Audiobook: Sixty Five Hours by NR Walker narrated by Nick J Russo


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Cameron Fletcher and Lucas Hensley are advertising executives who have Sixty Five Hours to pull together the campaign of their careers.

Sixty Five Hours to get along. Sixty Five Hours to not kill each other. Sixty Five Hours to fall in love

This is a wonderful short story about two rivals who have to work together for sixty five hours to make an ad campaign for condoms and lube.

Lucas is out and proud and Cameron is exceedingly jealous of that fact. Lucas manages to pull Cameron out of his shell and in the meantime discover that he really, really likes that guy.

The sexy-times in this story are HOT and I absolutely loved all the sock and feet imagery. I can totally picture the ad campaign and thought it was brilliant! (Especially the health and safety part.)

I was glad to buy this from amazon- though it’s free again!- but I gotta say, that I loved the first cover better. Sorry! But the socks are the story and it was a really cute cover!

So – if you haven’t read this delightful story do yourself a favor and go get it!


Nick J Russo. You know I love him! He does an amazing job with this. Lucas is absolutely adorable with his Texas drawl and Cameron is starched but sweet. Love. Love. Love!

6 of 5 stars

(I had to buy this on Apple because it isn’t on Audible. That super sucks because I have credits on Audible :(.  PS I don’t like the new cover so I’m not using it- I like the feet/socks!)

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