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Audiobook: Two of a kind by BA Tortuga narrated by John Solo




Working on a full house.
Once upon a time, Trey Williamson and Ap McIntosh had quite the whirlwind romance – but that was before family tragedy left them the guardians of five kids. Their lives have changed quite a bit over the last six years, but Ap is still on the rodeo circuit, doing what he does best in an attempt to feed all those extra mouths.
That leaves Trey back on the ranch, isolated and overworked as the kids’ sole caregiver. Something has to give, and when Ap comes home, they’re reminded how hot they burned once upon a time. But is it a love that can withstand wrangling over time, money, and the future? They have to decide what kind of family they want to be…and whether what they share can stand the test of time.


Warm and fuzzy but not a lot of romance here.

There is a lot of “western” dialog, lots of feelz for Ap, and a teeny tiny bit of romance.

If you’re a fan of the author and family stories this will appeal. I found myself struggling to continue.

John Solo does a fair job, he’s a good narrator for this as his style meshes with the author’s well.

2.75 (rounded to 3) of 5 stars

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review


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