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Audiobook: The Soldati Prince by Charlie Cochet Narrated by Manuel Pombo


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2nd Edition

One moment Riley Murrough is living a normal life working in a coffee shop, and the next he’s running for his life from demons, learns he bears the mark of a shape-shifter king from a magical realm, and—worst of all—he’s destined to become the mated prince to the arrogant tiger shifter he would rather strangle.

Khalon, the shifter king, is equally distraught at the idea of being bound to a human prince, and along with his Soldati warriors, he sets out to return Riley to his own world where he belongs. On their journey they might discover why the priestess brought them together—if they can escape the demons and make it to her alive.

First Edition published as The Soldati Prince in Charmed & Dangerous by JCP Books LLC, 2015.


(Book reviewed here previously)

I’d read the first edition in Charmed & Dangerous and liked it quite a lot! There’s not a TON of differences, but it is a bit longer. In any case it’s a really sweet story with a great deal of world building that I hope Charlie makes into a long series!

We have a clueless human who doesn’t know his destiny meeting a very conceited Tiger shifter, a prince, who ends up being his true mate. They don’t HAVE to mate, but if they don’t mate it’s hard work to avoid consequences. Meanwhile, unmated, their lives are in danger so they need to either commit to the mating or quickly get their fates reversed.

It seems like this would be a fast and furious sprint to the finish, but Charlie manages to create this “bubble” where our MCs can explore one another and actually build a relationship. It was a very clever plot device that gave this story a bit more staying power in my mind.

I loved the secondary characters as well, and hope to see them in the future.

What I loved about this was the great reversal where Khalon finally sees the good in Riley – I love those moments! So very sweet! There’s some nice smexy times and exciting adventures, too.

All in all a great short story and hopefully a start to a fun series!


The Soldati Prince is narrated by Manuel Pombo – a new to me narrator and he is AMAZING!

I literally cannot recommend this enough. Go out and listen to the sample for yourself – he’s got this great accent that he can switch from American to… British? I’m lousy at that identification process – but it rocks!

He’s also great with pacing and emotion and his voice is like BUTTER!

Highly recommended! I’m going to be re-listening to this one a LOT!

I really hope we see more of this guy he is awesome the perfect narrator for the story absolutely elevated this to a six out of five.

6 of 5 stars


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