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Audiobook Month: Complete Faith by Sue Brown Narrated by Aaron Pickering

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For Tommy Bradley, a hand working on the Lost Cow Ranch in rural Texas, admitting his sexuality is impossible, even if his bosses, Luke and Simon, are gay—Tommy has spent his entire life hiding the truth from his homophobic parents. Then Tommy meets pastor Noah Taylor in Luke’s father’s hospital room, and his difficult secret becomes that much harder to keep.

Noah is unlike any man of God—or any man—Tommy’s ever met. For one thing, his congregation is made up primarily of GLBT individuals and their families. For another, he isn’t afraid of the attraction he feels toward Tommy, and he makes his intentions very clear. But Noah won’t hide his sexuality or his love from the world, and he won’t start a relationship with Tommy while Tommy hides his, either. Faced with the choice of losing Noah or coming out to his parents, Tommy takes his first steps out of the closet.

But Tommy isn’t the only one facing challenges. Thanks to an outpouring of hatred from Pastor Jackson and a group of ranch owners, Noah must cope with the possible loss of his church and his livelihood

In the first book we met a young ranch hand, Tommy, who had to hide his sexuality before of his parents homophobic attitudes and religious beliefs. We also met another Pastor, Noah. He is also Gay and welcomes everyone who wants to worship in love to his Church. His congregation increased as people moved away from the hate the other Pastor was spouting. This is where he meets Tommy. I love the world Sue Brown has built around the Lost Cow Ranch. They are a wonderful family supporting each other through their troubles. Tommy gets a lot of support. Luke’s known Tommy was gay but never betrayed his confidence. It’s only when Noah comes into the picture that Tommy decides to come out completely. Together and with the support of the Ranch and some of the Town, Noah deals with the hatred directed at him to start anew.

On this second book I was more used to Aaron Pickering’s style of narration. The characterisation for Noah worked for me and so did Tommy. Tommy came across as young and insecure to Noah’s maturity and confidence. Both styles complimenting each other. The characterisation for Luke and Simon also seems to have settled down.

4 of stars out of 5


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