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Aunt Belle’s Time Travel and Collectibles by Marshall Thornton

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Where would you go if you could travel to any part of your past? That’s the question Terrance faces on his 45th birthday—and right away, he knows. He wants to go back to 1992 and not meet Mr. Wrong. But what begins as a journey to change the past becomes a trip to find the future. From the writer of Femme comes a story of best friends, time travel and falling in love.





Time travel has always intrigued me so when this book became available I couldn’t resist. Marshall Thornton is superb at lighthearted as well as the more gritty stories.
What any of us wouldn’t give to have a second chance, to revisit and change something we regretted. Terrance gets that chance only he can’t change the past. Once it’s happened that’s it, but you can go back and see. Be amongst people you’ve loved and lost but when you come back nothing would have changed. I totally appreciate the sentiment in the book that youth is wasted on the young!

It’s through the journeys to the past that Terrance realises what he has in the present. Sean has been his best friend since college but Terrance has always been wrapped up in his own life to notice Sean in any other way. The story is about Terrance waking up to what he has now by going back to key points in his past. There are some really good points about human nature and how we deal with different times in our lives. There is a lot of humour in the story. Potentially sad situations are dealt with cleverly. This is a very enjoyable and entertaining book.

4.5 of 5 stars


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