Audiobook: No Tears for Darcy by Vicki Reese Narrated by Brock Hatton



Letting love pass them by would be a crime.
Former forensic accountant Cameron has lost nearly everyone he’s ever loved, and now his vintage clothing shop has been broken into and trashed. When town Police Chief Will Carson asks an out-of-town cop friend of his for help, Cam takes one look at the dark-haired, blue-eyed detective and knows he’s in real trouble – and it has nothing to do with vandalism or murder.
Pete Minchelli is on leave from his job in Philadelphia due to a gunshot wound, but he figures he can help an academy buddy with some light police work. Plus, he’ll have a chance to experience small-town life. He’s tired of the big city and all its corruption. But he quickly discovers that not all the bad stuff happens in cities. What he doesn’t expect to find is death, treachery – or love.


What a great story from Vicki Reese. This is my first experience of her and I’ll be going back to look for others.
I really enjoyed the story line and the mystery that was included. I was constantly going over it to try and work out who the assailant was, going back and forth because of how well it was written, details were leaked very slowly, just keeping you engaged and needing more all throughout the book.
The characters were great to read, relationships were built up over time. Our MC’s, Cameron and Pete, are given the chance to show themselves as real people with vulnerabilities and pain but also the hope for the future. I really felt for everything that Cam goes through along the story, especially with how hard the past year has been for him but then Pete comes into his life and without knowing it, the two draw closer sharing the experiences whilst trying to solve the case of who is actually committing all of these crimes.
Vicki has done an amazing job at building the world in which the story is set. The locations that we visit are all well described, easily imaginable and full of tension with everything going on.
My only question is the name of the book……Darcy is a character but a secondary one and it doesn’t make that much sense to me as being the title. She is important to the story but not necessarily title worthy…..
I definitely recommend this story and author. It’s a contemporary mystery romance with a wounded/healing cop looking to keep our vintage clothing shop owner safe.
The narration from Brock Hatton is really enjoyable! He really grabs your attention and keeps you enthralled with the story. Emotion is conveyed well and all of the characters are engaging. The only thing that I thought could have been improved was the variation of each characters voices. As we hear from Pete’s, Cameron’s and the bad guy’s POV, it would have been helpful if there was even a different tone or inflection perhaps as sometimes we switch mid paragraph.
Brock brought the story to life and I needed to keep listening to find out what was going to happen next! I recommend him as a narrator and look forward to listening to more of his work in the future.
Over, this is a great book. Both the writing and the narration worked really well together! I was constantly trying to guess who the cops were searching for and cheering on Cameron and Pete’s blossoming relationship. I think this is a book a lot of people would enjoy and I recommend it to them.

Number of stars out of 5
4 for the story
4 for the narration
4 overall

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

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