4 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Contemporary Dreamspinner Gay Heat Index Insta Love m/m Mild level angst Mild/low level heat Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Valentine's Day

Love at Roades End by Kris T Bethke

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Sean Newvine is looking forward to his weekend at Roades End Inn so he can review his stay there for inclusion on his travel website. What he never expects is for the owner, Hunter Roades, to capture his attention from the very start.

The only problem is Hunter thinks Sean’s been sent by his brother on a blind date so that Hunter doesn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone. Once the awkward misunderstanding is resolved, Sean is charmed by Hunter’s formality and hospitality. And when they have a chance to really talk, sparks fly.

A passion-filled night has them both wanting more, but Hunter pulls away knowing Sean doesn’t live in town and the distance might be more than they can overcome. Sean and Hunter must figure out if they can make it work for longer than one night, or if their chance at love will end at Roades End Inn before it can begin.


This is a very short story about a man who goes to a lovely B & B at Valentine’s and ends up falling for the proprietor.

On the one hand – the writing is crisp and descriptive, the MCs are cute and loving, the story is simple and sweet. On the other hand – there is way too much description of the Inn, it’s history, the food, the furnishings etc . Since this is a short story about two guys falling in love – I want to see as much about the two of them together as possible. Instead of relaying that “we talked for hours” – let’s read that and save some of the descriptions of linens for later.

If this had been a longer story I’d have given it higher marks, and it was still quite a good story, but I wished for more contact between the MCs.

4 of 5 stars


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4.5 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book Christmas Contemporary DA Dreamspinner Established Couple Gay Heat Index Hopelessly Crying Hurt/Abuse m/m Mid level steam/heat Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Reconcilliation second chance at love

What Can Be Audiobook by Mary Calmes Narrated by Robert Nieman


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Thirteen years ago, Eli went on a summer trip with his mother and never came back. Now, existing in a new life as Jacob Somerville, he’s again running from fear and memories, only to end up where he started. As Jacob struggles to reconnect with his father and brothers, he realizes that his lover, Craig Zhao, was the only thing filling his empty heart and standing between him and ghosts of the past. It will take the power of love—from his family, from Craig, and from himself—for Jacob to see that his life truly is filled with the promise of what can be.

(Book reviewed here previously)

Eli/Jake has a reason to go home, but he’s scared. He doesn’t know who he is now. He’s run all his life and now he can’t decide the next step, so he cuts all ties, even though he has a happy life and love in Chicago.

Craig won’t accept that Jake wants out. He knows Jake. Knows all his secrets. Knows he needs Craig’s help.

When Eli/Jake finally faces his family after 13 years of absence, there’s a chance he could lose it all, or finally be free.


This is a no-holds-barred emotional read. Eli’s past is harsh and the love that he shares with Craig is special.

It was hard reading about what happened, and so many times I was tempted to rush to the end to see what he’s hiding, but the way it’s laid out is perfect – of course – it’s Mary!

Craig and Eli/Jake are a wonderful couple and I wish we’d gotten more of their story – but I almost think it would have been even more painful to have it drawn out. Seeing this – the pinnacle moment – was hard enough.

I love all of Mary’s work, and this is one of her more dark stories, showing us her breadth of talent.

I highly recommend this and the author, in this case, especially if you are in the mood for a happy ending but a darker story.


Robert Nieman is a favorite narrator of mine. He always has impeccable timing and gives depth and emotion to his performance, I wish he’d do a bit more with accents and such to make the characters stand out more, but I always knew who was talking, etc.

He’s very easy to listen to and I think he added to the overall enjoyment of this audiobook.

Overall 4.5 of 5 stars


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4.5 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book coming of age Contemporary Dreamspinner Friends to lovers Gay Ghost Heat Index Humor Hurt/Abuse m/m Mid level angst Mild/low level heat Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal second chance at love

Some Assembly Required by Lex Chase and Bru Baker

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Everyone wishes they were dead when wandering the purgatory of a home furnishings store, but these guys actually are.

