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Audiobook: The Doctor’s Secret (Copper Point Medical #1) by Heidi Cullinan Narrated by Iggy Toma



The Doctor’s Secret (Audiobook) by Heidi Cullinan | › Fiction › Gay & Lesbian


The brilliant but brooding new doctor encounters Copper Point’s sunny nurse-next-door… and nothing can stand in the way of this romance.

Dr. Hong-Wei Wu has come to Copper Point, Wisconsin, after the pressures of a high-powered residency burned him out of his career before he started. Ashamed of letting his family down after all they’ve done for him, he plans to live a quiet life as a simple surgeon in this tiny northern town. His plans, however, don’t include his outgoing, kind, and attractive surgical nurse, Simon Lane.

Simon wasn’t ready for the new surgeon to be a handsome charmer who keeps asking him for help getting settled and who woos him with amazing Taiwanese dishes. There’s no question—Dr. Wu is flirting with him, and Simon is flirting back. The problem is, St. Ann’s has a strict no-dating policy between staff, which means their romance is off the table… unless they bend the rules.

But a romance that keeps them—literally—in the closet can’t lead to happy ever after. Simon doesn’t want to stay a secret, and Hong-Wei doesn’t want to keep himself removed from life, not anymore. To secure their happiness, they’ll have to change the administration’s mind. But what other secrets will they uncover along the way, about Copper Point… and about each other?


This story reminded me how much I loved Heidi Cullinan stories so I had to go back and listen to Carry the Ocean. Gah. I love that so much!

This is more along the lines of her Love Lessons series. It’s very light and though it could have some dark moments, the author mostly skims over those. Hong-Wei’s family is actually amazing and rather than doing what you might imagine – they do something a bit different.

The hospital administration is probably the worst villain in this and they seemed to act as they should once faced with the opposition.

I applaud the science and medicine in this. Either Heidi is in the field or knows someone – because if felt very authentic.

I didn’t give this 5 stars because I wanted more tension and resolution between our MCs. It was just a bit too easy and I wasn’t as involved in their romance as I was the whole thing going on with Hong-Wei and his family and career.

In the end, I can’t wait for books 2 and 3 to come out because I already love those characters!




Iggy Toma does his typical stellar job.  He’s engaging and easy to listen to and does a nice job with the various characters.  He doesn’t do much as far as accents to but I didn’t miss them.


4.5 of 5 stars

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