Author Spotlight: Cardeno C – Giveaway!

We hope you’ve had as much fun as we have this month, exploring all the wonderful books by Cardeno C. In honor of all that fabulousness, we have a very generous offer to d to give away one book or audiobook wrtitten by our spotlight author!


Just leave a comment below telling us your favorite “Cardeno” moment and one lucky commenter will be randomly selected to win! *




* Must be able to win via email.

7 replies on “Author Spotlight: Cardeno C – Giveaway!”

One Cardeno moment… hmmm… I think when Jeremy declares, “I think maybe I’m not straight after all.” I LOVE Perfect Imperfections

Only one? That’s impossible! I’ll try three:
1) When Noah comes back to Clark after he graduates in Home Again.
2) When Hugh tells Johnnie he can have a name in Johnnie.
3) When Zev and Jonah FINALLY get together in Wake Me Up Inside.
I could go on.

Just one?! That may be the impossible question, I’ll say one and then read other people’s, thinking ‘Ohhhh, I should have said that!’ But anyway……. Overall concept is Not a Game. Being a larger person, it’s nice reading about love and acceptance just the way you are. My favourite couple/book is the first Home book, Home Again and the relationship between a feisty Noah and a sensitive Aaron. So much love builds between them and it’s the start of one of my favourite series’.

Wow, talk about impossible tasks. I think that Love at First Sight and Perfect Imperfections pretty much count in entirety as favorite moments! Though really every book of hers kinda fits that slot for me…

Hard to choose when I love so many of her books. I’m going to say I don’t have one because I love them all.

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