Benji Goss is the quintessential good guy. When his boyfriend dumps him and moves out, Benji obligingly keeps the cat—even though he’s allergic—because his ex’s new place doesn’t accept pets. He’s always joked the cat would be the death of him, but not in a way he expects when a feline mishap crushes him under a DEL TORO bookcase.

Snarky loner Patrick Bryant is in such a rut he barely remembers the life he used to lead. The last thing he recalls is being decapitated by a DEL TORO bookcase in a freak accident. As a spiritual CASA resident, he haunts the aisles of affordable Italian furniture, assisting fellow spirits in moving on to their final destinations.

When Benji appears in the CASA café, Patrick considers the naïve spirit just the man to cure his boredom. Benji’s relentless optimism chips away at Patrick’s sarcasm, making him question if there’s something beyond what he can see. But the heart is like CASA furniture—there’s always some assembly required.


Poor Benji isn’t having a good day or … life… or death. He’s been dumped by his long term boyfriend and is now being bugged by his mother to move on and then… well… then he dies.

Benji ends up in a place called CASA (remarkably like another store that can’t be mentioned that has furniture and is assembled…) where he meets Patrick. Patrick is a “full time employee” of CASA and his reluctant and question-avoiding Guide.

Patrick – with the help of Karin and Agnes- eventually gives Benji the information he needs to know while living in CASA and together they help lost “souls” find their way to their next landing spot.

Patrick is determined not to be attracted to Benji – he knows love isn’t real – especially not in CASA – but it’s hard because Benji pushes all of his buttons.

Benji was a pushover in life and he’s determined to be different now – but he wants Patrick and he wants what’s best for both of them.

Eventually the time comes for a decision and these two lost “souls” must decide their next step.


This was hysterical! You have to bring your A game though – this isn’t a book to skim or breeze through. There were several passages I had to go back and forth between to get the nuance and to figure things out. There’s a lot of symbolism and metaphors and pop culture in this book and (I’ll admit) sometimes it was hard to catch them all… but those I did catch were really funny!

I loved the snarkiness of Patrick and his eventual breakthrough – so rewarding! Benji also found his own strength and determination and that was very special, too.

The world –building was both fascinating and maybe a little underexplained. I had to work to figure out what was what (nothing wrong with that) but once I had it sorted I thought it was brilliant. Having to tread lightly on copyright laws, the authors can’t say that CASA is really —- that other store with affordable ready-to-assemble furniture and might be purgatory and Walville is —- another discount store where people go to die and might also be Hell and Scope ——- another big discount store that funny people make skits about and might be Heaven… but you can figure it out… I’m sure.

Using that as an analogy and the entire *wink wink* CASA catalog as a reference point, Benji and Patrick help these lost souls find their path in ways that are often ironic and sweet at the same time. (I have to admit I got overwhelmed by all the NAMES IN CAPS of the furniture… not having an extensive CASA literacy maybe held me back here…) In any case the love story between these guys is sweet if subtle, the humor is abundant, the world-building (especially spectral sex) is creative and unique and the overall message really solid and heartwarming – Love is a leap of faith.

I highly recommend this unique book to fans of humor, pop culture, ghosts and creative love stories.

4.5 of 5 stars


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4 stars A Tour/Guest Post/Blitz adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Author Provided BDSM Book Contemporary Cop/Crime Established Couple Exploration Gay Heat Index Hurt/Abuse m/m/m May/December Mid level angst Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Scorching/high heat

Fitting In Audiobook by Silvia Violet Narrated by Greg Boudreax – Review




Fitting In audio promo 500Blurb

Two cops walk into a bar. Mason, the bartender, waits for the punch line, because no way in hell are these ridiculously hot men real cops. They’re straight out of a cop-fetish fantasy. But he quickly learns that Jack and Gray are the real deal, and they want him in the worst way.

