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Audiobook Month: Luke’s Present by Sue Brown Narrated by Aaron Pickering

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Lost Cow Ranch foreman Simon Bryan is worried about Luke, his boss and possessive partner of twelve years. Reeling from the flood that took his horse, Luke has postponed surgery on his knee, and his nightmares have been escalating. Worse, he is pulling away from Simon emotionally. Desperate to help his lover cope, Simon plans a special Christmas gift, but it is Luke’s present that changes their relationship foreve

Luke’s Present is a lovely short catch up with Luke and Simon. It’s about two years after the events in Morning Report, not much after the ending of Papa’s Boy. The story provides answers to loose ends such as wether Luke has the operation on his knee (injured in book two) as well as small parts for Noah & Tommy, Ray & Zeke. I love the strength of Luke and Simon’s relationship in this book. Simon knows there’s a problem and sees through the defensive behaviour Luke puts up to find the truth. Luke’s reaction is beautiful and provides the perfect wrap up for the contemporary part of the series.
I liked Aaron Pickering’s narration in this book. He has settled into the characters and i found him easy to listen to. This might also be that I am used to his style now. Although I can’t find any other books still available narrated by him.

4 of stars out of 5

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Thanks for the review! It is interesting how your reaction to the narrator has shifted as you listen through the series.

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