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Betrothed Audiobook by Therese Woodson Narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies


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Faery royalty have always married for duty rather than love. Prince Chrysanths should be no different – except with a human for a father, the prince known as Puck already is different. When he is betrothed against his will to Prince Sky, Puck flees to his father in the human world, only to have Sky follow.

Prince Sky Song of the Clouds isn’t thrilled with the prospect of marriage either, but is bound by duty to follow through – if he can’t win Puck over, the faery realm might very well dissolve into utter chaos. Too busy arguing, Puck and Sky are unaware there are others with a vested interest in seeing the betrothal fail. In a bid for Puck’s crown, they’ll seek to keep them apart, even as Puck and Sky realize that duty and love don’t always have to be mutually exclusive.


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Puck is heir to the Earth throne and Sky to the Air throne. They are forced into a political alliance/marriage that neither wants, but Puck throws the most resistance at actually making it happen.

Puck pouts and returns to his father, on Earth, forcing Sky to follow, even though he could be hurt. There, Puck treats Sky like crap for two weeks, trying to get Sky to renounce the betrothal.

Sky perseveres however and eventually even Puck realizes that there is more than just politics at play and that perhaps an alliance between them won’t be all bad.


The first half of the book is full of Puck being an ass. He’s an admitted brat, but slowly and surely he and Sky grow closer. They are super cute together. Sky’s learning of the human world is sometimes adorable and the growing attraction between them is sweet.

When they finally do give it a go as a couple I was entranced and fully engaged in their love story. My only complaint was that we spent so much time with them struggling that I’d have appreciated them as a happy couple for longer than a chapter or two.

I also thought that the extra drama with the opposing house of fire was un-necessary. Simply going from adamantly opposed to in love was enough work for this story.

However, this was truly wonderful book by and large and by a new to me author and I highly recommend it and will look for more of the author’s work in the future gladly.

4.5 of 5 stars


Matthew Lloyd Davies did an EXCELLENT job narrating this. He did the fairy voices in his loveley British accent and I giggled when he was forced to put on an American accent (which he did remarkably well!) I definitely thought this added to my overall enjoyment and highly recommend this as a way to enjoy this lovely story.

6 of 5 stars

Overall 5 of 5 stars


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