What starts as a night of hot, three-way sex becomes a lot more. The two cops fulfill Mason’s submissive fantasies, but they also meet a more basic need, comfort. They want to take care of Mason, to offer him unconditional friendship, but their concern for him unnerves Mason more than even the kinkiest sex.

To find happiness with his new partners, Mason must change his belief that love is as much a fantasy as a pair of gorgeous, handcuff-wielding cops landing in his bed.


(Book reviewed here previously


Gray and Jack don’t go looking for a third in their closeted relationship, but they find it in submissive Mason. Mason’s the bartender at their local bar and he hits all their buttons.

At first Mason is reluctant to get involved with an established couple because he’s been hurt in the past. But… Gray and Jack are very persistent, the sex is hot just like content on websites similar to Their stuff is fantastically hot and both guys seem sincere when they convince him they both care about Mason.

There is a bit of BDSM in this… not a lot, but enough that if this isn’t your thing, you might skip it. Mason is very submissive. (This is probably why I didn’t LOVE this… I’m not a BDSM fan at all so, take this review with that in mind- but I did really, really LIKE this.)

I liked Jack and Gray and found them funny and sexy. I didn’t love Mason… he was a bit to insecure and frustrating for me to find him as an equal in this threesome. (This is my biggest gripe with BDSM – I need the equality to really shine through and in this case it’s not as prevalent… having read book 2 I think a lot of these issues are somewhat redeemed and it feels like a “healthier” relationship – IMHO.)

Overall, I thought it was a good ménage story and it caught my interest enough to pick up the second book in the series. I definitely recommend it to fans of menage, BDSM and twinks and cops.


So sneaky – Greg Boudreax- heh heh – well I think we all know that’s Greg Tremblay narrating this story – so I’m sure there’s some legal reason for the “disguise”… but you know he’s one of my all time favorite narrators (and a terrific person, too!) so of course he knocks this out of the park! He gives all the guys a unique voice and is so good with the emotions and even the somewhat cheesy dialog (the boys do some pretty “porny” role playing …). I loved listening to this and think it’s a great way to experience this book. I hope he does the sequel!

Overall, 4 of 5 stars


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Fitting In audio promo 500Blurb:


Two cops walk into a bar. Mason, the bartender, waits for the punch line, because no way in hell are these ridiculously hot men real cops. They’re straight out of a cop-fetish fantasy. But he quickly learns that Jack and Gray are the real deal, and they want him in the worst way.

What starts as a night of hot, three-way sex becomes a lot more. The two cops fulfill Mason’s submissive fantasies, but they also meet a more basic need, comfort. They want to take care of Mason, to offer him unconditional friendship, but their concern for him unnerves Mason more than even the kinkiest sex.

To find happiness with his new partners, Mason must change his belief that love is as much a fantasy as a pair of gorgeous, handcuff-wielding cops landing in his bed.


BadgeAudiobook Length: 4 hours, 22 minutes


Categories: Contemporary, Light BDSM, M/M Romance, Ménage, M/M Romance






Listen to an excerpt from the audiobook here:


Excerpt for Fitting In by Silvia Violet


Two cops walked into a bar. Mason, the bartender, waited for the punch line, because no way in hell were these ridiculously hot men real cops. They were one hundred percent fantasy material. He hoped to hell they were strippers, and they’d be willing to do a private performance for him.
Their dark blue uniforms were snug, hugging their bodies in all the right places. The taller of the two men was big enough to bench-press Mason. His shirt looked like it might burst at the seams, and Mason hoped it would. Dark, wavy hair fell over his forehead and softened the hard lines of his face. His eyes were dark without being warm, just right for a cop.

His partner was shorter, about Mason’s own five foot eleven or so. He had buzz-cut dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He looked younger than his partner, like he hadn’t been out of the academy for long, but he was just as ridiculously hot as the bigger man. His looks were the all-American-boy type. He’d probably played baseball in school and won the heart of every girl he smiled at. He was a perfect counter to his partner’s rough, domineering appeal. They could play a scintillating game of good cop, bad cop, and Mason would love for them to play it with him.

