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Audiobook: My Treasure to Keep by Lisa Oliver narrated by John York




Thomas, paid enforcer in the Cloverleah Pack, was carrying a lot of guilt. He still believed he was to blame for letting Wesley get targeted by the dark elves, almost causing a rift in Cathair and Marius’s mating.
The alpha Kane told him it wasn’t his fault, and Cathair and Marius came through the experience battered but not broken, but Thomas still felt as though he had to prove his worth to himself and the pack. He spends many hours patrolling long after the rest of the pack had gone to bed, determined to do something worthwhile.
It was on one of those patrol nights that he hears a ruckus outside the territory wards. Dithering as to whether he should help or not, he gets the surprise of his life when his true mate falls right through the magic designed to keep everyone not pack, out.
Ivan was carrying secrets, the main one tucked up in his battered backpack. After a six-month-long mission to find the Cloverleah pack, he was as surprised as the next man when he fell onto pack grounds and into the arms of his true mate. Unfortunately, other pack members, still emotionally scarred by Wesley’s betrayal, didn’t view his “break in” quite so favorably, and Ivan ends up in the Cloverleah cells.
Meanwhile, the dark elves are getting closer and more brazen in their efforts to ensnare the Cloverleah pack. Pack tensions are running high, and something needs to be done…and soon. Through it all, Thomas and Ivan have to navigate their mating and learn to trust in each other.
Secrets will hit the light of day, and life for the Cloverleah pack may never be the same. As for Thomas and Ivan, time is running out for them, too.
A chance arrow, a ray of sunshine – will it mean Ivan and Thomas will get their HEA? Or will they fall at the last hurdle along with the rest of the Cloverleah pack?


This is another great addition to the Cloverleah pack. I won’t spoil the surprise but it is awesome!
I love how each story is it’s own tale but definitely builds on the stories that have come before it.

While I think you could enjoy this as it’s own story, I’m not sure how much you’d take away if you hadn’t been enjoying the series from book 1.

In any case, fans of the series will undoubtedly enjoy this and for anyone who loves paranormal romance – you should check this series out if you haven’t already!

The narration by John York is solidly dependable and an easy listen. He has a monumental task of keeping the myriad characters separate and I think he does a terrific job!

4 of 5 stars

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