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Audiobook: Scarred Mate by A.C. Katt Narrated by Joel Leslie


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Werewolves of Manhattan, Book 3

Colin Callahan, scarred as a child in a fire, delivers Chinese to supplement his income until, one day, he delivers to the loup garou who is his mate.
Alpha Marc Thierry was used to the North Woods of Minnesota so his elevation to third on the loup garou council necessitated a move to a Gramacy section of New York City. On Monday nights his housekeeper is off and Marc doesn’t like casseroles. He calls for Chinese and gets a musical voice on the line that calls to him. To his delight and surprise the boy on the phone delivers his food and is his destined mate. Unfortunately for Marc, Colin Callahan thinks that the only reason Marc could want him is biological, he has to like his mate. Colin has a scarred face and thinks no one could love him as he is. It’s up to Marc to convince him differently.


These books are hard for me to review,  first because I really and saddened by the loss of their author and also because I can see so much about them that I love but also so much that I struggle with.   

One of my complaints of the writing has always been that Katt was not as good at showing as she was at telling.  She had wonderful world building and was really good at telling us all about it, but not so great and immersing us in it and showing us the details.

Sometimes her dialog is a bit stiff and her attention to minutia a bit tedious (ie the eating and the repetition about all the rules and the hierarchies etc.) I also wish her wolves were more “wolf-like” – they only ever shift once or twice in each story and their characteristics shared with their animal forms are fairly few and far between.

However, I love that the Alphas are (mostly) virgins and that each story builds on the last and that the feelz are always really rewarding.

I’m definitely going to miss this series if no one else picks up the thread.

3 of 5 stars


Joel Leslie was such a great choice for narrator for this series because there are so many characters with unique accents and this is his forte.  In this story we even get a Minnesotan set of accents!  I love the flavor he brings to these stories and he absolutely elevates the entire experience for me.

He gives our main character Colin a lovely Irish lilt without being overwhelming and that made my day!

Highly recommended in audio format!

5 of 5 stars


4 of 5 stars


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