If Mason were in a porno, the cops would cuff him and drag him to a back room where they would proceed to plow his ass until he couldn’t stand up. Sadly, this was real life. They were probably relentlessly straight and only here for a beer.

They headed toward the end of the bar by the register where there weren’t any customers during the midafternoon lull.

“What can I get for you, officers?” Mason asked.

The big one smiled. “Anything cold.”

The shorter man punched his partner’s arm. “Nothing. Thank you. We’re here on official business.”

The big man rolled his eyes. “Can’t I at least get a soda?”

“Fine. Two Cokes please.”

Mason was glad to have the simple task of scooping ice and pouring fountain drinks to distract himself for a few minutes. What official business would they have here? While the occasional fistfight broke out, most typically during the NCAA basketball tournament, Nathan’s Public House was hardly a hotbed of crime.

He picked up the drinks and faced them again, willing his hands to stop shaking. It wasn’t like he hadn’t served plenty of attractive men in the past. What was it about these two that had him so stirred up?

He set the drinks on the bar in front of them and watched as they both took a sip. His cheeks heated when he realized he was staring, openmouthed, at the flex of muscles in the bigger man’s throat as he swallowed.

Focus, Mason, focus. “So…um…what kind of business brings you here?”

The shorter man smiled and held out his hand. “I’m Officer Jack Abney, and this is my partner, Gray Sadler. We want to talk to the staff who were working last night when Gino’s was robbed in case anyone might have seen or heard something that will help with the investigation.”

Mason took Jack’s hand. His skin was softer than Mason expected, and he held Mason’s hand a few seconds longer than he needed to. “Um…I’m Mason Shields.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Shields,” Jack said, grinning.








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Meet the author:

Silvia Violet writes fun, sexy stories that will leave you smiling and satisfied. She has a thing for characters who are in need of comfort and enjoys helping them surrender to love even when they doubt it exists. Silvia’s stories include sizzling contemporaries, paranormals, and historicals. When she needs a break from listening to the voices in her head, she spends time baking, taking long walks, and curling up with her favorite books. Read excerpts from Silvia’s stories at and keep up with her latest ventures by signing up for her newsletter:


Where to find the author:



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Publisher: Silvia Violet Books

Cover Artist: Meredith Russell (Design), Dan Skinner (Photography)

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4.5 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book coming of age Contemporary Enemies to Lovers Gay Heat Index Hopelessly Crying Hurt/Abuse m/m Mild/low level heat NetGalley Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Riptide Publishing

Until September by Chris Scully

release day review



As a teenager, Archie Noblesse clawed his way out of the poverty, heartache, and abuse of the reservation and left his family behind. Desperate to shake the shadow of his past, he reinvents himself as Archer Noble, an outspoken blogger and controversial author who lives only for himself. But when his beloved sister dies, Archer is saddled with guardianship of his niece and nephew.

Elementary school teacher Ryan Eriksson is devastated when his best friend Marguerite is killed, leaving her two young children orphaned. Helping Archer with his new responsibilities eases his grief, but when Archer offers him custody of the children, Ryan’s left with an impossible choice: get the family he’s always wanted, or respect Margie’s wishes and convince Archer to give parenting—and his heritage—a chance.

To buy time, Ryan promises to stay for the summer, hoping that Archer will change his mind and fall for the kids. But Archer’s reluctant, and the growing attraction between him and Ryan complicates matters. Legal decisions must be made, and soon, before Ryan returns to school. But with hearts involved, more than just the children’s future is on the line.


Archer is a blogger/writer who rails about gays who want to be married to be “normal” and ridicules them for their misbelief that monogamy and love are real. He goes so far as to say gay men aren’t supposed to be parents, it’s unnatural to their true selves. He has a good reason for believing as he does and voicing his opinion has been lucrative. When he finds out his only (beloved) sister has died and left him her children he’s not only crushed by the loss but devastated by the implications it could have on him and on the children to be their only parent.

