth, but he was a strong anchoring presence.

This is a quick read, the story only bogs down for a bit in the middle, and is mostly a fast paced ride from meet to happily ever after.

I always enjoy Lane Hayes’ writing and find her characters to be her strongest suit. I liked this story much better than book three and I think fans of the series will be very pleased with this book.


Tyler Stevens is a favorite narrator of mine. I fell in love with his voice and his acting skills when I listened to Aaron by JP Barnaby. In this he does a great job with Paul’s British accent and then going back to “American” with Seth. Since most of it is told in Paul’s POV he uses the British accent for setting the stage as well as the dialog. It works really well. He’s very good at emoting and his pacing is excellent as well.

I definitely think listening to this is the best way to experience this story as he really brings a lot to enjoy.

4.5 of 5 stars



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