Author Spotlight for May: Cardeno C!

We are trying something new here at Open Skye.  We are going to spotlight one author each month (or theme) and share our favorite reviews with you!

We’re going to get things rolling this month with an Author Spotlight on Cardeno C!

Cardeno has a new book coming out on May 4 – the fourth book in the Mates series titled : To Touch You.  

We will be reviewing all the other books in that series and their audio companions as well as To Touch You.  

Wake Me Up Inside: May 4

Until Forever Comes: May 11

In Your Eyes: May 18

Because that’s not all Cardeno has written, we will also review some of the other books from other series that we’ve all come to love so much!

 May 1 May 7 May 9 May 14May 15
 May 21 May 22 May 25May 28

May 29



May 31

For a complete listing of Cardeno’s works:


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