Ryan is a teacher who knew Archer’s sister closely the last year, enough that she listed him as an alternate guardian for her kids in an emergency. (The father is also dead.) He has wanted nothing but a marriage and family of his own since he could remember wanting a future. In fact, his last boyfriend left him because he was pressuring him too much.

It’s not a good meeting when Archer and Ryan meet – Archer is mostly an ass and Ryan is pretty judgmental. But… for the sake of the kids they agree to live with one another over the summer in the hopes of getting Archer to a point where he’s comfortable with the kids on his own.

Of course – a lot can happen over a summer…


Chris Scully has a knack for delivering real romance and three-dimensional, authentic characters. This story, like her others, is a slow-burn romance with not a lot of heat. There is a boat-load of sexual tension and oodles of feels developing, but she doesn’t emphasize the sex as a way for these guys to get close.

There is a lot of deep soul searching and a lovely growth process for both men. The children seem pretty realistic if a little too “easy” and the love that grows between the family is the most beautiful part of this story.

Though the Epilogue doesn’t leave a big window for a sequel- I’d sure love to see these guys after they decided to plant roots together. We spend so much time watching them avoid each other it’d be nice to see them together – at least for awhile.

It’s a really touching and beautiful story on it’s own – add in to the mix the Aboriginal aspect to the story (Archer and his sister are Cree ) and it’s even more rich and powerful.

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

4.5 of 5 stars


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4.5 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book coming of age Contemporary DA Dreamspinner Friends to lovers Gay Geek/Jock Heat Index Hopelessly Crying m/m Mild/low level heat Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Part of a Series Virgin

Despite the Odds (Odds Are Book 1) Audiobook by Chris T Kat Narrated by Joel Leslie


Dreamspinner Presents


Never judge a book by its cover.

Michael Campbell can’t hold a job for more than a few days. He’s lucky his foreman is giving him another chance with the solar panel project at an elementary school in Atlantic City. When he spies a man walking strangely in front of the school, Michael laughs, assuming he’s drunk or high. Little does he realize that Joshua Stone, a teaching assistant, has cerebral palsy, and he’s having a bad muscle control day. Taking a tumble right in front of the handsome construction worker is just his luck.

When Michael learns the truth, he feels bad for his cruel behavior. He offers to give Joshua—and his tricycle, the Racing Rhonda—a lift. Joshua accepts the help, and suddenly there’s a gorgeous man breezing into his life, turning his world upside down. But Michael has more issues than his inability to hold down a job, and neither man is sure if they’ll be able to overcome their fears in order to be together.


Reviewed here previously


Michael (sort-of) makes fun of Josh, but then finds out he has has Cerebral Palsy, makes up and they begin hanging out which leads to dating.

Michael is super sweet, illiterate and insecure. He can’t believe someone as smart as Josh could really care for someone as “dumb” as him.

Josh’s insecurities lie in his past and in his disability. He has a hard time believing/trusting that someone as good looking and able bodied as Michael would want someone as “flawed” as him.

Though this book could have really worked on being about the deep emotional issues both characters struggled with, it instead focused on the happiness and joy they found together. It mostly skimmed over the angst, though it did address some of the deeper implications and issues. (I think book 2 does a better job of addressing these issues in more depth.)

I enjoyed reading/listening to this, it was short and sweet, thought it was a bit superficial and I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to delve more deeply into these complex MCs. I was also rather disconcerted by how the sex was handled in that it went from zero to sixty and I think that taking some time to really move the couple through their emotions would have made their coming together more poignant.

I give it a 4 of 5 stars because the writing was nice, the editing was good and I loved the MCs.


Joel Leslie does a very nice job with this narration. He gives all the different characters a unique voice and really had a good take on how I’d picture Michael to sound in my head. I enjoyed listening to this very much and highly recommend it.

Overall 4.5 of 5 stars


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Results of January’s Poll – The Top 10!




      # 10 A Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes

      # 9 Tackling the Tight End by Tara Lain

       # 8 The Imperfection of Swans by Brandon Witt

       #7 Save of the Game by Avon Gale

       # 6 Lollipop by Amy Lane

       # 5 Red River by Cardeno C

       # 4 Fire and Rain by Andrew Grey

       # 3 Perfect Fit by Aimee Nicole Walker

       #2 Harley’s Achilles by Sandrine Gasq-Dion


And the Number One book for January



Full Domain by Kindle Alexander







Thank you to everyone who voted and CONGRATULATIONS to all our authors!

3 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book coming of age Contemporary Exploration Gay GFY/OFY Heat Index m/m May/December May/December Mild level angst Mild/low level heat NetGalley Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Older MCs Part of a Series Samhain Publishing

Out (Shamwell Tales Book 3) by JL Merrow


When the costs are added up, will love land in the black?

Mark Nugent has spent his life in the closet—at least, the small part of it he hasn’t spent in the office. Divorced when he could no longer deny his sexuality, he’s sworn off his workaholic ways and moved to Shamwell with his headstrong teen daughter to give her a stable home environment.

His resolve to put his love life on hold is severely tested when he joins a local organization and meets a lively yet intense young man who tempts him closer to the closet threshold.

Patrick Owen is an out-and-proud charity worker with strong principles—and a newly discovered weakness for an older man. One snag: Mark is adamant he’s not coming out to his daughter, and Patrick will be damned if he’s going to start a relationship with a lie.

Between Mark’s old-fashioned attitudes and a camp, flirtatious ex-colleague who wants Mark for himself, Patrick wonders if they’ll ever be on the same romantic page. And when Mark’s former career as a tax advisor clashes with Patrick’s social conscience, it could be the one stumbling block they can’t get past.

Product Warnings: Contains historically inaccurate Spartan costumes, mangled movie quotes, dubious mathematical logic and a three-legged pub crawl.


Mark is a single father who has recently taken his teen-aged daughter and moved from the busy city of London to live in the country in order to “be there for her” in a more meaningful way. One way he tries to ensure that is to remain in the closet.

He joins a local social club for men 25-45 in order to be part of the community and meets Patrick. Patrick is 25 and out and proud. Though Mark hasn’t ever had a relationship (or sex with) a man, he knows he’s gay and he’s immensely attracted to Patrick.

Patrick knows Mark is attracted to him and though he’s not usually attracted to someone so much older than him, he can’t help but be charmed by the social ineptitude that is Mark.

The two dance around each other for a long, long, long time and then – ironically with the blessing of Mark’s daughter, finally begin a relationship.


I love JL Merrow and count many of her books (ie Muscling Through) as my all time favorites. This one is very dry, full of humor, light on steam and very British.

Though I usually love the British slang and usually have no issues with it, I had a hard time keeping up with it this time.

I also had a hard time getting invested in Mark and Patrick as a couple. They don’t really even get involved until most of the way through the book and though it is cute and sweet, I can’t really say they’ll be there together forever. At best it’s a HFN for these guys.

The writing is excellent and Mark’s self-discovery is probably the most important and well-done aspect of this story, but it didn’t set my heart a-flutter.

So… for me… it was … fun. Nice. But not great.

I liked it, but I didn’t love it. If you’re in the mood to laugh and smile and watch a man discover himself – this is your book. If you want firey romance and heat and burning declarations of love – not so much.

3 of 5 stars

Copy Generously Provided by NetGalley for Honest Review

Samhain Presents

4.5 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Author Provided Bi-Sexual Book Contemporary DA Demi Exploration Football Friends to lovers Gay GFY/OFY Heat Index Hurt/Abuse m/m Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Porn star Scorching/high heat second chance at love

Gay For Pay (All Cocks Book 1) Audiobook by TM Smith Narrated by Tony Clark



Christopher Allan Roberts thought he had a promising future: captain of the football team with the promise of a scholarship to play for Alabama, his high school sweetheart and best friend for as long as he could remember, Amanda, by his side, and the love and support of his family. One night, one mistake changed everything. Chris moves to New York, adrift and alone. A walk one night brings him to the flashing lights, loud music and thrumming bodies at Club Berlin. A flyer in the men’s room promises fame and fortune for anyone willing to go on camera and have sex, with another man, as well as put on single shows with dildos and how to cum with one. Money is money, and how hard could it be, right? Christopher Allan Roberts becomes Kris Alen, All Cocks’ newest addition, a gay for pay porn star.

Lincoln Carter is honest with everyone in his life, including his family, about who he is and about his sexual preferences. Linc Larson, the openly bisexual gay porn star who you’d be likely to see playing a starring role in movies shown on, will do anything with anyone, which pretty much writes his ticket in a versatility-charged industry. It’s not his sexuality that interferes with his personal life; it’s his inability to trust. What Linc wants right now, more than anything, is the chance to do a scene with All Cocks’ newest acquisition, Kris Alen. Six-foot-two with auburn hair, an exquisitely toned and inked up body, Kris Alen is sex personified. Linc doesn’t know if it’s the “I want the shiny new toy” aspect that calls to him, or the distant and wounded expression that haunts Kris’s eyes.

Linc figures out early on that Kris is only working the gay for pay angle that All Cocks brings to his bank account. Can a bisexual man with trust issues break down the barriers that Kris has built around himself and help Christopher overcome the painful past he is running from?


Kris kills his girlfriend by driving drunk in his last year of high school. He loses all his friends, family, the scholarship, everything. He’s devastated and broke. While living on friends’ couches in New York he finds Gay For Pay and decides to go for it – he’s got nothing to lose.

Linc is happy with his life as a bi-sexual porn star similar to what you’ve seen on websites similar to – but leery of relationships since his last boyfriend cheated on him with one of his co-stars.

They don’t hook up right away, but instead become friends. As that friendship grows so do their feelings. Even in this industry, they manage to keep sex out of their relationship for a very long time. When Kris finally admits to his feelings, Linc is already right there with him.

The question now is – where do they go from here?


This was such a surprising book! It was not at all what I was expecting. Having read a few “gay for pay porn” books, I was expecting Kris and Linc to be hooked up from the start and for them to fall for one another that way. Instead… Gabe is the wonderfully sweet guy who introduces Kris to his gay porn career and he ends up really being a great friend.

I loved the seemingly honest look at gay for pay that we get here. Kris struggles to stay hard at times, he still wants to date women, he likes Gabe because he’s so feminine in nature… but he truly likes Linc as a person and that’s what initially attracts him.

I think this is one of the few books out there that put forth a compelling “demi-sexual” story in that I do believe Kris is NOT gay. He loves Linc for Linc and not guys in general. Sure, you can call him bi-sexual in that he eventually comes to enjoy both gay and het sex but in terms of romance I think he’s a demi-sexual.

The sequels are already published – YAY! – and show an interesting “pre-quel” to the throuple that is Kris’ boss and his partners – which makes me psyched because I had wanted to know more about them as they were introduced. The third book is the slutty Kory who steals Linc’s beau but it looks like he gets redemption.

I’m excited to read the next two books and highly recommend this.

4.5 of 5 stars (there were some editing and grammatical mistakes that take it from a 5 star, but minor.)

PS the cover is absolutely spot on and GORGEOUS!


Tony Clark is a new narrator for me and he does a nice job of giving each person a unique voice and he attempts both the southern accent of Kris and the Eastern European accent of Victory very bravely (if not totally perfectly)! There are times when he comes off a bit flat as he’s narrating the non-dialog parts but not enough to detract from the overall enjoyment of this as an audiobook.

Again, highly recommended. 4.5 of 5 stars


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